Try Not To Lose Me

Over 50 followers and bout over 250 likes and counting (I guess! ^^), I thank everyone for taking the time to read, like, and follows on both of my blogs! It really means a whole lot!

Now, I might not get a lot of likes for this page (As I get for my posts, but that’s beside the point), but do hear me out here: Try not to lose me, please. I’m really trying my best to keep these blogs interesting for everyone to read. It takes a whole lot. Also,it’s kinda hard to think of words to write on em, so if I do manage to miss a day, then my fault. It’ll mean that I’m too busy, or I can’t think of anything to talk bout… or I’m too lazy to write. In any case, I always come back with something to get everyone something to read.

So please…, try not to lose me. I’m trying my best to keep my blogs entertained. So far, it really is working, but I really am gonna keep working on making this blog (and my photography and fashion blog) something that everyone will tell their friends and families about!


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