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ACEN 2018: Day 1

I’m not dead.. I’m very much still alive. I’ve been working my arse off these past several weeks.. that, and preparing for ACEN this past weekend. I gotta say, this ACEN has been the best year yet (Despite my other little brother not being here, due to him catching the flu). Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year! I’ll be breaking it to 3 parts, cause of the many, many pictures that I took this past weekend. Plus, you’ll get to see my very first cosplay!



20180518_110057Caterpie cosplay

20180518_110843Mei cosplay

20180518_112543Tons and tons of regular and Japanese consoles and games!!

20180518_112838Deadpool cosplay

20180518_120540My buddy Andrew and I. He was cosplaying as Casey Jones


20180518_122218Wakanda forever!!

20180518_122235My little bro Josh in his Android 17 cosplay

20180518_124146I met up with my buddies, brother, and sister that day as well

20180518_111734I also ran into my old high school buddy as well!

20180518_124518My buddy Damarco and I

20180518_125004Metapod cosplay, lol

20180518_130437Goku cosplay. Can’t get any more awesome than that!

20180518_132030Skull Kid cosplay

20180518_142256Our new friends Kat (Trunks cosplay), and Brittany (Piccolo cosplay)

20180518_140847 Bulma and Trunks cosplay. This was taken during a DragonBall photoshoot that Josh and I went to.

20180518_144340Overwatch cosplayers!! Also, the cake is a lie!!

20180518_164734(1)My very first cosplay that I successfully did: Enid from OK K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes. I actually gotten several photos taken from different people and made new friends over this weekend! It’s just one thing that I still kinda wonder though: Is this what cosplaying actually feels like…?

20180518_194854Josh and I. After day one of the convention was over, Touré, Nick, Josh, and I went back to our hotel rooms, and went to Dave and Busters for dinner.

20180518_202629This drink (Non-alcoholic, by the way) was pretty good. It tastes like a grape freeze pop.. and the gummy worms made it even better!

20180518_203333Me, Touré, Josh, and Nick (In his Deadpool shirt). We had a blast this whole weekend.

20180518_203517The manager gave us even more gummies! Thank you, kind sir!!


20180518_225926End of day 1. There was a rave that happened that night, but we decided not to go, since we were too tired from walking to and from Dave and Busters, so we decided to go tomorrow night. We slept peacefully through the night (Although the vent kept on making this loud noise that kinda kept all 4 of us awake (Along with Touré’s alarm going off…  grr. Covering it underneath you does not help at all, Kodzo, lol!!). Day 2 will be either tomorrow or Friday.. depending on which day I have enough time to do this post on.

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend staying at the DoubleTree Hotel if you’re staying in Rosemont. If I could, I would give it 50/10 stars.

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Crazy 2018 Update: Deaths, Parades, and More

20180225_203736*A few weeks ago…  it was the best day of our lives, despite Matt having a family emergency. Also, this is one of a few times you see me without my glasses.*

20180128_190131*January was awesome and saddening. Despite the death of my grandfather, my little brother Matt and I (Along with our brothers, Josh and Steve) met X-Pac!! He was very cool!*

20180219_220115*During the weekend of Black Panther last month. Wakanda forever!*

20180224_155415*Touré and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary this summer. 3 years and going strong*

Okay, first off.. I just wanna say, happy 2018… well, kinda happy 2018.. for me, it is. Also, happy belated Chinese New Year (The year of the dog!). My little brother and I went to check out the festival in Chinatown (We’re going there more often!). I’m kinda excited about what 2018 has in store for me, my baby, and my brothers. At the same time, however… I really don’t wanna think about it. Without further ado, here’s what has been going on ever since my last blog post (Which has been a long time, so sorry for the very long update. Been extremely busy with work and other family matters, of course).

January: What started out as a very good month (With me, Josh, Matt, Lawrence, and Steve going to Duffy’s to see Royal Rumble and to meet X-Pac), turned out to become very tragic. On January 18th, I found out that my grandfather passed away, due to cardiac arrest. It was a shocking blow to the family. I tried to become strong (Mostly succeeded, but kinda stumbled back at times. Touré  and Matt (..and my family at my job and church) helped me get through it. Thanks guys!!), but hey… I done it. Also, this month has helped me become closer to my little brother, Matt. Our bond has been strong before, but now.. it’s becoming a lot stronger, and I’m grateful for it.

20180128_221744*Just little ol me. I decided to have my birthday party here, since Survivor Series will be on what else? My birthday. There’s gonna be a little surprise on that day as well. Stay tuned!*

20180128_180001*Lawrence, Steve, Josh, Matt, and I*

20180128_183600*Josh, Matt, and I*

20180128_221932*Steve, Matt, and Josh*

20180128_222102*One big sibling photo—ahh, photobomb, lol!!*

February: Last month was okay, except for the fact that the gang and I went to go see Black Panther! I also got to see Touré, Nick, and one of their brothers. It was fun! Also, it was one of the best months ever thus far.. Matt and I went to go to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year parade. Even though we missed the big parade, we actually caught a little treat during the after parade. Being part Chinese, this is the most exciting day that I always end up looking forward to.

20180219_214720*Wakanda forever!!*

20180219_215240*One of 3 favorite little brothers*

20180219_215033*Little brother*


20180219_215924*People who seen the movie decided to take a pose to show their love to the movie.*



20180225_171226*Matt and I in Chinatown. It was so awesome!*

20180225_163300*The people disguised as dragons go into shops as a symbol of good luck within the year.*

20180225_163324 *Dragon dance*


20180225_163805*A shot of downtown*

20180225_164128*Gift shop*

20180225_172703*Heading out of Starbucks*


20180225_173251*Lanterns. Also, the other side of Chinatown*

20180225_173319*We’re crazy, and we love it like that!*

20180225_173415*My outfit. In China, red symbolizes good luck.*

20180225_173439*Yea, we’re totally crazy when we feel like it. When we’re not acting crazy…*

20180225_173508*We’re just your average, awesome siblings (Not related by blood, however. I wish, so, but hey… close enough. Best day ever.*

March: Already this month has been nothing, but a mix of good and bad.., but mostly bad, so far. Good: I finally got my iPod Touch! Yea, my iPod Nano got defective again, so it was time for an upgrade. It is so awesome! Bad: I’m moving into a new suburb…, but it’s not the reason that I wanted. There has been a situation that happened today (Not gonna say, due to personal issues), so for now…, I’m temporary staying in said suburb. It won’t be long though… I’ll have my own space soon. Just gotta take things one step at a time…

One step at time. Just gotta keep my faith up, and keep on moving.

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Transitioning Into A New Reality, Part Two: Preparing My Final Two Weeks

“We hate to lose you”.

“I’ll/we’ll miss you”.

Those pharses are what possibly will haunt me throughout my final two weeks working at my first job. So many memories, hard work, sweat, and tears, put all into my eight years working there. Now… it’s all coming to an end.. an emotional, but most satisfying end that I ever had to go through for the very first time.

“I just wanna let you know.. that I just put in my final two weeks. I didn’t get the transfer, cause of *Insert reason here*. Sadly, working both here and the new job won’t be possible, cause they intercept with each other, and I’m not gonna quit my new job. I’m getting a lot of hours there, more than here. I just got a raise last week. Plus, I love where I work at. I’m not giving that up. So with that said… My final day will be *Insert date here*. I will miss you, but don’t worry.. I’ll visit”. I told two of my coworkers, in secret. Thankfully, they both understood, and told me how unfair it was that I had to go through all of that, just for, well…


There was nothing I could do last week. It was one way or the other, and I chose the other, yet better route.. which was to work the other job, and to give up  two of my four of my days to someone else (I had to call off the first two days, cause I couldn’t find anyone to take them. I had no other choice). I now know how everyone else feels when working here, and why most people quit this job. I’m really hoping my big brother gets a chance to leave out here before the holiday season comes, or at least.. before 2017 ends.

Now it is time for me to say goodbye to my coworkers, supervisors, and managers (More like family) that I worked within the final two weeks of working here.

Stay tuned to the final part of this emotional reality that I’m transitioning through. It’s kinda stressful, but I’m making it through.. somehow.

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Final Day of Carson’s Clearance Center

Yet, another store near me has been shut down. Shame, cause I was really looking forward to getting another black velvet (or suede) dress for church too..






20170109_142248At least I got this skirt for only $1.50.

Well, the only other two stores that I can go to are in Aurora and Morton Grove (If I’m correct). I’ll visit them one day, hopefully this summer.

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When Life Knocks You Down, Get Back Up

Finally I get a chance to do a huge update on here, and boy… a heck of a lot has been going on since then.

First off, I just wanna say, happy Lunar New Year (Or Chinese New Year, however you wanna say it). It’s the year of the monkey! Also, happy Mardi Gras to you all! I hope 2016 is getting to a good start for all you readers and viewers!

My 2016 isn’t going so good for me so far, but I will say that I am hanging on here. I have been trying to overcome my anxiety issues (It’s slowly becoming obsolete, but I’ve been having a bit of a fall back several times, but I am starting to become stronger as an after effect). As far as Touré and I go, we are actually doing really well, despite all of the recent setbacks that have been occurring as of lately.

This Friday is Touré’s last day of work. The reason being is cause his job is moving to a new suburb, one that is too far for him to get to at this time (Cause he’s still in school, currently). Until he graduates out of college (Which won’t be until the next two years), he’ll be out of a job. It’s been kinda hard on us (Me, actually, cause this is the first that has happened to me.. having my significant other losing his job, cause of situations that are out of his control), but we are actually getting through it. The good news is that he is doing live streaming on YouTube, and he is making some money off of that (Slowly, but surely), so that’s helping him and I out. He is almost to 500 subscribers (He actually calls it his people to entertain), so that’s helping out a lot.

As for me, I’m actually considering transferring to a university and finishing my bachelor’s degree there. Originally, I was gonna become a nurse, but the more I think about it, the more it’s becoming clear to me. Why am I taking one step forward, but a bunch of steps back? I need to get my bachelor’s degree and go on for my MBA, so I can start my career and have a better life for Touré and I (Also, he’s doing the same thing, as well). To be honest, we would like to live in either downtown or the north side of Chicago, but because his job is now going to the Northwest suburbs (..and my job is more than likely gonna be in Chicago), we’re trying to meet in the middle and figure out a solution that will make us happy (Apartment-wise). For now, we’re gonna concentrate on the present, and focus on the important stuff, like ACEN (Ah, Amine Central.. the event that we hope to go to this May, if everything goes through), and to me, finding a full time job and getting back to school.

It has been a huge roller coaster for me this past month, but I am keeping my balance in life, and trying to stay focused on becoming a better and happier me. Less stress, less anxiety, and less crying over stuff that is out of my control. This year, I am gonna fully make that change. Not just for me, but for Touré. By the way, all of these tests and such are making us stronger, not only as a couple, but as individuals. I’m really proud to call him my true soul mate (Also the best boyfriend I ever had as well, and I truly mean it).

Speaking of which, we are actually celebrating our first Valentine’s Day this weekend. Saturday, we are going to Steak and Shake for our Pre-Valentine’s Day date. Sunday, we are going to the movie theater to see Deadpool. I gotta admit, I’m actually excited about Valentine’s Day. All of the other V-Days that I had with my exes.. some were decent, most were bad, but it wasn’t one that I could say that I had the best V-Day ever. I’m hoping that this year I can say that. I will get pictures when that day comes.

I finally took some pictures of when I went to Chicago on Lunar New Year’s Eve that I can post on my photography blog. I will get em posted this week. As far as my fashion and beauty blog.. I have a bit of photos to put on as well. Those will also be posted this week as well.

Anyway, sorry bout the long wait, but like I said before, a lot has been happening in my life as of lately, and it has put me into despair (..and also risen my anxiety levels as well), but now that I am finally feeling better and starting to feel a bit more optimistic about the present day life, I’m  gonna start writing more on this blog. I have a bit of topics that I want to go over as well, but those will be for next time.

Until then, have a great day/night (It is almost midnight, Central time where I live, so I have to head to bed, cause I have work in the evening, and lots of errands to do in the morning)!

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Another Legend Gone

It is now December 29th. Yesterday on December 28th, the world just found out that another legend just passed away: 

It’s still hard to believe that Lemmy just died. Viewers and readers, you know what’s worse? He died on the exact same day that The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold passed away 6 years ago. 6. Years. Ago! It’s really sad, cause I freakin love Motörhead.. and he was one of my favorite heavy metal singers. Oh, and you know what’s even worse? He just celebrated his birthday this Christmas Eve.. two, now three days ago, he found out that he was suffering from cancer.. and just some hours ago, he passed away.

When I found out about it, I couldn’t believe it.., but as I thought about who else died on the same day that he did, I started playing a few of Avenged Sevenfold songs and just cried my eyes out. Not to mention that the rock and metal world just lost a former drummer from Motörhead last month. What a sad day it is for the band.. and for the rock and metal world.

R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister (Also to Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan 6 years ago and Phil Taylor last month)… another legend gone, but not forgotten.

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The Calm Before The Holiday Storm: Recent Updates

Jeez… can’t I go at least a day to write an update on my blogs without getting too caught up with school, work, and family issues?? Guess not, but for now I can.

So… how are y’all readers and viewers doing these past few months since I last wrote on here? Hope ya are doing well. Me.. I’ve been trying to get an update on here since October, but once again.. been extremely busy with school, work, and family (Mainly work and family).

October was really, really busy for me. It was kinda okay for the most part, but there were a few good days that I had.

20151016_182914First off, in mid October, I went to downtown Chicago with Touré, Nick, Shawn, Stanesha, Josh, Bernard, Shirley, Olivia, and a few others for Josh’s birthday party (It was located in this place called Pinstripes. It was like a restaurant with a bowling alley and stuff in it. It was so much fun). After the party was over, Touré, Nick, and I decided to walk downtown before we went back home. It was so relaxing, I needed that walk with the babe and brother.

So two weeks has passed, and I thought that I was gonna get a chance to give an update, but nope.. it was time for the parent and I to move. We moved out of our old apartment towards the final few days of last month, and the first few days of this month into this bigger apartment right across the way from our old place. I have a bigger room with a walk-in closet and my own bathroom!! 😀 It’s really awesome, but it’s only temporary until I move to Chicago with Touré, which will not be until the next two years or so.

So after the move-in (Which was freakin stressful, due to the fact that I had to mainly move all of mine and the parent’s stuff, cause she was working mostly in the daytime, and it took much longer than expected, cause why not move a few things here and there where you can have multiple cars help you move?! Oh boy… when I move, I’ll try to move everything out in one day, but who knows..?), I continued with work and school (By the way, I got an A and an A- on both of my midterms! Yay me!).

Then, one Saturday evening (In the middle of this month), I get the news from the parent that she had been in a car accident. That made my chest hurt, cause I didn’t know if she was hurt or if the car had been totaled. It turned out that only a small part of the passenger side (In the front) had been totaled. She escaped unharmed. The driver who hit her, got “impatient and zoomed across the road, when clearly it wasn’t her turn and hit the other driver”. That’s what I heard from the paramedics, who saw the accident as well, thank goodness for them. So she has been riding a rental car for the past two weeks now, while her car is in the shop getting repairs.

On the 17th, of my relatives was having surgery to remove a tumor out of her stomach (Or kidneys.. I can’t remember which part it was in), so the parent decided to stay with her until she got out of surgery later on that day. The day before, she stay over into the next day, when she (the relative) started having surgery. The surgery was a success, by the way. As for me, I had to work on my birthday (Which was last Wednesday), so I really didn’t get a chance to celebrate it until that Saturday. It was kinda stressful, cause I wanted a party on that day, but it didn’t happen, due to all of the news that has been happening from the end of October to last week.


So what did I do last Saturday and Sunday? Why, hung out with my soulmate, Touré (of course)! It was actually fun, cause we played games, went to the mall (I showed him an anime store, which he got mad at me for, cause he wanted to buy a lot of stuff, but he didn’t had the money to do so. I was laughing a bit, but I also felt his pain. Not to worry though.. next Friday we’ll go there), and sang Christmas music and played in the snow (Yes it did snow on Saturday. Since we both love winter, we decided to make the most of it and threw snowballs at each other).


20151118_135955He and his Mum gave me this stuffed dog for my birthday (That happy b-day thing my aunt made for me). I decided to name the dog Kodzo (It’s pronounced ko-jo, by the way) out of respect (It’s also Touré’s middle name) and just cause.

20151107_000927His Mum gave me these slippers for my birthday.

20151122_160141Touré brought me these for my birthday as well. The player 1 bracelet is mine, and the other one is his.

So that’s what has been going on with me for the past month. Overall, it’s been busy for me, but it’s not over yet. Thanksgiving is in two days and this time, I gotta work on that day AND Black Friday (Actually, I gotta work 5 days this week, including those days that I mentioned). I really hate the fact that most of the retail stores are gonna open once again for Thanksgiving (Although from what I heard, some of the stores are fighting back and decided to be closed on that day, which is very good), some starting at 6 p.m. (Like the store that I work at), and others starting at 3 p.m. or earlier. Thankfully (and luckily) for my babe, his job is closed on Thanksgiving, but they’re giving him and the other employees the option to work on Black Friday. Thankfully for me, I don’t have to close on Black Friday, nor on Thanksgiving (My store will be open from 6 p.m. on that day to midnight on Black Friday. All I have to say bout this is that it isn’t right by all means to have any stores open on Thanksgiving!). So we’ll see how this year’s holiday season goes.

One other thing that I wanna mention is that December is almost here, which means that 2015 will be ending. Time is indeed flying by too fast. School is almost over for me in a few weeks, so I’ll have some time to rest and get my plans unfolded (I.E., get a full-time job, volunteer at a hospital, register for next semester, and save money for the apartment and furniture).. and with that said, here’s to this year’s crazy holiday season.. the calm before the storm!

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Screw the Haters. Love Is Love

Earlier today, while I was on Facebook, I saw a post on a website that talked about interracial couples and the insults that they get from people (You can check it out on this website here: It reminded me of a commercial that I saw a few months ago, where it shows a huge x-ray screen (?) of two people. The crowd didn’t know what the two people looked like until they stepped away from the screen. The first part showed a lesbian couple. The second part showed a white man and a black woman, and so on (You can also find the commercial on YouTube, or Google it up. I don’t remember the name of it). Anyway, while I was reading the post that I mentioned earlier, something else came to mind: Age and looks.

Oh boy.. I’m getting these series of comments from the parent now and days when it comes to my baby and I:

“He’s too young for you”! <—Okay, he’s 21, and I’m bout to be 26 next month. Hearing her say that makes me furious. Also, I’m starting to get the “cougar” comments from a few people (Not the parent though. She still hits me with the “He’s too young for you!” BS), just cause I’m 5 years older than him. I’m not a freakin cougar. I’m a human. I’m just a college student trying to get my life (and help get his life) together so that he and I can become financially stable and have the life that we both deserve.. together.

“You need to be with an older man that has his own car, is more mature, has his stuff together, and that can chase after you”! <—All of this makes me mad, but the last part just pisses me off to no end, even though it is somewhat true.

Not to mention this:

“He needs to cut his hair”! <—How many times have I heard that from her? Same times that she told me with my first ex. To me, some men don’t look right with their hair cut. How can I tell? Just by visualizing it in my head, of course. In the case of my babe, I love his hair just the way it is:

20150711_184710Either like thisIMG_20130215_193004Or this, in braids (By the way, this was when he was in high school. He still looks the same as he did back then: Extremely handsome!). I even asked him if he was considering getting his hair cut, and he also said no. I love his hair not being cut, cause I can not only play with it (Which I love doing), but I can also do his hair, like washing and braiding (Not to worry; Some of the hair products that I use on my hair (Which there are only 3 that I will use), I will use on his hair. I wouldn’t dare put any product on his hair if it’ll make it (Or my hair) fall out.).

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I’m pretty sure that we’re gonna get those comments a lot (Mainly he’s too young/she’s too old for you, and he needs to get his hair cut) from different people (Even from the people that we know), and also, the always infamous stare, and it’s mainly from one of a few reasons:

1. I have a big butt, and most men love girls with big butt (..and it’s always either the older men or ghetto bastards who always try to ask me out on a date or for my number).

2. His looks (“He looks like one of those guys that be always causing trouble and end up being in gangs or in jail”, or “Typical ghetto negro” (More suitable for the actual word that I am dare not saying).

3. When people see us together (“Nerds”!, “What is a beautiful girl like her doing with a ghetto guy like him”?) and the list goes on and on.

Well, to make things clear for ANYONE who is reading this and is thinking about these stereotypical BS, lemme say these true facts (..and for those who can relate, cause they been there before, let this be something to remember from now on) and my advice:

1. Love is love, regardless of race, income, sexual orientation, hobbies, disability, looks, common interests, and even age (To some extent)!

2.  My first word of advice: It doesn’t matter what people (Including family members) think or even say about you and your spouse! They only want to break you and/or your relationship down, because they’re either jealous, or they say these hateful comments, just so they can feel better about themselves! Don’t pay attention to them, pay attention to you and your spouse (And your child(ren), if you have any)!

3. My second word of advice: Simply put, screw the haters who talk crap about you and your love cause of race, sexual orientation, looks, age, ect., or are jealous of what you both have that they don’t! Going back to the first fact: Love. Is. Freakin. LOVE!

..and now some facts that you all should know about Touré and I (Believe me, this is gonna clear out some of the BS that the parent mentioned to me many times before):

1. He’s really mature for his age (Like I said previously, despite our 5 year age difference, age is just a number), plus he’s working and getting his Bachelor’s degree. In addition, we agreed and decided to put all of the effort into the relationship equally; screw the “If he really loves you, he’ll find a way to come see you every time he wants to see you” BS. To me, that’s just one person doing all of the work while the other person is being lazy. Plus, two of our many goals are to become financially stable and to become more than just boyfriend and girlfriend.

2. He’s a nerd (Like me) and loves video games as much as me. Hey, nerds rock!

3. We love rock, heavy metal, and nighttime jazz.

4. We absolutely CANNOT stand stuff like selfie sticks (Or even the word selfie itself), ghetto-ness crap, certain slang (Like fleek, ratchet, T.H.O.T, ect.), today’s rap and hip-hop (Not sure bout him, but I can’t stand it whatsoever), and certain methods, like how some mothers hold their baby properly, by holding him/her by the midsection or chest (The proper way is by having their arms underneath the baby’s bottom).

*Sighs* I think I made myself clear with all of this. I’m gonna lay down and get some sleep, cause I have school tomorrow evening.

Peace and love to you all, and remember, love is love, no matter what.

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August and September Updates

Less than 2 months away from 2016. Jeez, where has the time gone??

Well, sorry for the long delay, but I’ve been busy with school and work, as always. August was okay… I almost didn’t go to school this semester, cause of my financial aid. Thankfully it went through, and I was able to take two classes: Introduction to Sociology and Sign Language I. So far, it’s going really well!

I got a B on my first Sociology quiz (Which was surprising, cause I ended up blanking out the day of, despite me studying a lot). Now, that class is pretty awesome. We do homework in class, and the teacher’s pretty laid back. In the class, we have to do a research paper that’s due at the end of the semester. While I was looking at my textbook, I found one of my favorite topics that I wanted to do my research paper from:


It was kinda hard to choose the name for the topic, but this is what I came up with (at the very last second after class ended). The teacher told me that it was a very good topic that I chose. I got started on the paper as soon as the first day of school started.

Sign Language I is so awesome! I’m already learning a lot (and remembering a few of the basics of ASL) from that class! I’ll get some pictures of me doing fingerspelling in the next post. One of the homework that I had to do for the class is to find deaf articles.


This is my first deaf article homework that I researched, and that’s what the teacher wrote on my paper (Great! I’m crying). She told the class that she’s an animal lover, and so when she read it, she could not stop crying. I felt really happy, but at the same time, I almost started crying myself, cause of what the teacher did when she read my paper. Now for the final paper, the class is supposed to perform a song or a poem in ASL (American Sign Language), and turn in the articles that we handed in throughout the entire semester (8 in total). For me, I’m doing a song, but which song… it’s hard to choose! I will be taking Sign Language II next semester (Along with the final prerequisite class for nursing), so whatever song I choose for this semester, the next song I’ll perform next semester.

Well that’s the only things that has been happening the last two months, school-wise. Personal-wise… a lot has happened, and it has been taking a toll on me, financially. Physically, mentally, and emotionally… somewhat.

The moving has been delayed until the end of this month, no later than November 1st. I have gotten 95% of my stuff packed up and brought some new stuff for the place. Mum’s almost through packing up, but she’s not gonna pack up the entire stuff until the week of the move-in. In other news, Touré and I are doing fantastic! He’s back in school, pursuing his Bachelors degree in engineering, and still working. Recently, we celebrated his 21st birthday, and let’s just say that he had the second best birthday yet. We had pizza on Friday and Saturday (September 26th is his birthday, and he had a really great time), I met his aunt and his godfamily (Which he hadn’t seen in 5-6 years), and he finally got his license! We also met one of the Chicago Bears alumni, and we traveled to the Lincoln Oasis. I was so happy that I made his birthday so memorable. Speaking of birthdays, Mum and I birthdays are coming up. I’m gonna have my party at Dave and Busters. It’s gonna be a blast! 

So.. that’s what has been going on with me during the past two months. I’m hoping that this month through December will be good.. and let early and mid 2016 be better than 2015.

I will have more photos and new fashion stuff for my photography and fashion and beauty blogs, so be sure to look out for em!

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Two Steps Closer to Nursing School

Well, it’s finally that time again: School!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am finally going back to school, but this time, I’m gonna be taking an evening class. Oh booy… first time. I’m actually nervous, cause I don’t know how are evening classes are gonna be, and plus I don’t know if my body be energized enough to last throughout the entire class.

Basically, I’m taking two classes this semester, on Monday, Wednesday-Friday: Introduction to Sociology and Sign Language I. The sign language class is gonna be from 6-8:45. I decided to take a sign language class, because I know a little bit of sign language, but I want to become fluent in it… along with 8 different languages. Also, it’ll greatly help me out when I work in the hospital. I also found out that there is a Spanish for health care providers class that I will take next year, along with the CNA class (Which costs $1299, holy crap!) and apply for nursing school.

I know the road to nursing school is hard, because you might not be able to get in it when you apply, but I am destined to make it into that program. Next semester, I’m gonna take the final prerequisite for the nursing program (Human anatomy and physiology I). The class is gonna be tough, but I will pass it with a B or higher (Which is the grade that one needs to qualify for nursing school).

While I still have a bit of time left to rest before I go back to school and prepare to move, the only thing I’m gonna say for the rest of the time being is this: Let the next semester begin.