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ACEN 2018: Day 1

I’m not dead.. I’m very much still alive. I’ve been working my arse off these past several weeks.. that, and preparing for ACEN this past weekend. I gotta say, this ACEN has been the best year yet (Despite my other little brother not being here, due to him catching the flu). Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year! I’ll be breaking it to 3 parts, cause of the many, many pictures that I took this past weekend. Plus, you’ll get to see my very first cosplay!



20180518_110057Caterpie cosplay

20180518_110843Mei cosplay

20180518_112543Tons and tons of regular and Japanese consoles and games!!

20180518_112838Deadpool cosplay

20180518_120540My buddy Andrew and I. He was cosplaying as Casey Jones


20180518_122218Wakanda forever!!

20180518_122235My little bro Josh in his Android 17 cosplay

20180518_124146I met up with my buddies, brother, and sister that day as well

20180518_111734I also ran into my old high school buddy as well!

20180518_124518My buddy Damarco and I

20180518_125004Metapod cosplay, lol

20180518_130437Goku cosplay. Can’t get any more awesome than that!

20180518_132030Skull Kid cosplay

20180518_142256Our new friends Kat (Trunks cosplay), and Brittany (Piccolo cosplay)

20180518_140847 Bulma and Trunks cosplay. This was taken during a DragonBall photoshoot that Josh and I went to.

20180518_144340Overwatch cosplayers!! Also, the cake is a lie!!

20180518_164734(1)My very first cosplay that I successfully did: Enid from OK K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes. I actually gotten several photos taken from different people and made new friends over this weekend! It’s just one thing that I still kinda wonder though: Is this what cosplaying actually feels like…?

20180518_194854Josh and I. After day one of the convention was over, Touré, Nick, Josh, and I went back to our hotel rooms, and went to Dave and Busters for dinner.

20180518_202629This drink (Non-alcoholic, by the way) was pretty good. It tastes like a grape freeze pop.. and the gummy worms made it even better!

20180518_203333Me, Touré, Josh, and Nick (In his Deadpool shirt). We had a blast this whole weekend.

20180518_203517The manager gave us even more gummies! Thank you, kind sir!!


20180518_225926End of day 1. There was a rave that happened that night, but we decided not to go, since we were too tired from walking to and from Dave and Busters, so we decided to go tomorrow night. We slept peacefully through the night (Although the vent kept on making this loud noise that kinda kept all 4 of us awake (Along with Touré’s alarm going off…  grr. Covering it underneath you does not help at all, Kodzo, lol!!). Day 2 will be either tomorrow or Friday.. depending on which day I have enough time to do this post on.

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend staying at the DoubleTree Hotel if you’re staying in Rosemont. If I could, I would give it 50/10 stars.

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Chapter 28: Weekend Bash


Four days ago, I reached the next chapter in my life: Chapter 28. It was amazing, despite the weather being rainy and stressed out early in the day. Anyway, Saturday was my actual birthday, and to me… the most boring part was just to wait on a certain time to get my birthday dinner started (Touré being there made it less boring, but waiting for the time to pass by was just ever-so-boring!!).

Later in the afternoon, we gathered up with one of our brothers to Applebee’s. It was pretty good, but the really fun part started as soon as we left. We decided to meet up with the others at Galloping Ghost Arcade (Almost everyone didn’t show up until a little after 8, due to last minute changes).

20171118_181525I decided to go there for once, cause it was a time for a change.

20171118_182454They actually have 500+ games now, and the raised the entry fee price (Not by much, however).

20171118_182733My darling soulmate

20171118_182756My brother Darius and I

20171118_183032More classic games!!

20171118_185317They have the interactive games up and running now

20171118_185325Next time, I’ll try these games. They look pretty cool

20171118_191328Touré and I 🙂

20171118_191416Another shooter game.. I’m a huge fan of these games! I also played Deathsmiles, Nemesis, Gradius II and III.

20171118_202919This is a new game.. I can’t wait to play it next time I come here!


20171118_211300I actually played this game. It was so fun.. they actually have it in 2D and 3D. I decided to go for 3D this time.. man, was it fun!

20171118_2142593D glasses


20171118_211447Once Josh came, then the party started going crazy!! He and Touré were playing Pong.. or should I say, “Ghost Pong”!! *Thank you AVGN!!*

20171118_214122Josh and Darius playing Sailor Moon.. which I didn’t even know about it until I came round to see them play

20171118_222819The last part was a HUGE surprise: Not only did me and Touré’s sister Shirley came (One with the grey scarf, right next to me), but our other sister Stanesha (Behind me) and our brother Nick (Tallest one in the back) came as a surprise!! I was in tears (On the inside).. that made the surprise party so awesome!! I hope next year will be as awesome as this year!!

*Ahem* now onto the next day: The day after my birthday was just another usual day.. I went to church, got home, ate, and decided to wait until a few hours later to meet up with Josh and my other brother Matt for this awesome WWE Survivor Series bash in Chicago. Once we all met up, we decided to carpool and head to Lincoln Park to this bar and grill.

20171119_170138Hello Lake Shore Drive.. I’m back (Sadly not yesterday when I turned 28, but still.. I’ll accept it).


20171119_172547Matt, Steve, Rachel, and Josh, and I


20171119_183831If you’re wondering where we were having the party, it was at Duffy’s Bar and Grille. It was very awesome! I hope to go there again! If you ever get a chance to go to Lincoln Park, I highly recommend Duffy’s Bar and Grille. Side note: You’ll have to be 21+ to enter.

20171119_184411The food was really good!

20171119_193531Fu.. sion.. HA!! Lol DBZ reference.

Anyway, this weekend bash was just totally awesome.. better than last year’s (Although last year was pretty good as well). What will chapter 28 bring for me this and next year?

Well… we should see. For now, I’ll just enjoy it.. one day at a time.

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Otaku Hobbies

A few weeks ago, I actually went to this comic book store called Otaku Hobbies in Indiana. Let’s just say that I would highly recommend going there again. In fact, there’s a huge event going on between September 8-10, so if you’re an anime, video game fan, or just love comic books in general, I highly suggest you go check it out!

20170712_110149I actually went with one of my best friends, and it started to rain once we got there.



20170712_110453Toon Link, Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Samus Amiibo (That Samus Amiibo is one of rare ones, so I ended up grabbing it. I’ve been wanting it for the longest!!)



20170712_110853I wanted to get Touré this Reaper figurine, since that’s one of his favorite characters from Overwatch. I couldn’t though, cause it was so gosh darn expensive… sadness. 😦




20170712_112032I also wanted this Chun Li figurine too, since she’s one of my favorite characters from the Street Fighter games. Maybe next time…

20170712_112034Ken figurine!!


20170712_112051*Insert how bad I want this…*




20170712_112728Pokémon trading cards!! I need to start collecting them again.. I haven’t done so since I was a kid…

20170712_112802My best friend and I wanted this poster so bad.., but it wasn’t for sale. Double sadness… 😦

Anyway, I had a blast at that store! The only reason why I didn’t do a post of this sooner, was cause I’ve been going through some stuff, and dealing with my chronic anxiety for the past few weeks. I also had a few anxiety attacks a few days ago, which is why I haven’t been blogging on here and my other ones as usual. However, I have found new ways of dealing and overcoming anxiety, so that will be on the next blog post.

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Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I… I totally forgot about it until I saw my friend’s post about it on Facebook. So… after I realized it, I quickly looked up comic book stores in my area (Sadly the one near my house shut down last year or two… I can’t remember though). Turns out, the nearest one is just about no more than 20 minutes from me. I decided to go ahead and went to the shop. Here’s how it all turned out:

20170506_164541I seriously wanted to enjoy this day, since it always comes around the first Saturday of May. Also, this was my first time in a VERY long time since I went to a comic book (The last time I went there was when I was a kid).

20170506_164550I highly recommend this comic book store if you’re at or near Homewood.




20170506_164810Free comic books galore!




20170506_170056Ah, the original Teen Titans. I’ll take them over the new Teen Titans any day.


20170506_170742There was a photographer that wanted to take pictures for the Homewood and Flossmoor Chronicles. This guy was part of it. Also, I’m (Along with several others) part of the paper! It was weird (..but awesome), cause it just went from a conversation about me doing photography as a hobby, to being part of the local town paper! I was actually excited about it, and still am!




20170506_171451They were a special guest at the comic book store.




20170506_171621Last picture that I took before I went to this park nearby and went home to prepare for church in the morning. It was fun stopping by there, and I also made a new friend too! Next year, I’m bringing my baby with me.

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My First Wedding Shower

Before I begin, I would like to say something: Daylight Savings Time is finally here (Unless you’re in Arizona, of course). We ‘spring forward’ one hour, which means we lose one hour of sleep and so on. Hey, at least the good news is that it stays lighter, longer.

Anyway, Saturday was a day to remember. I went to my first wedding shower, and let me just say.. it was awesome, especially when the soon-to-be bride and groom, their friends, family, and I were cleaning up the mess after it was over. I gotta say, it was too funny.


20170311_000950These were the gifts I brought them. They really liked it.

20170311_131805Inside the community center where they had their wedding party.


20170311_131957We played a few games, including this one, the Don’t Say ________ game, and the ‘Mewlywed game’, which is like the Newlywed game, but without the newlyweds and stuff.



20170311_132307Save the date!

20170311_132331When I got there, it was only a few gifts on that table. At the end, it was a bunch. Let’s just say that I can’t wait until Touré and I have our own wedding shower!

20170311_133415The soon-to-be bride and groom, AunaLisa and Russell. Fun fact: They’re actually worship members of the choir that I’m in. Also, one of the choir members made the fruit cake tower.


20170311_133539The Don’t Say _______ game.

20170311_134126Closer look at the fruit cake tower



20170311_180247After the party, when we all cleaned up and had a lot of good laughs doing so. Also, the soon-to-be bride and groom and their friends. Congrats to them on their soon-to-be wedding! I look forward to attending there!

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YouTube Gaming Family Meetup


Sunday, September 18th, 2016.. Brookfield, IL.. this is the day that I will never forget this moment.

Sunday was also the day where I started my very first play at my church: The White Throne Judgment. I was singing in the choir during both days (Saturday and Sunday).. it was really fun. I’m gonna be singing again tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

After the service was over, I decided to pick up my awesome friends, cause one of the YTG (YouTube Gaming) streamers was visiting his family during the week, so we all decide to meet up at this place called Galloping Ghost Arcade.

20160918_161449So many games… and yes, there are about 450 games in all, from the 80’s and early 90’s, and of course.. pinball and Japanese games!!



20160918_161631There’s a Primal Rage shirt that I wanted so bad…, but it’s for display only.

20160918_162337A little Japanese game that I found

20160918_162342Two of the streamers, Chris Plays Games (The one with the propeller hat) and Kodzo (Playing the third pinball game to the left. Oh, and that’s actually my babe, by the way).

20160918_162736He was so focused on this game.

20160918_163151One of my favorite games: Gradius III: From Legend to Myth. Gradius IV is another fun game to play. They also have Gradius II: The Ambitions of Gofer (Or Gofer’s Ambitions. Either translation is fine).

20160918_163748Of my my brothers was playing DragonBall Z game, since DBZ is his favorite anime.

20160918_164729Afterwards, we went to this place called Tony’s Family Restaurant. They had great food there.

20160918_165834If you’re into retro and modern games, then check out Chris Plays Games! He’s another awesome streamer on YouTube and YTG!






20160918_171952Food… and lots of it!

20160918_182811So afterwards, we went back to the arcade to play some more games, and did a live stream as well. Oh, and guess what I found.. Tempest!!

20160918_185524The awesome YTG family and my awesome soulmate: Me, (Chris Plays Games (Propeller hat), Narrcost (Star Wars shirt), Kodzo, Yuhi (Zelda hat. She’s 1/3 of the group Good Luck Gamers (GLG)), Son Goshaku (Giving the two thumbs up), Snake, Nicole, and Craig Plays (At the end with the hat. He’s part of the PG gaming family called the Bromingos). Be sure to check all of them out on YouTube and YTG!

20160918_195541Snake, Yuhi, Kodzo, and I were playing this game called F-Zero: AX. It was fun.

20160918_201354My babe and I. We all had a blast that day. 🙂 In fact, we decided to make this an annual event.

So yea, this was the absolute best day ever.. can’t wait to meet more streamers soon!

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Screw Today’s Society and Their “Rules”

I believe that I made a similar post to this last year, but I decided to talk about it again (If I haven’t already). I hope to make this a part of a vlog on my YouTube channel (I will have Touré be a part of it as well, cause the looks that people are giving us when they see us together.. oh boy, can’t freakin wait to talk bout it).

First off… what inspired me to make this post is due to that fact that Touré was live streaming one of his favorite games, Rocket League, and while he was doing so, he was telling his viewers about a little fact about him and I (The conversation started when I was telling one of my friends about how my ex gave me back my PS2 and such, and it actually went on from there) about our age (Yes, he’s 21 and I’m 26. Bet ya didn’t know that, eh?). Then what fueled the fire was the fact that he told his viewers about how we get looks from people everywhere we go when they see us together. It’s like, they 95% bash him for dating a ‘cute, adorable girl’ like me who looks younger than him, then when they find out about my age, that’s when the whole accusations stop. They’re finally cool with us dating, but still. Oh, and as far as I go, I get the ‘Why tf is she dating a guy like him, who looks like he could be from the streets’’?!’ looks from em.

All of the accusations and I guess you can say… oh, stereotypical thoughts finally subside when they find out the real truth about us:



1. He’s 21, and I’m 26. Yea, I really don’t look like I’m 26, but hey… looking younger than your real age is a blessing and a curse.

2. We’re a gaming couple. We not only love video games, but we also listen to rock, heavy metal, jazz (Also nighttime jazz), and other types of music, such as from video games and international music.


3. We are way different than the ‘typical black people’ that most everyone sees now and days (The ones that like to do drugs, gang-bang, listen to today’s rap and hip-hop, those who like to ‘twerk’ and do the ‘whip’ and the ‘nae nae’ and such.. I could go on and on about that. Oh, and did I mention that we’re really intelligent and that one of our main life goals is to become financially stable? That’s something that today’s society doesn’t mention now and days, is the fact that there are black people who are actually intelligent, going to school and getting their education, cause they want to be successful in life. They don’t want to be part of the ‘norm’ that society sees us now and days). We’re not from the streets, nor do we want to be. I can continue on from it, but I’ll stop it right here.

The fact that people are bashing us and giving us negative looks for being different and for how we look is just disgusting beyond belief. I mean, sure I’m from the suburbs and he’s from the city, and he’s Ghanaian and I’m Black, White, Native American, and Asian, but that doesn’t give you the right to tell us that I need to date someone my age, or I need to date someone who’s within my skin color (I believe that’s like the number 2 reason why people look at us in disgust, is cause he’s a darker skin color than me, which freakin urks the crap out of me).

Here’s how the rules of today’s society works (This is just my understanding of it, but your views on it may vary):

1. People who are gay, lesbian, trans, bi, ect. doesn’t belong in this society.

2. If you’re black, you “have” to be part of the ‘norm’ in order to be considered popular, which means you have to smoke, drink, listen and dance to today’s rap and hip-hop, be part of a gang, ect. If you’re against it or if you are different, you are an outcast, and therefore, gonna be made fun of, and so on.

3. If you are light or dark-skinned, and are dating someone from a different race or who is lighter or darker than your complexion (Or if you’re white and are dating a black person, you will get frown upon and bashed.

4. If you are an older woman dating a younger man (Even if you are educated), you are considered a cougar.

5. If you’re black and listen to rock, heavy metal, jazz, international (Such as French, Chinese, Japanese, ect.), techno, ect., dress up like you’re a rocker, cosplay, or wear video games and band shirts, you will get looked at in disgust and talked about by the “normal crowd (Those who sag their pants, wear ridculous outfits that look like you’re from the hood, and listen to nothing but poisoning-induced today’s rap and hip hop)”.

Finally (I can go on and on about it, but I’m not):

6. If you are a man (Sometimes a black man who looks like he’s from the streets or a thug, who actually is just an intelligent, educated guy who’s either living in the suburbs or in a safe place from the the chaos in the state, I.E. someone living on the North side of Chicago, staying away from the South and West sides) and dating someone who looks younger than she really is and/or is cute (Who is also just as smart as you are, and perhaps a gamer girl, ect.), then you are also gonna get bashed on and stared at A LOT.

I think I made my point here today, but before I go, I really need to say this:

Dating someone who’s much younger (If you’re say, 25 and your bf/gf is 18, it’s okay, just as long as you’re not dating a minor) or older than you is okay!

If you’re black and your lover is white (Or vice versa), mixed (Or in this case, a darker or lighter shade of color than you), then that’s okay as well!

Basically put, don’t judge a person (or a couple) by their looks, skin color, or nationality, and also if he/she/they are poor, rich, or whatnot!

F**k today’s society and their “rules”. Also, f**k anyone who doesn’t like Touré and I dating due to our age and such, just cause it’s not “approved for today’s society”. They can look, but they don’t know a beautiful, handsome, mixed couple when they see it.

That’s all I gotta say. End of story.

P.S., A honorable mention go out to Kodzo’s (It’s just my baby’s YouTube name and also his middle name as well. Check out his videos and live stream, and also, subscribe to him as well, cause he does live streams and video of 1080p, 60fps for all of you gamers out there!) live stream of Rocket League: (If you want to skip ahead to where he and I talk bout how people gives us looks in a negative way and such, go to 2:46:47). That’s where I got inspired to make this post. I really have to say this from the bottom of my heart: Thank you Touré Apawu for the inspiration and for everything that you have done to and for me!

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Christmas 2015

Happy Holidays everyone!!

…Oh wait, is the holiday season over?



Well… I survived 5 straight years of the crazy holiday season at my job, and not only that, a bunch of good (and unbelievable luck) has happened to me in the past 4 days. I received a bunch of presents this Christmas as well.. and to tell the truth, this Christmas is actually the best one that I ever had.

Christmas Eve at work was just stressful. Absolute last minute purchases from people and the fact that I had to work 8 hours that day.. yea, it just put a major stress on me (Not to mention that I worked 9 straight days, including Christmas Eve, mostly 38-40 hours those two weeks. Talk about highly irritating and tiring!). Well, I got out at 6:38 that night, and proceeded to go to the store (Not knowing that they closed early Christmas Eve, but I didn’t know that they closed THAT early, like at 8 p.m.), picked up Touré from the train station (He was staying through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Saturday), got some dinner, and went back to the house.

20151225_080808This was our tree.. so many presents.. so many presents!

Mum and I hosted our first Christmas party, so of course my cousins, their fiancés, and a few of my cousin’s fiancé’s children (and his girlfriend), and my aunt came by. Touré and I were nervous, due to the fact that none of my family has ever met him before, but it turned out that everyone really liked him.. a lot! That made our day.

20151225_155615Both of us on Christmas Day. We had a total blast.

20151225_155155Oh, and did I mention that we got some awesome presents??

20151225_161622I got a PS4 (With Star Wars Battlefront bundle)

20151225_161311A PS4 headset, bows (Touré gave me bows), a small box full of candy (One of my supervisors gave me the candy)

20151225_161441Gift cards, a duel USB car charger, and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land game from my aunt


20151225_161656Touré gave me the chest, and I got him the Star Wars calendar

20151225_163310He also gave me 3 Metallica CDs.., and I sure love Metallica!

20151225_200202His coworkers Lauren and Grant gave me this snake ring and this bracelet.. made from guitar strings. I also got a Starbucks mug as well from my cousin’s fiancé.

20151225_161500Touré’s coworkers and my aunt gave him these.

20151225_161514In addition to the Star Wars calendar, I also brought him Legend of Zelda socks

20151225_161524The LoZ hat, and shirts (I got him Metallica and the Playstation shirt. Mum got him the Star Wars shirt and pajama pants).

20151225_163332These pajama pants.

What could make this 3-day Christmas day (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) even better? Seeing the Star Wars movie!!

20151226_110935We saw it that Saturday before he left for home and before I left for work. I gotta admit, it was really good. I would def see it again!

Things are starting to look better for Touré and I.. now the next thing that we’re gonna do is to celebrate New Year’s Eve together.. we’re more than likely gonna go to downtown Chicago and check out the New Year’s Eve bash there. It’s gonna be one heck of a great time, if we decide to go there. Either way, we’re gonna start 2016 with a bang!

I really hope everyone had a great Christmas this year, and have a happy New Year to you all!

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Kodzo and Takeda

Friday afternoons/evenings.. mostly the only day during the week (Unless I have most of the morning/afternoon or day off on the weekend) where I can spend time with the love of my life, Touré, either at my house or his house. I really don’t mind the drive to the north side of Chicago. In fact, despite the traffic (Due to most road construction and typical rush hour traffic, depending on what time you plan to go to or leave Chicago, especially downtown. It’s best to go during the wee hours of the morning, like at 4, 5, maybe even 6 in the morning, or late at night, like at 11 or close to midnight), it’s actually soothing to me, seeing how beautiful the skyline is at night (If the sky is clear, that is), and add the nighttime jazz music… yea, it’s very soothing (If you are patient and not let traffic get to you—like me—that is).

Anyway, last Friday afternoon (Today is Sunday, December 6, and I do count Sundays as the start of a new week), Touré and I decided to hang out as soon as we got off from work (I got off at 4 and he gets off at 5, but because my job and his job is about 40 minutes-almost an hour between each other, depending on traffic, since he works on the west side, and I work down south (I.E. 394, down to Will county almost), it became a waiting game for him, since I had to pick him up from his job. I got there 16 minutes after he got out, due to being stuck in rush hour traffic). We decided to head to his house and to grab something to eat, since we didn’t eat since breakfast.

Once we got to his house (He was tired, and I was severely stressing out due to unexpected bad news that I realized and such. I talked to his Mum about what was going on with me, and she basically gave me some advice and hugged me, which calmed me down), we ate, and went to some stores with his Mum. She brought me a little bracelet (Sparkly, colorful flowers), and I brought some more flare jeans. Touré brought a Hulkbuster figure from Disney Infinity, a hard drive storage for his computer, and a game (Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes). What did I take home with me? A bracelet, some jeans, and a little teddy bear that his Mum brought for him before he was born, that he wanted to give to me out of complete surprise:

20151205_234741Everyone, I’m sure you’ve all met Kodzo (The red dog that I got from my soulmate and his Mum for my birthday), but… meet this little teddy bear, Takeda. I named him Takeda, cause he’s actually one of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters (Next to.. oh say, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Baraka, Princess Kitana, Raiden, ect…). This is the first teddy bear that my soulmate has, before he was born. He decided to give it to me last Friday. I thought it was very, very sweet of him to do that, and with that said, it just not only made me smile extra hard, but it also made me cry on the inside, cause he’s the very first guy that would give him something that is so valuable to him all throughout his life. That made me extremely happy (and it (Along with him) made my stress go away completely).

Mum thought that it was so sweet of him to do that.. she couldn’t stop talking about it for hours at a time. Yea, on the inside, I couldn’t stop blushing and thanking God for having Touré being in my life.. and as my boyfriend). I didn’t wanna leave home, but I had to that night, cause I had to work the next day (Yesterday).

It’s time for me to get some sleep.. Christmas Eve and Day 2015 is gonna be one of the best Christmases in years.. if not, ever! I want it to come so bad.., but I must be patient. Oh well.. off to bed.


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Chicago, Bowling, and Laughs

Yesterday my babe, brothers, and friends were celebrating Josh’s birthday at Pinstripes! It was my first time going there, and boy was it fun!

20151016_171059I got to downtown Chicago in the afternoon, trying to figure out how to get to Pinstripes. Thankfully two security guards showed me the way.

20151016_171103Walking through the Lurel Gardens. I want to walk there with Tourè very soon.. I think it’ll be a great trip for a date.

20151016_171745Typical rush hour traffic, since it was after 5 when I took it.

20151016_175102Once I got to Pinstripes, I saw my little brother, Shawn! A few minutes after we hung out, we met up with Nick and Tourè. Of course, we were the only ones that were early (The party started at 6, but everyone else didn’t get there until a little after 7), so while we were waiting, Nick, Tourè, and I decided to walk towards Navy Pier.

20151016_181056Next year, a bigger version of the Ferris wheel is gonna be built in Navy Pier, so this is the last photo that I took of the old Ferris wheel.

20151016_181109Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

20151016_182914The view from Navy Pier after sunset. I gotta admit, it was so awesome to see!

20151016_194606So after everyone came to Pinstripes, we all came inside, and started playing bowling.


The little kids played bowling too.. they had a blast!


20151016_202310The setting outside was awesome!

20151016_202319The view from Pinstripes. There’s a condo right across from there.. man, it will be so awesome if the babe and I lived in a condo in downtown Chicago…

20151016_202345Another view

20151016_214242After the party was over (Josh had a blast at his birthday party), Nick and Tourè walked me back to the train station, but we also decided to walk around the park as well. I had so much fun with them and the others!

20151016_220655Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon

20151016_220810Last photo before I headed off to the train station, and back home. I gotta say, after studying for and taking the midterms, I needed that walk around downtown and the laughs from friends, brothers, and the babe. Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to walk around Chicago again with Tourè. It’s much needed for the both of us.