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Transitioning Into A New Reality, Part Three: The Final Goodbye

“I have something to say to everyone: Today is my final day working here. I just want to thank you all for an amazing (Thinking: ..but horrible, stress-inducing, somewhat unbearable) 8 years of me working here. It was a hard decision, but the time has come for me to move on. All of ya are like family to me, and I appreciate all of ya have done. I will miss you all (Thinking: ..but I will def NOT miss working here. Thank freakin GOODNESS I am leaving here for good! Yes, yes, yes!!). *Tries to hold back tears* Thank you all, and don’t worry.. I will visit ya. I promise. Goodbye everyone (Thinking: ..and good freakin riddance to working here!!).. I love  and miss you all”.

Person 1: “Don’t go”!!

Person 2: “You’ll be deeply missed”.

Person 3: “Don’t cry, cause then you’re gonna make me cry”!

Person 4: “I’ll miss you. Good luck with your journeys and your new job. Promise you’ll visit us”?

Person 5: “Don’t go.. we need you to stay here with us”!!

Person 6: “We love and will miss you too”.

Me: “Now don’t ya cry.. ya gonna make me cry as well”!!

*Hugs and tears flow down many eyes*

These last two weeks has been very emotional. I dreaded this day, but at the same time, I felt…


Like, I knew this day would come, but I was prepared for it… physically, somewhat mentally, but not emotionally. I will miss everyone working here.. including the new people. What I won’t miss though, is working here. The location? Eh… probably not, since it’s almost in the middle of nowhere. This is my final day working here, and so I say..

Goodbye, and good riddance. Goodbye Crete, and hello Shorewood. Goodbye everyone…

*Tearfully* I’ll miss you all.

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Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I had an interesting, but very good Memorial Day weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!

Saturday, all I did was just.. work. Nothing more, nothing less. At least the good news is that I got out early.

Sunday was the usual.. church, watch some YouTube videos, slept (I really wish I had money to travel to downtown Chicago, but… that was a no-go.), and just prepared for tomorrow.

Memorial Day… it was quite interesting. My Mum and I went to the Memorial Day Prayer at our church. Just like Labor Day, it was packed. We all had to be there (Choir included) at 6 a.m (I dislike waking up early in the morning, but since my job has started scheduling me to working freight and Ship From Store fulfillment, I had to get up at between 3-4 a.m. It’s rough, but I’m starting to get used to it… SLOWLY).


20170529_061336You can actually see people on their knees at the podium and walking back and forth, praying for peace, children, the nation, and much more. Even the Pastor was praying along with all of us. There were tears falling, cheering, clapping, singing, and dancing at the end of the prayer meeting.

Afterwards, my Mum and I went home, ate breakfast, and prepared for the Memorial Day BBQ at our job (..and I dozed off beforehand).

Several hours later, we headed up to the job, and had fun at the BBQ.




20170529_155731(These hamburgers are ready to go and be grilled)

20170529_155812(Almost all of the ravioli was gone)

There were desserts, chips, drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, watermelon there. It was fun.

20170529_160451(The LP grilling)

20170529_160519(The view from back of the store)

20170529_164257(Finished at last. The hamburger was good)

So that ends the tale of my 2017 Memorial Day weekend. It was slightly better than last year’s, I’ll say that. Hopefully next year I’ll be cooking and having a BBQ with my friends… and going to different places.


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Happy Birthday, America!

Well, the 4th of July was sooo awesome!! Erik and I went to his house, ate grilled chicken and kabobs (and whatnot), and his niece and nephews came by. It was so much fun!

Later on that night, we went to the fireworks show with Ari, Donte, James, Toya, and her parents! It was so fun!!

Here are the photos (By the way, I took photos and videos on both my phone and camcorder, but the photos that I’m gonna show are from my camcorder)

PTDC0004Oh yea, my photos from my camcorder took horrible photos. Sorry bout that.








Happy birthday, America, and I hope everyone had a very safe 4th of July!

P.S., while we (Erik and I) were trying to head our way back to his truck, we encounter a fight!! Yes people, two girls were fighting while people in their cars were trying to make their way out! Man, that was epic!!

1013469_10151703530957342_1945663326_nHave a great night everyone!

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New Changes To My Blogs

…and I mean, HUGE changes.


So, here are some changes as to what’s gonna happen with my blogs (Yes, including my photography blog):

  • Instead of my photography blog being just photos of fashion and whatnot (Cause I’ve been slacking on it so much…), it’s just gonna be a photography blog. Each month, I’m gonna post photos of the topic that I’m gonna cover for this month. Now, it won’t be daily, but it will be a few post per few days or per week.
  • For my personal blog, I’m gonna make a summer mini blog on the things that I’ve done or will be doing for the week.
  • I am gonna change my blog cover for those two blogs (Yeh, it’s time to make a change), as well as the description of my photography blog. The title and URL of the blogs will be the same.
  • Once every few weeks, I will be posting a photo or two of myself (Just so ALL of my viewers can see who I am, cause the old photos of me are out of date).
  • Also, I’m gonna post the lyrics to some of my favorite songs, as well as photos as they relate to the lyrics, themselves.
  • Also, I will post some YouTube videos of some random stuff (Whether it be songs, game footage, whatever!)
  • I WILL take more and new photos of Chicago this summer, cause I will be going down there more often (Yay, finally!) with Erik and my friends.
  • Also, on my personal blog, I will be posting the weeks that my Mum’s going through her physical therapy for her hip, and progress.

So that’s bout it for the updates. The changes will take effect today.. although I’m not sure what time I’m gonna do so, cause I gotta make a few trips to the store and to get something to eat as well.

P.S., my cold is getting a lot better. I also saw my old high school buddy today as well. I didn’t know he lived right by me.. like, 2 mins away from me! *Sighs* If only James, Lawrence, and Erik lived closer to me… one lives in South Holland, another one lives in Markham, and another one lives in Indiana. If only they lived closer to me, then things would’ve been so awesome, I could just see em everyday. Oh well… it’ll get better in time.

Well, expect the changes starting today, everyone! Have a happy Monday!

Oh yea, in spite of the changes, not much is gonna be done to the blogs, but most of the updates are gonna be to improve my blogs.