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Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I had an interesting, but very good Memorial Day weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!

Saturday, all I did was just.. work. Nothing more, nothing less. At least the good news is that I got out early.

Sunday was the usual.. church, watch some YouTube videos, slept (I really wish I had money to travel to downtown Chicago, but… that was a no-go.), and just prepared for tomorrow.

Memorial Day… it was quite interesting. My Mum and I went to the Memorial Day Prayer at our church. Just like Labor Day, it was packed. We all had to be there (Choir included) at 6 a.m (I dislike waking up early in the morning, but since my job has started scheduling me to working freight and Ship From Store fulfillment, I had to get up at between 3-4 a.m. It’s rough, but I’m starting to get used to it… SLOWLY).


20170529_061336You can actually see people on their knees at the podium and walking back and forth, praying for peace, children, the nation, and much more. Even the Pastor was praying along with all of us. There were tears falling, cheering, clapping, singing, and dancing at the end of the prayer meeting.

Afterwards, my Mum and I went home, ate breakfast, and prepared for the Memorial Day BBQ at our job (..and I dozed off beforehand).

Several hours later, we headed up to the job, and had fun at the BBQ.




20170529_155731(These hamburgers are ready to go and be grilled)

20170529_155812(Almost all of the ravioli was gone)

There were desserts, chips, drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, watermelon there. It was fun.

20170529_160451(The LP grilling)

20170529_160519(The view from back of the store)

20170529_164257(Finished at last. The hamburger was good)

So that ends the tale of my 2017 Memorial Day weekend. It was slightly better than last year’s, I’ll say that. Hopefully next year I’ll be cooking and having a BBQ with my friends… and going to different places.


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Texas Roadhouse

20170401_150531I actually went to this new restaurant called Texas Roadhouse with my family. Lemme just say, it’s actually pretty awesome! Note, the one that we went to in Orland Park, they have a lot of peanuts inside the buckets, so if you have a peanut allergy… I recommend staying away.. unless the other locations don’t have peanuts in there.

20170401_152039The food was really good, including the steaks.




20170401_155312They also have a jukebox there as well.

20170401_160359My soon to be cousin-in-law and I. I actually got my hair done a few Fridays ago, so I’m still trying to get used to having long hair.

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My First Wedding Shower

Before I begin, I would like to say something: Daylight Savings Time is finally here (Unless you’re in Arizona, of course). We ‘spring forward’ one hour, which means we lose one hour of sleep and so on. Hey, at least the good news is that it stays lighter, longer.

Anyway, Saturday was a day to remember. I went to my first wedding shower, and let me just say.. it was awesome, especially when the soon-to-be bride and groom, their friends, family, and I were cleaning up the mess after it was over. I gotta say, it was too funny.


20170311_000950These were the gifts I brought them. They really liked it.

20170311_131805Inside the community center where they had their wedding party.


20170311_131957We played a few games, including this one, the Don’t Say ________ game, and the ‘Mewlywed game’, which is like the Newlywed game, but without the newlyweds and stuff.



20170311_132307Save the date!

20170311_132331When I got there, it was only a few gifts on that table. At the end, it was a bunch. Let’s just say that I can’t wait until Touré and I have our own wedding shower!

20170311_133415The soon-to-be bride and groom, AunaLisa and Russell. Fun fact: They’re actually worship members of the choir that I’m in. Also, one of the choir members made the fruit cake tower.


20170311_133539The Don’t Say _______ game.

20170311_134126Closer look at the fruit cake tower



20170311_180247After the party, when we all cleaned up and had a lot of good laughs doing so. Also, the soon-to-be bride and groom and their friends. Congrats to them on their soon-to-be wedding! I look forward to attending there!

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YouTube Gaming Family Meetup


Sunday, September 18th, 2016.. Brookfield, IL.. this is the day that I will never forget this moment.

Sunday was also the day where I started my very first play at my church: The White Throne Judgment. I was singing in the choir during both days (Saturday and Sunday).. it was really fun. I’m gonna be singing again tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

After the service was over, I decided to pick up my awesome friends, cause one of the YTG (YouTube Gaming) streamers was visiting his family during the week, so we all decide to meet up at this place called Galloping Ghost Arcade.

20160918_161449So many games… and yes, there are about 450 games in all, from the 80’s and early 90’s, and of course.. pinball and Japanese games!!



20160918_161631There’s a Primal Rage shirt that I wanted so bad…, but it’s for display only.

20160918_162337A little Japanese game that I found

20160918_162342Two of the streamers, Chris Plays Games (The one with the propeller hat) and Kodzo (Playing the third pinball game to the left. Oh, and that’s actually my babe, by the way).

20160918_162736He was so focused on this game.

20160918_163151One of my favorite games: Gradius III: From Legend to Myth. Gradius IV is another fun game to play. They also have Gradius II: The Ambitions of Gofer (Or Gofer’s Ambitions. Either translation is fine).

20160918_163748Of my my brothers was playing DragonBall Z game, since DBZ is his favorite anime.

20160918_164729Afterwards, we went to this place called Tony’s Family Restaurant. They had great food there.

20160918_165834If you’re into retro and modern games, then check out Chris Plays Games! He’s another awesome streamer on YouTube and YTG!






20160918_171952Food… and lots of it!

20160918_182811So afterwards, we went back to the arcade to play some more games, and did a live stream as well. Oh, and guess what I found.. Tempest!!

20160918_185524The awesome YTG family and my awesome soulmate: Me, (Chris Plays Games (Propeller hat), Narrcost (Star Wars shirt), Kodzo, Yuhi (Zelda hat. She’s 1/3 of the group Good Luck Gamers (GLG)), Son Goshaku (Giving the two thumbs up), Snake, Nicole, and Craig Plays (At the end with the hat. He’s part of the PG gaming family called the Bromingos). Be sure to check all of them out on YouTube and YTG!

20160918_195541Snake, Yuhi, Kodzo, and I were playing this game called F-Zero: AX. It was fun.

20160918_201354My babe and I. We all had a blast that day. 🙂 In fact, we decided to make this an annual event.

So yea, this was the absolute best day ever.. can’t wait to meet more streamers soon!

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Annorah’s 5th Birthday Party

005Today is Annorah’s 5th birthday. Man… they grow up so fast! So Lawrence and his family decided to throw her a birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun!

006The shadow made the photo half dark.. sorry about that!

008Lawrence teaching his little cousin wrestling.

009The birthday princess and her little cousin

010Yes, this was actually my work clothes (It was jean day at my job).. I actually came from my job to Lawrence’s house for the party.

011Look who woke up from her nap.. it’s Rayya! She was just waking up when I took this picture.

012Just a few photos of Annorah and her family members. She was too excited when everyone started singing her happy birthday.

013015Time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on your Frozen cake, birthday princess (She LOVES Frozen, so her parents decide to give her a Frozen birthday party)!016Let the cake and ice cream begin!

017018Other people getting their pictures taken

019The cake and ice cream was good!

020Of course I had to get a pic of Lawrence and I.. just for the fun of it. Anyway, I had a fun time with him and his family! Can’t wait til the next party!

I can’t end this post without saying this:

Happy 5th birthday Annorah! May you continue to shine and grow like the big girl you are!

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Royal Rumble 2015 With Friends

Finally.. I got the pics up for when I went to The Squared Circle with my friends last month!!

008We were watching old PPVs of Royal Rumble from the 90’s and 00’s.


006*From left to right: Josh, Guerry, and Steven* I caught em off guard, lol

009It’s good to hang out with this guy, as always. In fact, we actually hung out today.. we basically filled out job applications, checked out some stores, and walked around. I’ll have the pictures tomorrow.

010Their fries are really good.

011The menu.. part of it.

028Me and the gang 😀

015*This is your brain on drugs.* Yea… he’s nuts.

014Serious look

016OMG, the pizza was SOOO good!!! Everyone who checks out The Squared Circle, try their pizza and fries. They are sooo good!!


018Twinkie milkshake

019My buddy Steve with Lawrence’s belt

023024Celebrities come to The Squared Circle. Heck, the owner, Lisa Marie (A.K.A. Lita from the WWF/WWE… I believe?) even goes there from time to time.

025Lawrence and I saw the Silva vs Diaz fight.. man that was awesome!

022Of course, things wouldn’t be perfect without a group photo!!

026Driving home, seeing the Chicago Skyline in awe

027Isn’t the Chicago Skyline beautiful at night? I think so. Anyway, The Squared Circle is actually located on the north side of Chicago. If anyone visits the north side, I highly suggest you check it out. Also, the north side is actually safer than the south or west side, even at night, and where The Squared Circle is located at, it’s totally safe.

I def would go there again! It was so much fun!

Again, sorry I couldn’t post the pictures sooner.. been busy with work and job hunting and family issues. Now that this post is finally done, I can concentrate on the Lincoln Mall photos (Which will be on my photography blog by the end of this week) and my fashion and beauty blog. Night night!

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An Untimely End to the School Year

…and I’m sad bout it.

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much.. I have been busy with school and work. So last week was a lucky week for me. I found $11 total, I also gotten free food and free drink too!

That was the good news. Here’s the bad news: I had to work 4 days in a row. Yes.. 4 freakin days in a row. 2 of those nights I had to close with my boss.. how fun was that, huh? None. Whatsoever. –_-

Anyway, today I found out that it was my last day of school. I was feeling sad bout it, cause I thought it was gonna be Thursday, but it’s not. I have my online final to take, so yea.. wish me luck on that. Yesterday we had a country cookout at my job. It was too fun! Here are some photos:

0506131212My coworkers playing a Name That Brand! game.

0506131212aThere were desserts…

and food everywhere!0506131212b

0506131212cDon’t forget drinks!

This is the funny part:

0506131221My boss. Yes.. that is my boss in his cowboy outfit.

0506131226..and my coworker in her cowgirl outfit.

0506131226aAnother goofy photo of my boss.

0506131227Here he is with my Mum. I’m gonna give an update on her shortly.

0506131335My supervisor and coworkers playing bean bag toss.

0506131617aThe kids came in and played outside. This is Frankie and Destiny playing together.

0506131617Aaliyah and her dad.

0506131617bHere’s the little baby! She’s gonna be 2 this summer. Man she’s growing up fast.

0506131721Speaking of babies, here’s my coworker’s granddaughter, Pre’kel. She is just too adorable!

0506131723Grandma and granddaughter. You can see the baby just smiling and laughing. She’s just a bundle of joy. I heard today that she kept on giving my coworkers strange looks and even swung on a few of em, including my boss, lol! She didn’t do that to me when I held her. Yep, I’m very good with babies and kids. 🙂

There were three other babies that was there too: Branden (1), DJ (1), and Christan (3 months). I held the youngest one.. he was so adorable.. until he sneezed on me. I thought that was funny.

I have some more photos, but I’ll save those for tomorrow. Anyway here’s an update:

Almost two weeks ago, we celebrated my cousin’s 32nd birthday. A few days later, I found out that I have a younger cousin. He’s 18 and a freshman at this college that I graduated last yr. My family, Erik, and I are gonna meet him and my other aunt next week.

Speaking of which, my Mum’s gonna have her surgery on the 21st.. and it’s almost time. She’s nervous, but she’s gonna be fine.

Anyway, I’m gonna get ready for work. Until next time, folks.

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Cousin’s Birthday Weekend

So yesterday was my cousin’s birthday, but my family decided to celebrate his birthday today.

0427131231We actually went to Schaumburg to Woodfield Mall.

0427131231aWoodfield Mall, here we come!

0427131235There’s the Illinois Art Institute of Schaumburg.

0427131235aArgosy University

0427131236 Strayer University

0427131249Welcome to Woodfield Mall!!

0427131316This Yogurt is soo good!

0427131323aMy grandma talking to my cousin’s girlfriend. She’s very nice.

0427131323The rest of my family.

0427131351We actually went to The Cheesecake Factory for my cousin’s birthday.

0427131423Buffalo chicken wings and wonton. The wonton’s alright though… don’t care much for crab.

0427131447 For dinner: Orange chicken with white rice with raspberry lemonade!

0427131652 Canon building. It’s so awesome seeing the buildings up close!

0427131821The only thing that I brought from the mall was the new Kid Rock CD: Rebel Soul. Oh yea, don’t pay no mind to my teddy bear’s head. It’s not dirty or burned up or anything like that. The camera and shadow made it look like that for some odd reason.

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Breakfast at Erik’s

Today has been so wonderful! I needed to spend time with the babe after what happened yesterday.

0416130851So today, Erik and I cooked breakfast together. I decided to do pancakes, while he cooked bacon. There were times that I couldn’t turn the pancakes over, so Erik decided to help.

0416130908aHere’s something that I needed to show ya: My new hairstyle! I did it myself.. I didn’t cut it or anything. I just made some bangs (They were a bit too long to be considered bangs), and then just pull em to the side. That’s all!

0416130909aFinished breakfast! It took us a while to perfectly cook the pancakes, but we did it. This was just my first two attempts.

0416130909Final picture. Me and my sexy prince 😀 I’m thankful to have a wonderful guy like him!

We are such great chefs! 😀

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Time to Start Acting Like an Adult

If you must know, things aren’t looking up for me as of right now again… and I’m sick and tired of talking bout this over and over again.

When is life gonna give me that push that I needed?

I know what you’re thinking: Another post bout this, right? Yea, we know already.

This time, I’m gonna talk bout what I will do about my life: Start acting like an adult.

Last night, I watched The Suze Orman Show, and she was talking to this lady bout what she needed to do to stand on her own two feet. The lady that was on the show talked bout how she wanted to stand on her own two feet and see what she can do to take care of her debt. She had bout $192K worth of student loan debt (Private and federal student loan) that she obtained from going to a 5 yr expensive art school to become a graphic designer. Guess where she’s at now? Working at a grocery market full time (I don’t consider having 8 hrs per week total full time).

Okay, so I finally realize what my Mum was talking bout all this time, that people who graduated with their bachelor’s degree in certain fields won’t be able to get the job that they desire… they’re stuck working at Micky D’s being managers and whatnot. Still, that’s not gonna happen to me. My plan is to go to school and be an intern at an investment bank, along with getting my Series 7 and 63 licenses before I graduate.

Anyway, back to what happened last night. So the girl told Suze that her parents were paying for her student loan repayment, and for her to stay at her boyfriend’s trailer. Side note: Now that I think bout it, I don’t think living in a trailer isn’t as bad as it might seem… after all, you’ll get low rent, but then again… people might consider you to be either broke or trailer trash if you tell em that you live in one. Yea, what a rude society we live in. So to make the story short: Suze told her that she should start acting like an adult, since she wants to stand up on her own two feet.

It really hit home to me, cause I’ve been in that woman’s shoes for a while now (Minus the outstanding $192K of mostly private student loans), and it made me realize that I have to stand up on my own two feet one way or another. It’s time to start acting like an adult for a change, and stop whining so much bout how life’s not going the way that I planned. Like the old saying goes: If you want something, you gotta do it yourself.. or something like that.

0407130905P.S., this was yesterday morning before I had to work. My breakfast, yum.

As usual, work was pretty slow, but I did see my coworker today. She has been out for over a month now, and like myself, she’s also looking for another job, cause of this: She was checking to see if she had any hrs on the new schedule, and guess what? She didn’t get any whatsoever. So yea, she was pretty pissed bout that, and hey, I agree… I would’ve been pissed if I didn’t get any hrs as well (Consider that I barely get any hrs to begin with. It’s good, cause I don’t have to be there as much, but it’s bad, cause I need to start saving up and somehow it’s not working).

So yea, starting June, things are really gonna change. I’m gonna stop eating out as much, cause I’m gonna have a whole bunch of bills I gotta pay, and also I’m gonna start working two jobs now, possibly three and go to school as well. Once I get my car, I can finally start looking for jobs. Cause let’s face it: It’s time for me to get out of this job anyway. I can’t stress it enough, ya know? I’m hoping that things go as planned for me this summer.