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ACEN 2018: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my amazing adventures at ACEN (Anime Central):

20180519_121720Day 2 with my other little bro Shawn, and awesome buddy Val




20180519_135105Team Rocket member

20180519_135451Met a few friends on that day, like this guy, Gabe. 🙂 He’s an artist, so if you want to check out his drawings, then you can go on Facebook (Destiny Designs), and check it out! His artwork is really awesome, by the way!

20180519_140121Invader Zim!

20180519_140244Cuphead… what a good, but very hard game.


20180519_140704Adventure Time!

20180519_141303More Deadpool cosplayers, lol!

20180519_141324I tried one of these.. I sucked so bad at playing em, but it was fun.


20180519_141909That mask reminds me of Askua’s mask.

20180519_141913Nick and Touré brought a pair of these.

20180519_143919Zero Suit Samus!! 😀

20180519_144032The absolute most cutest cosplay I ever seen: Jessie, James, and their Pikachu!


20180519_144228Steven Universe (Eeek!!): Pearl


20180519_145038..and Rose Quartz!

20180519_152133My darling and I



20180519_160711DBZ (Above) and DB Super!!

20180519_162757While Nick and Touré went to Gamestop (They actually walked a hour to the nearest one), and while Josh was at a panel, I decided to head back to the hotel to check out the pool, and the Jacuzzi. It was fun, nonetheless. Next year, I’m def bringing a swimming cap and goggles. Also, this was the first time in a long time that I wore a swimsuit.

20180519_222419Last pic of day 2: Going to the Soap Bubble rave with Nick and Touré. It was pretty fun… just wish my other little brother, Matt was with us. Also, this was my rave outfit that I wore. Next year, I’m going all out during both raves!

Part 3 will be coming… soon. Hopefully by next week, since I’ll be working the next few days.

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Crazy 2018 Update: Deaths, Parades, and More

20180225_203736*A few weeks ago…  it was the best day of our lives, despite Matt having a family emergency. Also, this is one of a few times you see me without my glasses.*

20180128_190131*January was awesome and saddening. Despite the death of my grandfather, my little brother Matt and I (Along with our brothers, Josh and Steve) met X-Pac!! He was very cool!*

20180219_220115*During the weekend of Black Panther last month. Wakanda forever!*

20180224_155415*Touré and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary this summer. 3 years and going strong*

Okay, first off.. I just wanna say, happy 2018… well, kinda happy 2018.. for me, it is. Also, happy belated Chinese New Year (The year of the dog!). My little brother and I went to check out the festival in Chinatown (We’re going there more often!). I’m kinda excited about what 2018 has in store for me, my baby, and my brothers. At the same time, however… I really don’t wanna think about it. Without further ado, here’s what has been going on ever since my last blog post (Which has been a long time, so sorry for the very long update. Been extremely busy with work and other family matters, of course).

January: What started out as a very good month (With me, Josh, Matt, Lawrence, and Steve going to Duffy’s to see Royal Rumble and to meet X-Pac), turned out to become very tragic. On January 18th, I found out that my grandfather passed away, due to cardiac arrest. It was a shocking blow to the family. I tried to become strong (Mostly succeeded, but kinda stumbled back at times. Touré  and Matt (..and my family at my job and church) helped me get through it. Thanks guys!!), but hey… I done it. Also, this month has helped me become closer to my little brother, Matt. Our bond has been strong before, but now.. it’s becoming a lot stronger, and I’m grateful for it.

20180128_221744*Just little ol me. I decided to have my birthday party here, since Survivor Series will be on what else? My birthday. There’s gonna be a little surprise on that day as well. Stay tuned!*

20180128_180001*Lawrence, Steve, Josh, Matt, and I*

20180128_183600*Josh, Matt, and I*

20180128_221932*Steve, Matt, and Josh*

20180128_222102*One big sibling photo—ahh, photobomb, lol!!*

February: Last month was okay, except for the fact that the gang and I went to go see Black Panther! I also got to see Touré, Nick, and one of their brothers. It was fun! Also, it was one of the best months ever thus far.. Matt and I went to go to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year parade. Even though we missed the big parade, we actually caught a little treat during the after parade. Being part Chinese, this is the most exciting day that I always end up looking forward to.

20180219_214720*Wakanda forever!!*

20180219_215240*One of 3 favorite little brothers*

20180219_215033*Little brother*


20180219_215924*People who seen the movie decided to take a pose to show their love to the movie.*



20180225_171226*Matt and I in Chinatown. It was so awesome!*

20180225_163300*The people disguised as dragons go into shops as a symbol of good luck within the year.*

20180225_163324 *Dragon dance*


20180225_163805*A shot of downtown*

20180225_164128*Gift shop*

20180225_172703*Heading out of Starbucks*


20180225_173251*Lanterns. Also, the other side of Chinatown*

20180225_173319*We’re crazy, and we love it like that!*

20180225_173415*My outfit. In China, red symbolizes good luck.*

20180225_173439*Yea, we’re totally crazy when we feel like it. When we’re not acting crazy…*

20180225_173508*We’re just your average, awesome siblings (Not related by blood, however. I wish, so, but hey… close enough. Best day ever.*

March: Already this month has been nothing, but a mix of good and bad.., but mostly bad, so far. Good: I finally got my iPod Touch! Yea, my iPod Nano got defective again, so it was time for an upgrade. It is so awesome! Bad: I’m moving into a new suburb…, but it’s not the reason that I wanted. There has been a situation that happened today (Not gonna say, due to personal issues), so for now…, I’m temporary staying in said suburb. It won’t be long though… I’ll have my own space soon. Just gotta take things one step at a time…

One step at time. Just gotta keep my faith up, and keep on moving.

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Easter (Resurrection) Sunday 2017

20170416_101937Churches are usually packed every Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Sunday.


20170416_102830It’s so wonderful to see the young and old come together during Easter Sunday. Also, babies and children in their Easter suits and dresses… too adorable!


20170416_103353The choir has the day off, but not the praise and worship singers. Somehow I got to be seated in the front, on the side.. which is pretty cool!

20170416_103359It was so packed, that they had to make room in the gym.


20170416_111254You can’t really see the pastor, but he was up there at the cross, preaching today’s lesson.

20170416_112836It is time for the Passover offering.


20170416_115507The end of the service. They actually had the virtual choir up there, which was pretty cool as well!

*A few extra photos*

20170416_120209Angel and her husband

20170416_120622AunaLisa and I (With Natalie ‘photobombing’ in the background, lol)

20170404_184910Sparta Dome, located in Crown Point, Indiana. We were in there for a Easter Sunday video shoot the following last Tuesday.

20170404_185954Tiny drone

20170404_190155Setting up for the video shoot. Overall, the shoot was a success, and it was featured in yesterday and today’s service. Hopefully everyone’s Easter is going good so far, and that the children are finding all of Easter eggs!

Don’t eat too much candy though, or you’ll end up with an upset tummy.

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My First Wedding Shower

Before I begin, I would like to say something: Daylight Savings Time is finally here (Unless you’re in Arizona, of course). We ‘spring forward’ one hour, which means we lose one hour of sleep and so on. Hey, at least the good news is that it stays lighter, longer.

Anyway, Saturday was a day to remember. I went to my first wedding shower, and let me just say.. it was awesome, especially when the soon-to-be bride and groom, their friends, family, and I were cleaning up the mess after it was over. I gotta say, it was too funny.


20170311_000950These were the gifts I brought them. They really liked it.

20170311_131805Inside the community center where they had their wedding party.


20170311_131957We played a few games, including this one, the Don’t Say ________ game, and the ‘Mewlywed game’, which is like the Newlywed game, but without the newlyweds and stuff.



20170311_132307Save the date!

20170311_132331When I got there, it was only a few gifts on that table. At the end, it was a bunch. Let’s just say that I can’t wait until Touré and I have our own wedding shower!

20170311_133415The soon-to-be bride and groom, AunaLisa and Russell. Fun fact: They’re actually worship members of the choir that I’m in. Also, one of the choir members made the fruit cake tower.


20170311_133539The Don’t Say _______ game.

20170311_134126Closer look at the fruit cake tower



20170311_180247After the party, when we all cleaned up and had a lot of good laughs doing so. Also, the soon-to-be bride and groom and their friends. Congrats to them on their soon-to-be wedding! I look forward to attending there!

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Final Day of Carson’s Clearance Center

Yet, another store near me has been shut down. Shame, cause I was really looking forward to getting another black velvet (or suede) dress for church too..






20170109_142248At least I got this skirt for only $1.50.

Well, the only other two stores that I can go to are in Aurora and Morton Grove (If I’m correct). I’ll visit them one day, hopefully this summer.

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Christmas 2016

My Christmas was really wonderful this year. I got some presents from family members and my soulmate, like gift cards, this skirt that my Mum gave me:


…Games, toys, and more!


My family came by, and so did my aunt’s pups. In fact, I caught two pictures of Suki, the youngest pup:


20161225_150949 Somehow when my aunt opened up her gift that my Mum gave her (Which were the slippers), Suki started to chew on them like it was one of her toys. It was funny, nonetheless.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year! Thank goodness 2016 is almost over. I wonder what 2017 will bring in store… hopefully something good.

P.S., R.I.P to all of those celebs who died this year, including Carrie Fisher and few others who died a few days ago.

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Productive Job Application Day


So Lawrence and I decided to check out some stores to see if they are hiring. While we went there, we decided to check out this thrift store. While we were there, I found this bag (See above) for $1.49! I brought it, cause it was perfect for me.

009They also sell vinyl records.

010 After we left the thrift store, we stopped by Barnes & Noble. This is the view from the 2nd floor.

011I found this book, and this made me laugh hard. I so want to get this book, lol!

012One of the weirdest pizza combos that I ever seen: Cheese pizza with onions and pickles. He says that it’s good, but I kinda disagree.

013Us after eating and getting ready to check out Macy’s after the mall is closed, lol.

014While we were in Macy’s (..and finding out if they were hiring), we decided to check out the store, and while we were checking out the mattress section.. I found this: A 22 piece bedroom ensemble. I have never seen a 22 piece bedroom ensemble before. The largest bed piece that I found was a 16 piece, and that was at my job!

015 016017Orland Square Mall after dark.

So after we came from the mall, we actually went to a few more stores to see if they were hiring. It turns out that most were and a few of em were not. Things look positive for us! Tomorrow we’re gonna fill out the job applications and return em back in Orland Park.

Wish us luck!

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Welcome To December: The Game Changer

Oh boy… where can I begin?? Well, I do have some exciting news: I finally have my own car!!!!! Yes people, I finally have my own car!! It’s a Toyota, of course (My family all have Toyotas, so… it’s a trend), and one of my family members gave it to me as part of my birthday gift! She actually has a new car, so she gave me her old one.. yes it is in excellent condition.

So yea.. my birthday was on the 18th last month, so now I’m a 1/4-of-a-century-years-old now.. man I feel old. ._. So yea, how have I been? I’ve been having depression episodes again.. and yes, suicidal thoughts in the past few weeks. This was after I’ve turned 25, and before I got my used car. My Thanksgiving was good, but like last year, I had a headache, cause I didn’t know how things was gonna turn out, but it turned out well. I did have Thanksgiving day off, for once.. that was a blessing in itself. I went to work on Black Friday at round 3 a.m. and didn’t get out til 12:30 later that afternoon.

I actually spent Thanksgiving with Lawrence and his family members for a little bit, then went back home to lay down and rest my head. He took care of me, so that was nice.. 🙂 My head cleared up in a few hours as well.

Oh and guess what?? I have a new tablet!!! 020I got it on Thanksgiving at Best Buy. I do have a old tablet, but I’m thinking of selling it. The next step is to get me a new computer and give my old one to my Mum as a Christmas present. I’m also gonna get her a new tablet as well. I know these presents (New computer and tablet) will cost me over $300-400, but I will be saving it in the next two weeks. Right now I’m broke, due to getting the title and license plates and stuff like that.

006This is what I wore on Black Friday. I could wear red and green that day, due to m

001..and that’s me hours after I came home from work.. and before I got my hair done too.

So yea, the next step for me is to find a full time job (Which I am doing right now), and after that, getting the apartment!!! 😀 So I’m excited… too excited that I finally have a car!!! My life is starting to get better.. slowly!! Thank you God!!

P.S., I’m almost done with school.. next Thursday is my last day for the semester. Sadly I won’t be able to go back next semester, but next fall I will.

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18 More Days

*Thursday, October 30, 2014

Text message from Mum: “They fired Jay”

Me: “How come?” (Calls Mum)

Mum: “Hello?”

Me: “Hey.”

Mum: “Hey.”

Me: “What happened?”

Mum: “Jay got fired.”

Me: “How did he get fired?”

Mum: “I’ll tell you about it later.”

Me: “Alright.” (Hangs up)*

*Sighs* Where do I begin? Well, how about suffering from my 4 year anniversary of my grandmother’s death (Father’s side) for about a week?? Or the fact that my favorite supervisor got fired two days ago?! I’ve been stressing out a whole lot since the week of the anniversary of my grandma’s deaths, and my bipolar depression (Yes I am bipolar. I do admit that.) came back this Thursday after I found out that my favorite supervisor got fired. I can’t say much as to how he got fired, cause it’s personal, but all I can say is that my job is cruel. My job is VERY cruel.

Wednesday night, I told my Mum about my schedule for next week, and she asked me was I working this Saturday, and I told her that I was, but I was working in the morning. She got really pissed off, cause she wanted me to get that day off, cause my family was suppose to take her to a restaurant for her birthday, but since I took that work shift that Saturday (Which is today), she sat at home.

That what really ticked me off, cause she didn’t tell me about it until AFTER I took that shift. She usually tells me stuff about a few days to a week in advance, but this time…, she didn’t tell me until after I told her that I had to work that night. So my Wednesday night was kinda ruined.. after an almost 8 1/2 hr shift at work.

Thursday night after I found out that my favorite supervisor got fired, I was at the mall with my Mum (Ate like, two pretzels, a lemonade, and when I got home with my new boots, drank some Powerade), I went to sleep, and at 2 something Friday morning, I woke up to a very upset stomach.. which turned into puke and diarrhea (I know, TMI), and a restless morning.. which made it kinda worse, cause I had to work that morning at 10 in the morning. I somehow managed to survived it (My stomach held on at the job, thankfully), but things got a bit worse after work.

As soon as I got out, I called my Mum and told her about the Halloween party that I’m going to, and again she gets annoyed, cause I didn’t remind her earlier, even though I told her the day before. That gave me another bad headache, which actually went away while I went to the Halloween party with Lawrence, my buddy Scotty, and some of their friends.

pizap.com14148866554781Lawrence was dressed as JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield from the WWE), and I was dressed as a nerdy maid for the Halloween Party. Yes, I had pigtails. Here’s another look at my costume: 010Oh yea. Maids rock.

Anyway, after the party was over, Lawrence and I went back to his house, talked to his Mum, brother, and sisters, and we basically left to get something to eat, and went back to the house, where we watched Big Bang Theory, drank hot coco, and basically took a nap to relieve that stress headache away. Yea it was relaxing indeed.

Today I went to work, got home, ate pizza, and now I’m resting. Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow. Now I can go rest and work on homework.

Now since I have a bad headache (Been having a headache since yesterday), I’m gonna rest and take some Advil. I’ll post the pictures of the Halloween party on my photography blog tomorrow.. or whenever I can next week. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I should. Work has got me stressed so much, that it has taken a strain to my body. Yea, I need to get my car asap, so I can get out of this job.

P.S., as far as me and Lawrence’s 10 year anniversary went, we actually had to work that day, but we did spend some time beforehand. Also, it is November, which means my birthday’s coming.. 18 more days left til I turn 1/4 of a century years old. Jeez time flies so fast…