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Transitioning Into A New Reality, Part One: Letting Go Is Hard To Do


Where have I been for the past few to several weeks? Well, here’s what has been going on:

1. I’ve gotten a new job (Yay me.. after 3 years of job searching, it finally paid off!! Thank you Jesus!!) 3 weeks ago, and so far, I am LOVING IT. Also, I got baptized on the same day that I got hired. It was a good day.

2. Trying to juggle between two jobs (Yes, I’m still at my current job, but that will actually change. More on that in a few moments).. it’s kinda hard, but so far, I have been doing a great job of it.

3. Church, and spending time with my soulmate. We’re getting ready to do Scrooge the Musical again, so it’s gonna get even more busy for me.

4. Family stuff, as always.

Finally, 5. More traveling to and from both jobs.  More on that in a little bit.

So yes, recently I’ve gotten a new job at Starbucks (Finally.. got my new job).. well, not directly in Starbucks, but in Starbucks.. inside of Target. Here are the up and downsides to this new change:


  • So far, I’m loving it.. I get to create, try, and make drinks!! My new coworkers and managers are awesome!! They’re like family here.
  • I get to hand out stickers to children (They love it when I actually do that)!
  • I get paid more than my first job (..and I got a raise last week too!)
  • It’s in a very nice and safe neighborhood, near other food places, Walmart, and more. I’m actually familiar with the area, cause I know relatives that live at and nearby there, so if I have to work in the morning, I can stay with them, and save gas.
  • I don’t have to leave my job to get food for lunch and stuff, cause there’s a Pizza Hut right next to where I work! Score!!
  • More hours to work than my other job… almost to a full time job, mostly, and overtime.. this is mostly perfect!
  • I get to wear my graphic shirts (As long as they’re mostly red.. any type of red, actually, if I’m on the registers) and any types of shoes (As long as they’re closed-toed). Since my main responsibility is at Starbucks, I have to wear black (Which I don’t mind at all, cause I have to wear black at my church. Plus, I mostly have black shirts to wear, which means.. I don’t have to shop for work clothes.. except for red shirts and khaki pants, which I got that out of the way). This is.. perfect! Now I don’t have to worry about wearing dress shoes everyday!!


  • I gotta commute 45 mins-1 hr (Depending on traffic) to and from work, since I now work near west (Compared to 15 mins to and from my other job). To me, it’s not all that bad, but that will all change once I move near my new job (Hopefully within the next year or so).
  • Along with the time I gotta travel to and from, I now have to pay for gas every few days (Depending on how many days I have to work). It’s gonna get annoying overtime, but once I move near my job, I won’t have to worry bout it so much.
  • Juggling between two jobs for right now… yea, it’s kinda not so bad, but considering the hours that I gotta go to and from both jobs (1+ hour each), it’ll only be temporary, until I can transfer to the one near my other job (8 mins to and from)… right?

Nope. As of a few days ago, I just found out that my transfer request has been canceled, which sucks balls. I was hoping that I could continue to work both jobs, until I get my first review, but… sadly, it’s not gonna work, as my other job intercepts with my new job.

Sadly, I’m gonna have to quit my first job and work my new job.. which I don’t mind at all, actually.. thinking it long and hard recently. I wish things could’ve worked out for the better, but… in the end, I have to do what’s best for me, and the best thing to do.. is to let the other job go. I hate to do it, I really do…, but as the saying goes: Breaking up (..or in this case, letting go) is hard to do. It’s better this way.

Stay tuned to part two, and see what happens next when I give out my first resignation letter to my first job.

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Morris Ceurrlo Conference

20170901_172130*Me, waiting for the other choir members to get on board*

Yesterday and last night was just wonderful! The choir and I went to see Morris Ceurrlo and other special guest from different countries and cities speak live at his conference in Rosemont. Let’s just say that I couldn’t wait to go to Rosemont again! I haven’t been there in a few years! I also can’t wait to go there next year with my babe and brothers!

20170901_171608So I went to the church with my childhood friend (We were actually early, cause we got there at bout 4:30-4:45. The bus didn’t come until bout 5:15-ish. Once it came, we all got on board. The bus was just amazing! These are the seats, by the way. So luxurious!


20170901_171727They have tables and seat belts! 😀

20170901_172002Miss Sheryl  actually wanted all of us to check out the menu from Giordano’s after we leave the conference. I never had it before, but it was kinda expensive.

20170901_172229Crystal and I. We’ve been friends since grade school. 🙂

Anyway, as soon as everyone got on board, we were off. Destination: Rosemont is a GO! 😀

20170901_183340While we were on the road, we decided to warm up and prepare for the conference by singing a few songs (Yea, we were singing there. It was unbelievable.. almost EVERYONE there stood up when we sang Lord You’re Holy and What A Beautiful Name. A few were on their knees, praising Jesus and just crying. It was wonderful).

20170901_183751Lol funny board ad.

20170901_184106You know you are close to the airport when you see the airplanes flying a short while after they took off. This was near O’Hare Airport, by the way.

20170901_184234If you’re traveling to Illinois, I recommend going to Rosemont.. it’s a nice place, and there’s TONS of hotels and restaurants here.

20170901_184321DoubleTree and Crowne Plaza hotel

20170901_184523We made it to our destination: The Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel.  I actually stayed in there before for ACEN (Anime Convention) a few years ago. It is a very nice hotel.

20170901_185516Conference schedule and special guest speakers. Our pastor, Steve Munsey, was one of the guest speakers.

20170901_185716Before the choir got on stage to sing, we decided to look around and check out some stuff.

20170901_193853After our performance, we took a peek at some stuff, from Israel, and other countries.



20170901_194135“Jesus, you are great. You do miracles. So great”.

20170901_194927We actually had a chance to hear Morris Ceurrlo and one of the speakers, John Francis, speak. It was a wonderful experience.



20170901_214158After we left, we went to Giordano’s.

20170901_214621We sat on the balcony, but it was chilly. Sadly, we didn’t stay long, and decided to head someplace else to eat.

20170901_220118We stopped at a ton of restaurants. Some went to Culver’s, others went to Steak and Shake. Raquel, Ebony, Shani, Crystal, and I decided to try this pizza place called Little Angelo’s. The food was great! I highly recommend trying their food out, especially the pizza! A few of the youth praisers went there as well, so it was indeed fun!

20170901_225415After we ate , we went to Cold Stone Creamery. Being my very first time here, their ice cream is yummy, but kinda expensive.



20170901_225546I had this: Confetti Cupcake ice cream. It was too yummy!

20170901_230147Last picture: Me and the girls before we went back to the bus to head home. I had a blast with them!

After we had our fill with food and ice cream, the choir and I went back home. We didn’t leave Rosemont until close to 11:15-11:30-ish. Everyone was tuckered out. Most of them went to sleep on the way back. I gotta admit, the ride back home was soothing. I almost dozed off a few times. Raquel, Ebony, Shani, Crystal, and I didn’t get back home until close to 12:30-12:45. All in all, I had a blast. The conference was wonderful, and the trip was amazing!

What an amazing day to start off September.

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Traveling Escape: The Money Museum

These past few weeks have been nonstop crazy (In a bad way…), especially the past week. I had to deal with my anxieties, plus deal with major family issues (This also added to my anxiety attack as well. I hate it.. I really hate it). Thankfully I’ve been getting a break from it all (For a tiny bit, but family issues remain. It hasn’t really worried me as much, cause a. I got God on my side, and b. I know she’ll be fine. She’ll get better soon) by relaxing and spending some time with my babe and choir family. Speaking of which, there’s a conference in Chicago that I’ll be singing in along with the church choir this Friday, so I’m preparing for that starting tomorrow. I’ll sure to get pictures that day.

Speaking of Chicago, I actually went there yesterday to clear my head, and to check out this Money Museum that’s in LaSalle.

20170829_094053Cupcake Frappuccino… I recommend anyone to try it. It tastes like a cupcake.

20170829_112226After two hours of preparing to go downtown, I decided to go ahead and head to the train station in Harvey. When I got there, I was kinda shocked to find out that one half of the ticket machine (That you can only pay with cash and coins) was gone. They do charge more if you don’t have your ticket with you when you get on the train (I think $5 more), unless you tell the conductor on board that they ticket machine is out of order, or if there’s no ticket machine. Also, I almost missed the train, but they were running a few minutes late, so that was a sigh of relief.

20170829_112613This is only one of two trains near me that I take whenever I go downtown. Oh, and did I mention that they increased the parking rate in this station to $1.50 instead of $1? Yea… I decided to go ahead and find out about it before boarding the train. Thankfully I did just that two hours in advance. Oh, and they took out the old parking rate machine too. They installed a new one, so it’s pretty cool. I’m still kinda mad that they took down the old cash and coin ticket machines. They only ones they have left are the ones that you can pay with a credit card. Oh well…


20170829_113409..and off we go, to downtown Chicago!

20170829_114406With my music right beside me. Next stop: Van Buren St.


20170829_120319I made it, hooray…! Next stop: The Chicago Fed Money Museum.

20170829_122145Next to living here, my other dream is to work at a financial company in downtown Chicago, whether it be the CBOE (Chicago Board of Exchange), or the CME Group… I’m still bound and determined to make it happen.

20170829_121526Oh, and I found this too along the way. I really wanna try it!

20170829_122458The museum was right across the way.

20170829_122541Finally… and luckily, it’s not too far from the Van Buren Street train station.. most likely down the street from there.

20170829_122628When I first got in, the security guard guided me in. She was very nice and helpful!

20170829_122825Look at all of these coins! The tour guide told me and the other guests that there’s at least $50K+coins under there. Also, this used to be an elevator too.







20170829_125204Oh, and I got this shredded money packet as a souvenir (Also, I didn’t know that Cube of Cash was in the background until after I took this picture)!


20170829_125316I used that as an example.


They do like a 45 minute (?) tour every Monday-Friday at 1 p.m. I gotta say, it was very nice.

20170829_133830You can actually take a picture with this as well. I didn’t do so, cause I wanted to take it with my friend(s) and/or babe.

20170829_133953I gotta say, this was very awesome to go to! I highly recommend taking a tour through this museum if you’re in downtown! It’s free as well!

After the tour (I kinda stayed a bit, cause it started to rain), I just went on out and walked around.. took some pictures, and cleared my head. I needed it.


20170829_140642It’s still called the Sears Tower to me!






My phone was almost dead due to low battery, so I decided to head home. All in all, it was a much needed deserving trip, and I’m glad that I finally went to go see the Money Museum for the very first time. I’ll be back there again.. hopefully soon.

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Otaku Hobbies

A few weeks ago, I actually went to this comic book store called Otaku Hobbies in Indiana. Let’s just say that I would highly recommend going there again. In fact, there’s a huge event going on between September 8-10, so if you’re an anime, video game fan, or just love comic books in general, I highly suggest you go check it out!

20170712_110149I actually went with one of my best friends, and it started to rain once we got there.



20170712_110453Toon Link, Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Samus Amiibo (That Samus Amiibo is one of rare ones, so I ended up grabbing it. I’ve been wanting it for the longest!!)



20170712_110853I wanted to get Touré this Reaper figurine, since that’s one of his favorite characters from Overwatch. I couldn’t though, cause it was so gosh darn expensive… sadness. 😦




20170712_112032I also wanted this Chun Li figurine too, since she’s one of my favorite characters from the Street Fighter games. Maybe next time…

20170712_112034Ken figurine!!


20170712_112051*Insert how bad I want this…*




20170712_112728Pokémon trading cards!! I need to start collecting them again.. I haven’t done so since I was a kid…

20170712_112802My best friend and I wanted this poster so bad.., but it wasn’t for sale. Double sadness… 😦

Anyway, I had a blast at that store! The only reason why I didn’t do a post of this sooner, was cause I’ve been going through some stuff, and dealing with my chronic anxiety for the past few weeks. I also had a few anxiety attacks a few days ago, which is why I haven’t been blogging on here and my other ones as usual. However, I have found new ways of dealing and overcoming anxiety, so that will be on the next blog post.

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Final Day of Carson’s Clearance Center

Yet, another store near me has been shut down. Shame, cause I was really looking forward to getting another black velvet (or suede) dress for church too..






20170109_142248At least I got this skirt for only $1.50.

Well, the only other two stores that I can go to are in Aurora and Morton Grove (If I’m correct). I’ll visit them one day, hopefully this summer.

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School’s Dean List


Well… I would’ve never thought that I would be on it, but I’m officially on the Dean’s List at my college.. no joke. I’m shocked as well…

That’s basically how I was throughout the night when I was working tonight (I did had my work face going though). Even my Mum was proud of me. In fact, she was so proud, she told the  entire family! Of course, they were excited and proud of me.

Still.. I’m still shocked over this unexpected news. I hope I can keep it up throughout the fall and spring semesters. We’ll see… now off to bed.. and get ready to finish some stuff for the upcoming semester.

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Job Interview at the Danger Zone

Yesterday I was supposed to post my thoughts and reactions to going to The Squared Circle in Chicago, but… I unexpectedly got a phone call from the district manager from this currency exchange in Lansing, and guess what it was for? A job interview! Holy crap, a job interview… I gotta prepare myself! It was for Tuesday (Today), at 11:30 in the morning. So she gave me the address (South ***** ***, in Chicago), and at first I was totally prepared, cause I get to go to Chicago again, but then when I looked into the address, my worst fears have been realized: It’s located on the south side of Chicago. O_o

I really don’t like to travel there, cause of the dangers that occur there (West side is just as worse), but… I had to go there. Everyone wished me luck on my interview, but I was feeling very nervous about it.

So this morning, I went on to get information about the company, set the GPS, and I was on my way to the south side of Chicago: The danger zone. I won’t say much, except that the interview went really well. As far as being on the south side, I can say it’s not safe. It looks like any other city during the day, but don’t be fooled, and don’t let your guard down. It’s still a bad place to be at.

I was nervous on the inside, but I was prepared.. prepared, calmed, and cool. The interview went well thought, I gotta say. The district manager told me that she was gonna call me by no later than this week. I hope I get the job though.. I hope.

I’ll post pictures of The Squared Circle tomorrow. For now… I gotta rest and calm down, cause all of this excitement over getting a possible new job is getting me hyped up.

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January 2015: Month of the Closings

002Aww.. 😦 really?? Calumet City is gone downhill.

030Whoa! This mall looks like a ghost mall… it’s abandoned, almost!

I would’ve shown a third picture of Fuddruckers being closed down in Calumet City, but I didn’t get a picture of that just yet. Now, what do those two photos have in common? I would like to call it January 2015: Month of the Closings.

I’ve been wanting to get this post up on my personal blog for the longest. The second picture with the mall is a preview of my project that I did almost two months ago. I haven’t given a name for it yet, nor have I edited the photos, but this month I will have the pictures up on my photography blog. Once that’s up, I’ll post the link on this post. You’ll see!

Now, how come I decided to name this month the Month of the Closings? Well last week when I was at Target by my house, I notice something odd: It looked like the store was bout to shut down, or move to another location.. or better yet, the shoppers there did their job of emptying up the store to make it look like the store was shutting down. Well, it turns out that my worse fears have been realized: Target in Calumet City is shutting down for good.

I asked an associate who works there what was going on, and of course, she said it herself: “This Target is shutting down. …Some of (the employees who are working here) are either getting transferred to another store or are ending up getting laid off.” Thankfully, she is getting transferred to another store. I really feel sorry for those who are getting let go from that store. The reason for that is from the associate told me, is that the two nearby stores, one in Indiana and the other on in Homewood, are getting really full, so for those who are being transferred to the other stores, thank your lucky stars. To those who are getting laid off, I feel so sorry for you, all of you. The other reason is the Target data breach that happened over the holiday season last year. Apparently, that breach hit this store (By my house) very hard, so hard, that it’s being forced to shut down for good.

So basically the coupon that I got from shopping there last week is actually a coupon good for one of the two locations that is posted on that paper (See the first picture at the beginning of the post).

Now, the second picture is actually the remains of the.. I believe now closed down.. Lincoln Mall in Matteson. Like I said before, this picture was taken almost two months ago. Lawrence and I actually went to Matteson to see the mall one last time, before they shut down for good. This is just one of the many pics that I took on that day. You can see the rest of the pictures on my photography blog.. once I finish editing em and putting em on there, of course.

Now, the picture that I didn’t get, was actually a restaurant (Called Fuddruckers) that I went to when I was a kid.., but in different locations, including the one that shut down on the same week (Or last week) that I found out that Target was closing down. I found out about it’s unfortunate closing last week. I wish I would’ve went there one last time, had I know that it was gonna close down early this month.

Sometime this year, I’m gonna do a special project of all of the stores that have shut down in the city that I’m living in, that are still standing. There are some buildings that were booming when I was a kid, but now stand empty and abandoned. I will let you guys know when that project will take place.

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Proper Grammar 101

*This proper grammar lesson applies to the English language, but other languages may vary.*

Two days ago, I was on Facebook.., you know, just to look at my news feed, just out of boredom. Suddenly, I read one of my friend’s statuses about this slang, ‘THOT’. Now, I have heard of this word over and over again, and I never even bother to figure out what the heck did it mean… nor would I ever, cause I don’t follow today’s slang. Anyway, looking through the comments, I soon realize that the slang ‘THOT’ isn’t even a whole word…, it’s suppose to be an abbreviated word! Ohh boy, my initial thoughts were this: “I’m so glad that I don’t follow today’s slang”. You guys won’t believe what the slang ‘THOT’ is abbreviated for: “That hoe over there”. I kid you not, that’s what it stands for. Now I clearly understand why I don’t follow today’s slang: Because it’s full of crap!

You know what really irks me about that though? It’s not even abbreviated! If a person wants to follow a word, or perhaps create a new slang word that’s gonna be abbreviated, can he/she at least put some freakin periods after the letters that’s gonna be abbreviated?! I mean seriously, if the slang word ‘THOT’ is abbreviated, should it be ‘T.H.O.T’, not ‘THOT’? Now people will be writing, texting, or typing that word to other people, thinking that it’s just one word, when in reality, it’s actually abbreviated!

Now, the slang word ‘THOT’, or ‘T.H.O.T’ in proper grammar, might actually be one word, or it may be abbreviated, but the person who actually commented on that status actually said that it’s abbreviated, so who knows. I thought it was just one word, but it might be abbreviated, it might not. I’m gonna assume that it’s suppose to be abbreviated, okay?

Speaking of which, this world needs to learn proper grammar, because today’s English is seriously going down the drain. Pretty soon, by 2020 or by 2030 (If we’re alive by that time), the English language may be, or will be dead.. slang will be the new English, for all I know. I say it’s time to educate people on proper grammar now, before it’s too late…, like seriously. I’m slowly becoming a grammar Nazi, just because of what’s happening with today’s English language. I know I’m not perfect when it comes to the ‘rules of the English language’, I mess up on grammar as well at times, but hey… I’m slowly improving on it.

So here are the basic grammar rules for all of those who needs a lesson on grammar:

998006_10153005694070403_863222918_n*TAKEN FROM FACEBOOK*

There are lots more, but this is just a mere example. So, what’s the lesson here? That it’s not that freakin hard to learn and master basic grammar, isn’t it? Not at all. Maybe next time I’ll teach you all about fragment, run-on sentences, and whatnot.

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Mini Notebook, Away!!

So my friend’s out of the hospital from that car crash I told you guys about, I’m really happy bout that!

In other news, I’m on here via my mini notebook! I completely forgot bout that notebook, but my Mum’s friend was gonna give me $100 for it, but I guess he doesn’t want it now, so I might as well use it for travels. I can also use it for my school studies!! 😀

My gosh! For a while, I was gonna buy a new notebook for school and business, but I remember that I have this little HP notebook that I got from Verizon a few years ago!! Perfect!! 😀 now my search is complete.

What’s even good is that now I won’t have to use my other laptop to carry me round whenever I got to Starbucks! This mini HP (This is what I’m gonna call my notebook from now on, Mini HP. So when you see me write bout Mini HP, then just know that its my mini notebook) will be perfect for when I wanna carry a computer with me someplace.

Not to worry though. I won’t abandon my other laptop. I’m gonna use that for my games and whatnot.

Only problem bout this Mini HP: It only has bout 1 GB, so if I play a game on here, then chances are it’s not gonna work well on here. Trust me, I know.

Oh ya, how I’m feeling you might ask? I’m doing okay. Taking things one at a time. I am happy that things are slowly returning to normal… sorta. At least I still have my Mini HP with me. I’m gonna be doing some system updates on here right bout now. In the meantine, while that’s going on, I might as well delete my school account on my other computer, since this HP is gonna be where I’ll use my school and business stuff on.

P.S., the mouse pad’s somewhat sensitive, but it works 95% of the time.