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Otaku Hobbies

A few weeks ago, I actually went to this comic book store called Otaku Hobbies in Indiana. Let’s just say that I would highly recommend going there again. In fact, there’s a huge event going on between September 8-10, so if you’re an anime, video game fan, or just love comic books in general, I highly suggest you go check it out!

20170712_110149I actually went with one of my best friends, and it started to rain once we got there.



20170712_110453Toon Link, Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Samus Amiibo (That Samus Amiibo is one of rare ones, so I ended up grabbing it. I’ve been wanting it for the longest!!)



20170712_110853I wanted to get Touré this Reaper figurine, since that’s one of his favorite characters from Overwatch. I couldn’t though, cause it was so gosh darn expensive… sadness. 😦




20170712_112032I also wanted this Chun Li figurine too, since she’s one of my favorite characters from the Street Fighter games. Maybe next time…

20170712_112034Ken figurine!!


20170712_112051*Insert how bad I want this…*




20170712_112728Pokémon trading cards!! I need to start collecting them again.. I haven’t done so since I was a kid…

20170712_112802My best friend and I wanted this poster so bad.., but it wasn’t for sale. Double sadness… 😦

Anyway, I had a blast at that store! The only reason why I didn’t do a post of this sooner, was cause I’ve been going through some stuff, and dealing with my chronic anxiety for the past few weeks. I also had a few anxiety attacks a few days ago, which is why I haven’t been blogging on here and my other ones as usual. However, I have found new ways of dealing and overcoming anxiety, so that will be on the next blog post.

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Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I… I totally forgot about it until I saw my friend’s post about it on Facebook. So… after I realized it, I quickly looked up comic book stores in my area (Sadly the one near my house shut down last year or two… I can’t remember though). Turns out, the nearest one is just about no more than 20 minutes from me. I decided to go ahead and went to the shop. Here’s how it all turned out:

20170506_164541I seriously wanted to enjoy this day, since it always comes around the first Saturday of May. Also, this was my first time in a VERY long time since I went to a comic book (The last time I went there was when I was a kid).

20170506_164550I highly recommend this comic book store if you’re at or near Homewood.




20170506_164810Free comic books galore!




20170506_170056Ah, the original Teen Titans. I’ll take them over the new Teen Titans any day.


20170506_170742There was a photographer that wanted to take pictures for the Homewood and Flossmoor Chronicles. This guy was part of it. Also, I’m (Along with several others) part of the paper! It was weird (..but awesome), cause it just went from a conversation about me doing photography as a hobby, to being part of the local town paper! I was actually excited about it, and still am!




20170506_171451They were a special guest at the comic book store.




20170506_171621Last picture that I took before I went to this park nearby and went home to prepare for church in the morning. It was fun stopping by there, and I also made a new friend too! Next year, I’m bringing my baby with me.

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My Relaxing Escape: Barnes and Noble

Ahh, Barnes and Noble.. the one place (Aside from different cafés, Starbucks, Downtown Chicago, and any arcade place) that I can relax and escape from all of the stresses in life. It’s also where I can come to check out all of the books and stuff that they sell, as well.

20170223_122055Being a huge gaming/anime/manga fan, this is the one place (Aside from comic book stores, and whatever places they sell em at), that I come to check out and read all of the latest manga from. I couldn’t believe that one of my favorite horror game has a manga out!! Let’s just say I was so stoked as I was reading it, lol.


20170223_122853The views from Barnes and Noble. The closest one to me was in Orland Park, near Orland Square Mall. That’s the one I usually go to, when I’m not in downtown Chicago.

20170223_151241Sadly, I had to leave, cause it was almost time for choir rehearsals, and I needed to get back home (It’s about 30 minutes from my house). I decided to buy two books for now, and two bookmarks. Being a huge book nerd.. it was all worth it.

Hopefully I can finish up A Midsummer Night’s Dream within the next week or two, so I can get started on The Canterbury Tales (Which I haven’t read since high school… man, I kinda feel old, heh).

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Productive Job Application Day


So Lawrence and I decided to check out some stores to see if they are hiring. While we went there, we decided to check out this thrift store. While we were there, I found this bag (See above) for $1.49! I brought it, cause it was perfect for me.

009They also sell vinyl records.

010 After we left the thrift store, we stopped by Barnes & Noble. This is the view from the 2nd floor.

011I found this book, and this made me laugh hard. I so want to get this book, lol!

012One of the weirdest pizza combos that I ever seen: Cheese pizza with onions and pickles. He says that it’s good, but I kinda disagree.

013Us after eating and getting ready to check out Macy’s after the mall is closed, lol.

014While we were in Macy’s (..and finding out if they were hiring), we decided to check out the store, and while we were checking out the mattress section.. I found this: A 22 piece bedroom ensemble. I have never seen a 22 piece bedroom ensemble before. The largest bed piece that I found was a 16 piece, and that was at my job!

015 016017Orland Square Mall after dark.

So after we came from the mall, we actually went to a few more stores to see if they were hiring. It turns out that most were and a few of em were not. Things look positive for us! Tomorrow we’re gonna fill out the job applications and return em back in Orland Park.

Wish us luck!

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Happy National Library Week!









Go out with your children, spouse, or whomever to the library for National Library Week and get your reading on!!

*Note: The books that you see here, I actually skimmed and read through yesterday. They’re actually the types of books that I love to read: Manga, comic, finance, and.. well…, books that talk about the infamous genocides that happened in the world during the 19th or so century, and during the war (World War I and II), and the death penalty. I actually like reading those types of books (Genocide, death penalties, finance, and whatnot), to help me gain knowledge about how it all took place and whatnot.*