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Traveling Through Lake Shore Drive and North Side

Even though it was my plan, I still wanna thank my soul mate for driving me to and from his house. I must say, it was a bit of a breather being a passenger instead of driving round Chicago for once. Now I can show all of you readers the places that I come across every time I take this route to his house.


Sometimes Google Maps bring me to this route if the usual route that I go to gets backed up for minutes on hand. Also, most of the time whenever I take Lake Shore Drive home, it always tells me to take the route (I-55 towards St. Louis, which leads to I-94), which is always backed up during rush hour traffic. I usually skip that and take Stony Island on home.. or I-90/94 if traffic is either fast enough, or better than taking this route.

20170303_120121Lake Shore Drive route

20170303_120126You can actually see the lakefront from here.

20170303_121623Welcome to North Park, home to North Park University. This is the North side, by the way.

20170303_121630This is one of the (possibly) many locations of the CTA garage. I know there’s one on 95th street on the South Side (Haven’t been there since I was a kid. I would check it out, but considering how dangerous the South Side is.. I wouldn’t risk going there). I’m not sure where the other locations are, but I’ll check it out.

20170303_192638Lake Shore Drive at night

20170303_192658Sorry if the pictures seem blurry. I took them on the way home.





20170303_193101Another one of the many reasons why I love traveling downtown at night.. and also Lake Shore Drive.


20170303_193214Navy Pier





20170303_193507See you in a few weeks, Chicago…



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