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New Year’s Resolution List: Time to Stick With It

  • “Getting out of debt.
  • Achieving my weight goal.
  • Moving to a new city/state/country.
  • Going back to school.
  • Getting my life back on track.
  • Moving out of my parents’ home”.

…and on, and on.

I’m more than likely sure that these are almost everyone’s goals (..and more) for 2017. Oh, and I know that I’m late, but happy New Year! I really hope everyone had a great new year! As for me, it was great.. went to church with my Mum and soul mate on New Year’s Eve, and went out to eat on New Year’s Day.

Yes, it’s also time (or been time, since I’m like…, 10 days late into the New Year to post this blog post) for the annual New Year’s Resolution list!

For starters, I just wanted to say I’m really hoping that 2017 will be the year that I will accomplish everything on my list. Last year… I kinda accomplished a few things, but most of them were put off, cause I procrastinated A LOT, and also due to situations that were out of my league. However, some of the things on my list will finally come to an end this year, and others… will be set in place and more than likely, accomplished, whether it be this, next, or the following year.

Anyway, I have a lot on my resolutions list, but I’ll talk about the top five that I want to start and/or accomplish this year. Feel free to talk about your top five (or more) in the comments section! 🙂

1. Getting out of debt (..and raising my credit score)

Almost everyone whose into some sort of debt has this goal. Like me, they want to become debt free, so they can have a happy, stress-free life for themselves and their family. I want to become debt free, so I can get my credit score up (That’s also number one on my resolution list) to buy a house (I know in the past I said that I wanted to move into an apartment, but I found out that it’s much more affordable to buy than to rent these days. Also, Touré and I were talking bout it months ago, and we agreed to go with a house instead of an apartment), and other things that would be necessary to buy or rent, that would require a good credit score.

For those who don’t know, or are new to credit scores and whatnot, a credit score of 700+ would be considered good enough to rent an apartment, buy a house, getting a car loan, ect. If your score is between say… 650-699 (I know it’s possibly incorrect, but I’m just going off of the top of my head. I forgot what score it is to be considered “decent” to lenders and whatnot), then you could possibly get away with it, but in some situations:

  • You’re more than likely gonna have to find a co-signer in order to even rent an apartment
  • Pay a higher interest on a credit card, loan, or a car if you’re leasing or paying a car note
  • ..or end up paying a higher percent on a fixed-rate, ARM (Adjustable rate mortgage), or even a jumbo mortgage (I’m still learning more about these types of mortgages and steps to becoming a homeowner, so I may or may not be correct about that).

It would not be a good idea to apply for mortgages, or try to look for an apartment, or even apply for most credit cards, loans, or even a car (New or used, probably) if your credit score is less than say.. 650. You could get a credit card, however, your credit limit won’t be as high as you would want. That said, if you’re starting out, and want to get a high credit score for when you say.. get your dream job (Yes, your credit score does affect you getting a good job), a house (Like me), an apartment, ect., then start out applying for a credit card and whatnot. Be sure to not apply for too many at once.. it will lower your credit score and you will get marks on it too.

…Okay, I’m getting off topic here. Back to my list.

2. Getting a full time job

With my current situation of working part time at a retail store (Yes, working part time can be good, but if you’re trying to earn more income, so you can start building your emergency savings, retirement, or getting out of debt, then it can be bad), the chances of having enough money to pay bills, getting debt down, and still have money leftover to possibly spend (That’s another one on my resolutions list, is to stop spending money on wants) are slim to none. That’s why I’m starting back my job hunt, so I can finally start working full time, and I can start paying off my debt, saving money to invest, put away in savings, and ultimately, so Touré and I can finally move into our first home. Which brings to:

3. Saving money to become a first-time homeowner

Once I get a full time job, I can start saving up for a new home. My ultimate goal is to move out by no later than the end of 2018, early 2019 (If we don’t have enough money to move into a new home by next year, then it’ll be the following year. I hope it’ll be next year, though). I did a lot of research on which locations that we could move to (Based on crime rate and housing), and so far, I found eight places that we could move to (It would’ve been 10, but two of them had tons of houses that were way above our price range, and we’re don’t want to move into a condo… “yet”):

  • South Holland
  • Lyons
  • Hometown
  • Homewood
  • Worth
  • Merrionette Park
  • Bolingbrook
  • …and finally, Oak Forest. Yes, these cities are considered to have low crime rates, based on Areavibes. You can check it out (..and also see where your city or neighborhood stands on the list) on

I really want to move close to Chicago (Like say… 15-30 minutes away, at the least. There are a few places that I mentioned above that are close to it), but we might have to stay close to family and friends. Who knows.. we have until the end of next year to really think about it.

4. Going back to school

Originally, I was supposed to go back to school next month, but I procrastinated on getting the paperwork and transcripts done (Also, I’m strongly considering going back by this fall, so I can start finding a full time job at the moment), and like I said before, there were certain situations that were out of my control. I’m gonna get it done as soon as I can.. and as soon as I have the money to get the transcripts.

..and yes, I will stop procrastinating as well this year. Last, but not least:

5. Start investing

Once I get number two out of the way, it’ll connect with my final important goal on my resolutions list, which is to start investing. If I can start before or by the end of this summer, then my goals will be falling into place sooner than expected.

It’s time to get 2017 started on the right track!


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