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Reliving Childhood Memories: Downey Park




This week, while I was very busy working my butt off, I finally had a day off. So Tuesday, I decided to check out this old park that I used to go to as a a kid. That park is called Downey Park. A few of the photos that I posted from above is just a few of the several photos that I took that day.


Before, there were all metal slides, a wobbly merry-go-round (Well, the last time that I was on it), and a tire swing. Now, some of the metal slides were replaced with plastic ones, and the tire swing and merry-go-round is gone. They replaced the tire swing with this:


They also added a walkway for people who like to walk their dogs along the way and for those who like to walk for exercise. Plus, a few fitness equipment as well:



Now, some spots haven’t changed a bit, like this:


There is a baseball field straight ahead, along with some apartments. There is also a tennis and basketball court as soon as you enter the park.

20160524_110252A few of the metal slides still remain.

20160524_110319This part is new


The swings still remain


So are the baby swings.


More small metal swings… Brings back memories.


That’s where the merry-go-round used to be.., but they took it down.


There’s the center that my friends and I always go to whenever we want to get some water after playing our butts off. There are two more fountain waters that are there, but one of em is broken. Sometimes the water was better to drink inside the center than outside.

Well…, that was one of the parks that I went to as a kid. It was so good to be back there. Maybe one day soon, I can head there and play there and try some of the fitness equipment there. Next week, I’m gonna head to another park that I went to as a kid, and where I spent my summer at for a few years.



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