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Christmas 2015

Happy Holidays everyone!!

…Oh wait, is the holiday season over?



Well… I survived 5 straight years of the crazy holiday season at my job, and not only that, a bunch of good (and unbelievable luck) has happened to me in the past 4 days. I received a bunch of presents this Christmas as well.. and to tell the truth, this Christmas is actually the best one that I ever had.

Christmas Eve at work was just stressful. Absolute last minute purchases from people and the fact that I had to work 8 hours that day.. yea, it just put a major stress on me (Not to mention that I worked 9 straight days, including Christmas Eve, mostly 38-40 hours those two weeks. Talk about highly irritating and tiring!). Well, I got out at 6:38 that night, and proceeded to go to the store (Not knowing that they closed early Christmas Eve, but I didn’t know that they closed THAT early, like at 8 p.m.), picked up Touré from the train station (He was staying through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Saturday), got some dinner, and went back to the house.

20151225_080808This was our tree.. so many presents.. so many presents!

Mum and I hosted our first Christmas party, so of course my cousins, their fiancés, and a few of my cousin’s fiancé’s children (and his girlfriend), and my aunt came by. Touré and I were nervous, due to the fact that none of my family has ever met him before, but it turned out that everyone really liked him.. a lot! That made our day.

20151225_155615Both of us on Christmas Day. We had a total blast.

20151225_155155Oh, and did I mention that we got some awesome presents??

20151225_161622I got a PS4 (With Star Wars Battlefront bundle)

20151225_161311A PS4 headset, bows (Touré gave me bows), a small box full of candy (One of my supervisors gave me the candy)

20151225_161441Gift cards, a duel USB car charger, and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land game from my aunt


20151225_161656Touré gave me the chest, and I got him the Star Wars calendar

20151225_163310He also gave me 3 Metallica CDs.., and I sure love Metallica!

20151225_200202His coworkers Lauren and Grant gave me this snake ring and this bracelet.. made from guitar strings. I also got a Starbucks mug as well from my cousin’s fiancé.

20151225_161500Touré’s coworkers and my aunt gave him these.

20151225_161514In addition to the Star Wars calendar, I also brought him Legend of Zelda socks

20151225_161524The LoZ hat, and shirts (I got him Metallica and the Playstation shirt. Mum got him the Star Wars shirt and pajama pants).

20151225_163332These pajama pants.

What could make this 3-day Christmas day (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) even better? Seeing the Star Wars movie!!

20151226_110935We saw it that Saturday before he left for home and before I left for work. I gotta admit, it was really good. I would def see it again!

Things are starting to look better for Touré and I.. now the next thing that we’re gonna do is to celebrate New Year’s Eve together.. we’re more than likely gonna go to downtown Chicago and check out the New Year’s Eve bash there. It’s gonna be one heck of a great time, if we decide to go there. Either way, we’re gonna start 2016 with a bang!

I really hope everyone had a great Christmas this year, and have a happy New Year to you all!



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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