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Kodzo and Takeda

Friday afternoons/evenings.. mostly the only day during the week (Unless I have most of the morning/afternoon or day off on the weekend) where I can spend time with the love of my life, Touré, either at my house or his house. I really don’t mind the drive to the north side of Chicago. In fact, despite the traffic (Due to most road construction and typical rush hour traffic, depending on what time you plan to go to or leave Chicago, especially downtown. It’s best to go during the wee hours of the morning, like at 4, 5, maybe even 6 in the morning, or late at night, like at 11 or close to midnight), it’s actually soothing to me, seeing how beautiful the skyline is at night (If the sky is clear, that is), and add the nighttime jazz music… yea, it’s very soothing (If you are patient and not let traffic get to you—like me—that is).

Anyway, last Friday afternoon (Today is Sunday, December 6, and I do count Sundays as the start of a new week), Touré and I decided to hang out as soon as we got off from work (I got off at 4 and he gets off at 5, but because my job and his job is about 40 minutes-almost an hour between each other, depending on traffic, since he works on the west side, and I work down south (I.E. 394, down to Will county almost), it became a waiting game for him, since I had to pick him up from his job. I got there 16 minutes after he got out, due to being stuck in rush hour traffic). We decided to head to his house and to grab something to eat, since we didn’t eat since breakfast.

Once we got to his house (He was tired, and I was severely stressing out due to unexpected bad news that I realized and such. I talked to his Mum about what was going on with me, and she basically gave me some advice and hugged me, which calmed me down), we ate, and went to some stores with his Mum. She brought me a little bracelet (Sparkly, colorful flowers), and I brought some more flare jeans. Touré brought a Hulkbuster figure from Disney Infinity, a hard drive storage for his computer, and a game (Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes). What did I take home with me? A bracelet, some jeans, and a little teddy bear that his Mum brought for him before he was born, that he wanted to give to me out of complete surprise:

20151205_234741Everyone, I’m sure you’ve all met Kodzo (The red dog that I got from my soulmate and his Mum for my birthday), but… meet this little teddy bear, Takeda. I named him Takeda, cause he’s actually one of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters (Next to.. oh say, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Baraka, Princess Kitana, Raiden, ect…). This is the first teddy bear that my soulmate has, before he was born. He decided to give it to me last Friday. I thought it was very, very sweet of him to do that, and with that said, it just not only made me smile extra hard, but it also made me cry on the inside, cause he’s the very first guy that would give him something that is so valuable to him all throughout his life. That made me extremely happy (and it (Along with him) made my stress go away completely).

Mum thought that it was so sweet of him to do that.. she couldn’t stop talking about it for hours at a time. Yea, on the inside, I couldn’t stop blushing and thanking God for having Touré being in my life.. and as my boyfriend). I didn’t wanna leave home, but I had to that night, cause I had to work the next day (Yesterday).

It’s time for me to get some sleep.. Christmas Eve and Day 2015 is gonna be one of the best Christmases in years.. if not, ever! I want it to come so bad.., but I must be patient. Oh well.. off to bed.



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