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Starting the Holiday Season: Double Whammy Style

Finally… I can rest from what I can say was the worst, most tiring, craziest week ever in my five years of working in retail. Why? Well for one, my anxiety occurred for not one, but four straight days in a freakin row!! Oh, and guess what else came on Black Friday? The freakin curse (A.K.A. Code Red for those who know what that means. If not, then I’ll tell ya: Aunt Flo!)!! So, for me.. guess what that means when the curse comes to life: Anemia symptoms.

For those who haven’t read my past blog post about my anemic life, or if you readers and/or viewers are new to my blog, then now is a good time to tell all of ya something: I am anemic.. iron-deficiency anemic, as a matter of fact.

Before ‘the curse’ comes (..and this part is a bit of TMI, I know, but lemme say this: Before, the 2nd and 3rd days are usually the heaviest for me. Now, it’s the 1st-3rd day (Depending on how early or late the curse comes to make me suffer)), 95% of the time, I either get extremely fatigued (Which happens a few days to a week before it begins), or have a constant taste for chocolate. Then, when it begins, so does the anemia symptoms. To me, I get fatigued, headaches, nausea (Yes, that actually happened to me today while I was at work), dizziness, and so on. It usually happens between the 3rd and 4th days, and sometimes on the 1st and 2nd days. So yea, it sucks to be anemic.

Right now, as I am writing on here (..and listening to Tonight the World Dies by Avenged Sevenfold. I love the band and the songs, and this song (Along with 2 others) always gets me emotional), I’m resting and preparing for the final two weeks of school. Earlier today at work, I was feeling really fatigued, really cold, a bit nauseated, and also suffered from a headache that didn’t subside until an hour ago. It was all due to blood loss.. globs of blood loss, I might add (It happened to me yesterday at work, as well. Worst and longest 6 hours ever). I rested when I got home early this morning and when I got home at round 6:20 p.m.

Alright, enough of the anemic talk. I know all of you readers/viewers are wondering about my anxiety, and how I actually suffered from it. Well, to tell the truth, I actually suffered from it when I was a kid. It’s a bit too long to explain what truly caused it, but let’s just say that because I got picked on back in grade school (Me usually being the shy and quiet person that I was when I was a kid, and now.. although I’m not shy anymore, but I do become quiet at times), being afraid of what my friends would say if I told them why I couldn’t do stuff that the parent didn’t want me to do or go (Like go to the Taste of Chicago), and habits that I developed (Such as biting my cheek, my nails off, or the skin of my bottom lip, which are all anxiety habits, I learned bout a few weeks ago), I learned that I actually suffer from minor anxiety.

Now, for the question that I’m probably gonna get: Do you or have you ever suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? The answer is only once. Other than that, I’ve never suffered from any anxiety or panic attacks all throughout my life. The good news is that I’m slowly, but surely overcoming my anxiety (Both minor and relationship, which yes.. one can have relationship anxiety. Believe me, I suffer from it, but I’m overcoming that as well). Also, as of this summer of this year, I am no longer depressed.. yay me!

Hey, if I can overcome that, then I can totally overcome the other problem. It’s not gonna be easy, but I can and will get through it. Right now, to help with my anxiety, I usually do one of several things (Which would help too for those who suffer from it. Give it a try!):

1. Listen to music (It helps out A LOT, especially nighttime jazz, rock, and heavy metal).

2. Travel to wherever your heart desires, or take a walk and enjoy the outdoors (Another way that I relieve my anxiety is I usually add listening to nighttime jazz and walking around downtown Chicago (Either in the day or night.. mainly at night) by myself. It works wonders for me).

3. Talk to someone. I usually talk to my brothers, sisters, or my baby whenever my anxiety rises (I don’t like telling people my problems, cause I fear that they may use it against me, but just talking to someone about it really does help). They understand and try to help calm me down. Now I found another motivation to help me overcome it: My brothers, sisters, and of course, Touré.

4. Writing down or drawing my thoughts (Although I should be writing em down more often, I’m getting into the habit of it, but it helps).

5. Find a coloring book and just.. color (I heard it really helps with anxiety, but I have yet to try it. I’m gonna buy a coloring book and see how it goes).

6. Singing and dancing (It, too, also helps)

Finally, 6. Video games (It also helps out A LOT. I usually play Metroid, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Kirby’s Dream collection, Pokémon, and other video games either by myself or with Touré).

I gotta say this again, this year’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday was a double whammy for me, and it was not good at all. I’m just glad that after working 6 straight days in a row, I can finally rest. Whoa, look at the time, it’s 7 minutes to midnight! Now I must be getting to sleep. Gotta prepare for school tomorrow.


It’s almost time to say goodbye 2015.. and hello to 2016.



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