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Chicago, Bowling, and Laughs

Yesterday my babe, brothers, and friends were celebrating Josh’s birthday at Pinstripes! It was my first time going there, and boy was it fun!

20151016_171059I got to downtown Chicago in the afternoon, trying to figure out how to get to Pinstripes. Thankfully two security guards showed me the way.

20151016_171103Walking through the Lurel Gardens. I want to walk there with Tourè very soon.. I think it’ll be a great trip for a date.

20151016_171745Typical rush hour traffic, since it was after 5 when I took it.

20151016_175102Once I got to Pinstripes, I saw my little brother, Shawn! A few minutes after we hung out, we met up with Nick and Tourè. Of course, we were the only ones that were early (The party started at 6, but everyone else didn’t get there until a little after 7), so while we were waiting, Nick, Tourè, and I decided to walk towards Navy Pier.

20151016_181056Next year, a bigger version of the Ferris wheel is gonna be built in Navy Pier, so this is the last photo that I took of the old Ferris wheel.

20151016_181109Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

20151016_182914The view from Navy Pier after sunset. I gotta admit, it was so awesome to see!

20151016_194606So after everyone came to Pinstripes, we all came inside, and started playing bowling.


The little kids played bowling too.. they had a blast!


20151016_202310The setting outside was awesome!

20151016_202319The view from Pinstripes. There’s a condo right across from there.. man, it will be so awesome if the babe and I lived in a condo in downtown Chicago…

20151016_202345Another view

20151016_214242After the party was over (Josh had a blast at his birthday party), Nick and Tourè walked me back to the train station, but we also decided to walk around the park as well. I had so much fun with them and the others!

20151016_220655Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon

20151016_220810Last photo before I headed off to the train station, and back home. I gotta say, after studying for and taking the midterms, I needed that walk around downtown and the laughs from friends, brothers, and the babe. Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to walk around Chicago again with Tourè. It’s much needed for the both of us.



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