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Screw the Haters. Love Is Love

Earlier today, while I was on Facebook, I saw a post on a website that talked about interracial couples and the insults that they get from people (You can check it out on this website here: It reminded me of a commercial that I saw a few months ago, where it shows a huge x-ray screen (?) of two people. The crowd didn’t know what the two people looked like until they stepped away from the screen. The first part showed a lesbian couple. The second part showed a white man and a black woman, and so on (You can also find the commercial on YouTube, or Google it up. I don’t remember the name of it). Anyway, while I was reading the post that I mentioned earlier, something else came to mind: Age and looks.

Oh boy.. I’m getting these series of comments from the parent now and days when it comes to my baby and I:

“He’s too young for you”! <—Okay, he’s 21, and I’m bout to be 26 next month. Hearing her say that makes me furious. Also, I’m starting to get the “cougar” comments from a few people (Not the parent though. She still hits me with the “He’s too young for you!” BS), just cause I’m 5 years older than him. I’m not a freakin cougar. I’m a human. I’m just a college student trying to get my life (and help get his life) together so that he and I can become financially stable and have the life that we both deserve.. together.

“You need to be with an older man that has his own car, is more mature, has his stuff together, and that can chase after you”! <—All of this makes me mad, but the last part just pisses me off to no end, even though it is somewhat true.

Not to mention this:

“He needs to cut his hair”! <—How many times have I heard that from her? Same times that she told me with my first ex. To me, some men don’t look right with their hair cut. How can I tell? Just by visualizing it in my head, of course. In the case of my babe, I love his hair just the way it is:

20150711_184710Either like thisIMG_20130215_193004Or this, in braids (By the way, this was when he was in high school. He still looks the same as he did back then: Extremely handsome!). I even asked him if he was considering getting his hair cut, and he also said no. I love his hair not being cut, cause I can not only play with it (Which I love doing), but I can also do his hair, like washing and braiding (Not to worry; Some of the hair products that I use on my hair (Which there are only 3 that I will use), I will use on his hair. I wouldn’t dare put any product on his hair if it’ll make it (Or my hair) fall out.).

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I’m pretty sure that we’re gonna get those comments a lot (Mainly he’s too young/she’s too old for you, and he needs to get his hair cut) from different people (Even from the people that we know), and also, the always infamous stare, and it’s mainly from one of a few reasons:

1. I have a big butt, and most men love girls with big butt (..and it’s always either the older men or ghetto bastards who always try to ask me out on a date or for my number).

2. His looks (“He looks like one of those guys that be always causing trouble and end up being in gangs or in jail”, or “Typical ghetto negro” (More suitable for the actual word that I am dare not saying).

3. When people see us together (“Nerds”!, “What is a beautiful girl like her doing with a ghetto guy like him”?) and the list goes on and on.

Well, to make things clear for ANYONE who is reading this and is thinking about these stereotypical BS, lemme say these true facts (..and for those who can relate, cause they been there before, let this be something to remember from now on) and my advice:

1. Love is love, regardless of race, income, sexual orientation, hobbies, disability, looks, common interests, and even age (To some extent)!

2.  My first word of advice: It doesn’t matter what people (Including family members) think or even say about you and your spouse! They only want to break you and/or your relationship down, because they’re either jealous, or they say these hateful comments, just so they can feel better about themselves! Don’t pay attention to them, pay attention to you and your spouse (And your child(ren), if you have any)!

3. My second word of advice: Simply put, screw the haters who talk crap about you and your love cause of race, sexual orientation, looks, age, ect., or are jealous of what you both have that they don’t! Going back to the first fact: Love. Is. Freakin. LOVE!

..and now some facts that you all should know about Touré and I (Believe me, this is gonna clear out some of the BS that the parent mentioned to me many times before):

1. He’s really mature for his age (Like I said previously, despite our 5 year age difference, age is just a number), plus he’s working and getting his Bachelor’s degree. In addition, we agreed and decided to put all of the effort into the relationship equally; screw the “If he really loves you, he’ll find a way to come see you every time he wants to see you” BS. To me, that’s just one person doing all of the work while the other person is being lazy. Plus, two of our many goals are to become financially stable and to become more than just boyfriend and girlfriend.

2. He’s a nerd (Like me) and loves video games as much as me. Hey, nerds rock!

3. We love rock, heavy metal, and nighttime jazz.

4. We absolutely CANNOT stand stuff like selfie sticks (Or even the word selfie itself), ghetto-ness crap, certain slang (Like fleek, ratchet, T.H.O.T, ect.), today’s rap and hip-hop (Not sure bout him, but I can’t stand it whatsoever), and certain methods, like how some mothers hold their baby properly, by holding him/her by the midsection or chest (The proper way is by having their arms underneath the baby’s bottom).

*Sighs* I think I made myself clear with all of this. I’m gonna lay down and get some sleep, cause I have school tomorrow evening.

Peace and love to you all, and remember, love is love, no matter what.



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