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August and September Updates

Less than 2 months away from 2016. Jeez, where has the time gone??

Well, sorry for the long delay, but I’ve been busy with school and work, as always. August was okay… I almost didn’t go to school this semester, cause of my financial aid. Thankfully it went through, and I was able to take two classes: Introduction to Sociology and Sign Language I. So far, it’s going really well!

I got a B on my first Sociology quiz (Which was surprising, cause I ended up blanking out the day of, despite me studying a lot). Now, that class is pretty awesome. We do homework in class, and the teacher’s pretty laid back. In the class, we have to do a research paper that’s due at the end of the semester. While I was looking at my textbook, I found one of my favorite topics that I wanted to do my research paper from:


It was kinda hard to choose the name for the topic, but this is what I came up with (at the very last second after class ended). The teacher told me that it was a very good topic that I chose. I got started on the paper as soon as the first day of school started.

Sign Language I is so awesome! I’m already learning a lot (and remembering a few of the basics of ASL) from that class! I’ll get some pictures of me doing fingerspelling in the next post. One of the homework that I had to do for the class is to find deaf articles.


This is my first deaf article homework that I researched, and that’s what the teacher wrote on my paper (Great! I’m crying). She told the class that she’s an animal lover, and so when she read it, she could not stop crying. I felt really happy, but at the same time, I almost started crying myself, cause of what the teacher did when she read my paper. Now for the final paper, the class is supposed to perform a song or a poem in ASL (American Sign Language), and turn in the articles that we handed in throughout the entire semester (8 in total). For me, I’m doing a song, but which song… it’s hard to choose! I will be taking Sign Language II next semester (Along with the final prerequisite class for nursing), so whatever song I choose for this semester, the next song I’ll perform next semester.

Well that’s the only things that has been happening the last two months, school-wise. Personal-wise… a lot has happened, and it has been taking a toll on me, financially. Physically, mentally, and emotionally… somewhat.

The moving has been delayed until the end of this month, no later than November 1st. I have gotten 95% of my stuff packed up and brought some new stuff for the place. Mum’s almost through packing up, but she’s not gonna pack up the entire stuff until the week of the move-in. In other news, Touré and I are doing fantastic! He’s back in school, pursuing his Bachelors degree in engineering, and still working. Recently, we celebrated his 21st birthday, and let’s just say that he had the second best birthday yet. We had pizza on Friday and Saturday (September 26th is his birthday, and he had a really great time), I met his aunt and his godfamily (Which he hadn’t seen in 5-6 years), and he finally got his license! We also met one of the Chicago Bears alumni, and we traveled to the Lincoln Oasis. I was so happy that I made his birthday so memorable. Speaking of birthdays, Mum and I birthdays are coming up. I’m gonna have my party at Dave and Busters. It’s gonna be a blast! 

So.. that’s what has been going on with me during the past two months. I’m hoping that this month through December will be good.. and let early and mid 2016 be better than 2015.

I will have more photos and new fashion stuff for my photography and fashion and beauty blogs, so be sure to look out for em!



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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