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Two Steps Closer to Nursing School

Well, it’s finally that time again: School!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am finally going back to school, but this time, I’m gonna be taking an evening class. Oh booy… first time. I’m actually nervous, cause I don’t know how are evening classes are gonna be, and plus I don’t know if my body be energized enough to last throughout the entire class.

Basically, I’m taking two classes this semester, on Monday, Wednesday-Friday: Introduction to Sociology and Sign Language I. The sign language class is gonna be from 6-8:45. I decided to take a sign language class, because I know a little bit of sign language, but I want to become fluent in it… along with 8 different languages. Also, it’ll greatly help me out when I work in the hospital. I also found out that there is a Spanish for health care providers class that I will take next year, along with the CNA class (Which costs $1299, holy crap!) and apply for nursing school.

I know the road to nursing school is hard, because you might not be able to get in it when you apply, but I am destined to make it into that program. Next semester, I’m gonna take the final prerequisite for the nursing program (Human anatomy and physiology I). The class is gonna be tough, but I will pass it with a B or higher (Which is the grade that one needs to qualify for nursing school).

While I still have a bit of time left to rest before I go back to school and prepare to move, the only thing I’m gonna say for the rest of the time being is this: Let the next semester begin.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

5 thoughts on “Two Steps Closer to Nursing School

    1. I know…, but as long as I got God on my side, and family and friends that’ll support me all the way through, I can accomplish nursing school… and nursing in general! 🙂 and thank you!

      1. You go for it girl! May God help you achieve you goals and bless you immensely, ameen. Much Love!

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