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Taste of Chicago 2015

Photos from the Taste of Chicago yesterday. Despite my day being bad at first, once I got to Chicago with my bffs, it got really better. I must say, it was really fun.. despite a few people not being there.

20150711_174346Hello downtown Chicago!! I’m back!!

20150711_175344Yes, Almay was there at the taste. I thought that was cool.

20150711_175348Onward to the Taste.. and to meet up with my bffs!

20150711_175440They were selling ice cream, corn on the cob, and other stuff.

20150711_175531A shot of the buildings in Chicago

20150711_175536The schedule and map for the Taste of Chicago

20150711_180530I met up with my bffs at the taste yesterday! *From next to me: Touré, Shirley (With her daughter Olivia.. I couldn’t get a shot of her though, sadly), Josh, and Stanesha.

20150711_180655These next photos are shots from the food places and other stuff (Like boat tours and such) that my bffs and I came across:





20150711_182546Touré and I got cheese fries. They were really good.





20150711_184515After Shirley, Olivia, Josh, and Stanesha depart, Touré and I stuck around the Taste of Chicago for a bit before we decided to walk around in the South Loop of downtown Chicago.

20150711_184519This is why I love downtown Chicago.. cause of not only the buildings, but also the Buckingham Fountain, and the skyline at night.

20150711_184537What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No.. it’s—a drone?! Yes ladies and gentleman, that is a drone. I never seen one in person before, so when Touré and I saw it, we were wondering where the person was who was controlling the drone. We found out that that person was on the other side.20150711_184549

20150711_184647Little bird standing by the fountain

20150711_184710Touré and I by the fountain.

…Okay, I can’t take this any longer, I seriously gotta tell you all about him, my bff: He basically have ALMOST the EXACT same things in common as me: He likes the same music as me (Especially nighttime jazz.. I am dead freakin serious!!), can’t stand today’s rap and hip-hop like me, loves Baskin and Robbin’s Pink Bubblegum ice cream as much as me (Yes, I am DEAD SERIOUS!! I would NEVER thought that I would find a guy who used to get Pink Bubblegum ice cream as a kid, just like me!! How rare and awesome is that?!), ect. Heck, he’s also a gamer (Like me), is a fan of Metroid and Guitar Hero (Like me!) is an only child (Like me as well!!), and guess what? He and I also have the exact same number of letters in both our first AND last name!!! The only TINY differences that we have is that we live in different cities (We live like almost 40-something minutes away from each other, but that’s gonna change pretty soon, like next year or so, hopefully), and I’m actually about 5 years older than him (He’s 20 and I’m 25), but still… age doesn’t matter a bit when it comes to me and him!!

We have LOTS more things in common, and I mean LOTS. I’m gonna stop this part for right now, cause I want to get back on the photos, but I will talk more about Touré and I in another post.

20150711_184734Me at the fountain. Yes, I have a Kirby shirt on, and Touré had a Nintendo 64 shirt on. We’re basically huge gamers as you all can see, so we basically stood out from the crowd.



20150711_185726So basically Touré and I left the Taste of Chicago, and we decided to walk around downtown for the rest of the day. We saw this while we were walking.. the Chicago Summer Dance.


20150711_185908Beautiful sight

20150711_191656While we were walking to the nearest GameStop and Starbucks (Yes, I got him addicted to Starbucks, mainly the Caramel Ribbon Frappe), we saw this corvette limo. We thought it was tacky as heck.

20150711_192919While we were walking, we stumbled upon this heart-shaped piece of missing concrete. I thought that was adorable.

20150711_211006Later on that night, when we were getting ready to go home, after we came from Target, Starbucks, and GameStop, I decided to get some pictures of the skyline.

20150711_211720Downtown Chicago is so beautiful at night.. I can’t wait to live there one day soon.. either there or on the South Loop or the North side.

20150711_211731What a sight.

Anyway, I will post the selective pictures on my photography blog, as soon as I edit them. Despite me having a bad day at first, I had fun at the end, cause I got to spend time with my bffs…

Especially Touré. More pictures of us in the next blog post.

P.S., I think, no. I’m absolutely sure that I found the guy of my dreams.


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