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Getting Hit With Reality: My Crazy Updates Part One

Well, I’m back, with two important updates (Yes two).. this will be part one. Part two will be covered tomorrow. Now then… ACEN. I had a fun time at ACEN (Anime Central) on May 15-17.. too much of a fun time. I met so many cosplayers, danced my butt off with my brother Matt and Lawrence (And a bunch of other dancers) at the rave (Soap Bubble and Synergy 2105), saw a bunch of DJs,  hung out with Asia, Cassidy, Josh, Matt, Victor, Lawrence, Rebecca (Joey), Robert, and others, stayed in a hotel for 3 days with the gang, met up with my college bffs Jen, Claire, and Alex, took pictures (By the way, the pictures are gonna be on my photography blog… as soon as I finish editing em)… yea, I had a blast. I didn’t wanna leave though, cause I had a blast.
My Mum was actually excited that I had a great time though, so that went well… even though she missed me, of course. Now…, it is Memorial Day (Yea I had to work a bunch of days after I came home from ACEN, so yea… back to reality), and happy Memorial Day to all of you. Anyway, it’s now Memorial Day, and I finally got a Monday off… which means that I can finally blog on here.. and do some editing and continue to look for jobs and wait until the next 6 months to figure out where my Mum and I are gonna move to. You heard right.. how and why? Well here’s the thing:

Last week I found out that this year will be my final year that my Mum and I are gonna be living in this apartment complex in Calumet City. She wants to move out next year, and I am somewhat not looking forward to it at all. One reason is cause I don’t know where we’re gonna be moving to by next year, and it’s gonna be one of many cities: Steger, Crete, Plainfield, somewhere in Indiana, Richton Park, Lansing, or somewhere at another place in Calumet City. Now, when I go to Nursing school next year, I might have to pay for in state tuition, depending on where I’m gonna be living at (Steger, Crete, Plainfield, and I think Richton Park are not considered in district places to where my school is located at, and if we move to Indiana, it’s out of state, which — either way — means higher tuition fees, unless I stay in Calumet City or Lansing). Another reason is this: I’m gonna miss all of my brothers and sisters if I move to somewhere other than Calumet City or Lansing! 😦 most of em live in Dolton, South Holland, or Homewood, so if I move away, then I won’t be able to see em. Third reason is this: If my Mum decides to move to say Plainfield or anywhere else in Indiana (Hammond, Dyer, Highland, ect.), how is she gonna find a new job, or how is she gonna transfer to another store if the position that she works for is filled?? Of course we have a year to figure this out, but if she can’t find a place or if she can’t transfer, she’s gonna have to travel about 30 minutes to an hour or so, depending on where we’re gonna move to. More so, if she can’t find a place, she’s gonna have to stay put until she finds a spot. As for me, I’m gonna find a full time job before then, so all I have to do is to transfer to another place.

So yea, while I really don’t like the fact that we’re gonna be moving in a year, there are a few reasons why I’m looking forward to moving:

1. Crime rates are rising in Calumet City. Has anyone heard of what happened to these teen boys that got killed in the last few weeks? One died in a car accident on his way to prom with his friend, and another one died during a drive by shooting. Believe me, there are many more deaths around here over the last few months. This is just the beginning. Since then, it’s not safe living here anymore.. and it’s a southern suburb, for crying out loud! Aren’t suburbs supposed to be safer than urban areas??

2. Drug dealers. There have been times where Lawrence and I are just driving by the area by my house, and lo and behold, we see two people making a drug deal. It’s not just around the area where my Mum and I live at.. it’s also at this condominium where my relatives used to live at long ago, before I was born. Like I said, it’s not safe living there anymore.

3. It’s starting to become a ghost town. On May 16th, when I was at ACEN, the Office Depot by my house shut down for good. Also this Simply Fashion store by where Pier 1 Imports and Walmart used to be is shutting down as well. So when a store that used to be around for so long shuts down, that means several things: Not enough business, the city is starting to become a ghost town, cause everyone’s moving out, ect.

So here you go, that’s my top 3 reasons why I’m indifferent about moving out with my Mum next year. As far as myself and Lawrence goes, we’ll be moving out next year, as well, but only for a year, until we get a house in South Holland. Now, either way, I’m gonna be paying for in state tuition fees and stuff once I start nursing school, but it’ll change once we move to South Holland, of course. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow.

There you go viewers, that’s part one of two updates that I have to offer… the second part I’ll post tomorrow. Until then, have a happy and safe Memorial Day!



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