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April: Month of the Unexpected


Job interviews


Seeing old friends

News (Both good and bad)


Holy freakin crap, I was NOT expecting all of this to happen in one single MONTH!! Like, my mind has been going into overload cause of all of this unexpected stuff and news!!

First off, I ended up with a whole bunch of job interviews (Both actual and phone) last month.. I almost had a new job, but cause of a certain parent who told certain family members about my new job, and how much I should stick to the already dead end job that I currently have and not work two jobs at the same time, I ended up not getting the job. So that means that I’m stuck with the same job now until I either a. Find a job that a certain parent would like, b. Find a full time job so that I can quit my current job, or c. Volunteer at a hospital and wait til I get my CNA/CPR licenses to start working on my career and get a job that way. I just can’t win!

*Sighs* I know something will come up sooner or later, but I hope I get a full time job before a. I start back school in the fall, or b. Before the holiday season. Something’s gotta give, I mean really. I’m like, really at my wit’s end at this. Idk why everyone else is getting new jobs and stuff when I’m not… I’m trying the best that I can freakin do. *Sighs* For now, I’m gonna stop applying for jobs until ACEN ends. I’ll get to the ACEN topic later on.

Oh, speaking of work, I keep getting unexpected calls from my job, asking me if I wanted to work. Of course I said yes, cause I need all of the money that I can get until I get a full time job, but lately I’ve been working for the past 4 days straight, all at different times. It’s really putting some stress on my body (..and cause of that, I missed out on C2E2, which is a comic con convention, or something like that, my best friend’s birthday party, which was in Chinatown, and it’s making my anemia kick in. Oh wait, that’s the ‘curse’.). I mean, I know it’s preparing me for my career, cause I’m gonna end up doing something like this, but except for longer hours and such, but still.. it’s making my stress level go up. *Sighs* It can’t be helped. It really can’t be helped.

The good news out of all of this is that I kept bumping into my old friends from grade school, high school, and when they used to work at the same job as me, but ended up quitting, cause they ended up getting better jobs. So yea, it was awesome seeing em again.

Now for the news. I’ll start with the bad. Aside from unexpected job interviews that have failed, all of the extra hours that I kept getting (Which was half of a bad thing, cause of all of the added stress that I kept having), all of the good events that I kept on missing out on (Which made me very jealous and upset)…, my plans keep failing. I know what you all are gonna say: “It’s all God’s plan”. I know, but it’s making me get into a nervous breakdown, which I’m gonna have once again in a few days to a week. Yep, these past few weeks have been nothing, but depression and nervous breakdowns.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my depression is coming back, and once again, worse than ever. I’m trying to overcome it, but every time something good happens to me, something else or someone else ends up ruining it for me (..and it’s mainly that one person), and I’m tired of it. I really am. Yes for the past few days, a few of my friends have been having nervous breakdowns, mainly from school. I did help em feel better by helping em, so… yea.

So mainly the unexpected bad news was that things didn’t go as planned, I kept missing out on a lot of good stuff, my depression came back, I had a nervous breakdown, and all of that. Plus I started to get very lightheaded and fatigued, due to anemia… once again, this time.. added with extreme stress. Plus, today’s May 1st, which means that I’m not looking forward to it at all. Why? I’ll tell you all about it in the events topic.

The unexpected good news is that this month is May, and guess what that means? For the first time ever, I’m going to ACEN (Anime Central)!!! Yes it’s finally gonna happen!!! I’ll talk more about that in a little bit. Even more good news: Lawrence might be getting a job by next week!! I’m very excited for him, cause the job that he’s gonna be working in pays well, and by next year, we’re gonna be living on our own!!

Now, speaking of ACEN, that’s the last thing that I wanna talk about: Unexpected events. Last month I went to Dave & Buster’s for the very first time ever, and I must say: It is freakin AWESOME!!!! So many games… so many games!! It was like paradise for me!! My Mum came with me, along with a few of our coworkers, so she had a great time as well.. for someone who rarely plays video games, from what I can see.

So yea, that was unexpected, and guess what else is gonna be unexpected this month (We’re into May now, can you believe it??): Anime Central, or ACEN!! Now, I’m excited, nervous, and at the same time… NOT looking forward to it.. well, the next two weeks I’m not looking forward to, mainly cause my Mum is very skeptical about me going there with my friends. Lemme give you 5 reasons why:

1. She has never met most of my friends before, except for Josh and Lawrence, so she’s very worried about me hanging out with unknown people, who she thinks is gonna beat me up.

2. I’m gonna be away from her for 3 days, which means that I’m gonna be staying in a hotel room with either Asia, Cassidy, and her Mum, or either Lawrence, Josh, and Matt. Since I have never been in a hotel before, she’s really skeptical about me staying there and sharing a bed with one other person, and… see number 1.

3. See numbers 1 and 2.

4. Since she has never heard of anime before, or isn’t even a fan about it, she doesn’t know much about conventions before, which means that she doesn’t want me to go at all. Yep, she’s overprotected. She even considered talking to Cassidy’s Mum to see if it was alright for me to stay at a hotel with them! I’m 25 years old for Pete’s sake! I’ll be alright!

..and finally:

5. Did I mention see numbers 1, 2, and 4?

Yea, she’s very overprotective, and she just doesn’t know when to let me go.. even when I’m 25 years old, an ADULT!! I understand that I’m the only child here, and that she just wants the best for me, but still… she needs to let go. I’m gonna be moving out hopefully by next year, for Pete’s sake!

*Sighs* So yea… happy May to you all. May this month be a good one to you all, and may it be at least, a decent one for me! These next two weeks will be very annoying, cause of ACEN and whatnot, but after all of this… I hope things will go back to normal. If not, I have plans B-E on lock.

No matter what, by next year, I’ll finally be on my own, and finally free of my Mum’s nagging torture!



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