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Annorah’s 5th Birthday Party

005Today is Annorah’s 5th birthday. Man… they grow up so fast! So Lawrence and his family decided to throw her a birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun!

006The shadow made the photo half dark.. sorry about that!

008Lawrence teaching his little cousin wrestling.

009The birthday princess and her little cousin

010Yes, this was actually my work clothes (It was jean day at my job).. I actually came from my job to Lawrence’s house for the party.

011Look who woke up from her nap.. it’s Rayya! She was just waking up when I took this picture.

012Just a few photos of Annorah and her family members. She was too excited when everyone started singing her happy birthday.

013015Time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on your Frozen cake, birthday princess (She LOVES Frozen, so her parents decide to give her a Frozen birthday party)!016Let the cake and ice cream begin!

017018Other people getting their pictures taken

019The cake and ice cream was good!

020Of course I had to get a pic of Lawrence and I.. just for the fun of it. Anyway, I had a fun time with him and his family! Can’t wait til the next party!

I can’t end this post without saying this:

Happy 5th birthday Annorah! May you continue to shine and grow like the big girl you are!


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