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My So-Called Anemic Life Update

Well… it’s March. Time is moving by so fast! Here’s a recent update on my status:

So it DOES look like that I have anemia.. which sucks, cause it actually DID passed down from family member to family member (My aunt has it, due to her being sick when that time of the month comes through, and also medical problems. My Mum has it, cause she has to take some geritol (It’s some type of iron medicine to help her, since she’s iron deficient at times). My grandma has it due to medical problems. My cousins may or may not have it.. it’s obvious that they do have it, but they might know it. I, sadly have it, cause it’s been passed down, and also I have never had a regular cycle before (Even with those iron pills that I had to take once when I was a kid didn’t even regulate it), so it’s obvious that  I have it).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea, so I do have anemia. There I said it. I have anemia, but thankfully for me, it’s not serious or life-threatening. I actually have iron deficiency anemia (The women on my Mum’s side has the same thing, so it has somehow passed down to me. Whyyy…??? Why do I have to suffer from this desease??? *Sighs* it can’t be helped.), so I basically have to take more iron and more vitamins in order to not almost pass out again. Yes, on the second to last Sunday of last month, I almost fainted at work due to anemia. I started to get very lightheaded and fatigued, despite eating breakfast that morning. Thankfully for me, it was almost time for me to take a break, so I decided to go on break earlier than expected, cause my coworker and assistant manager saw that I wasn’t feeling well. I did eat something, and by the time that my break was over, I was almost well enough to go back. Thankfully for me, I got better afterwards and was able to go home, eat, and rest for the night.

Last week that “curse” ended, and I still felt a bit weak from all of the blood loss that I suffered from those almost 4 weeks that Mother Nature put that “HEAVY curse” on me from (I know.. I should’ve seen a doctor for it, and that one weekend where I came home from work and started to have VERY SEVERE cramps for almost A HOUR while spewing out MAJOR blood clots should’ve made me consider seeking help that next week, but nope.. I took it and slept it off.). I called it the “heavy curse”, cause that’s what it was through those almost 4 weeks: Nothing, but heavy… bleeding… torture that I had to suffer all through last month (I know.. TMI, but please, bear with me, okay??).

Now it is March 2nd, and I am feeling much, much better. By the way, I am gonna see a doctor about this “heavy curse” and my anemia, and I am gonna see what can the doctor do about it, cause that was the final straw for me. I know my body’s changing (Duh, I’m turning 26 this year, so I’m starting to have a huge body changing moment here from now until I reach 30), but why did I have to suffer almost 4 freakin weeks of the heavy torture? I mean, I almost passed out at work a week ago due to anemia, for Pete’s sake! *Sighs* I need answers.

If there is a bright side to this whole mess, it’s this: I’m not alone. I found out last month that Lawrence has anemia (His Mum has it (Iron deficiency) and his sisters have it too (Unlike him, his Mum, and his entire family on his Father’s side, who suffer from iron deficiency, they, along with their dad, suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia, which CAN be fatal if left untreated), my coworker Krissy has it (Iron deficiency), my brother Matt’s little brother has it (Once again iron deficiency), and now my new best friend (Who’s my second twin) Arielle has it as well (I think she has iron deficiency as well, cause she told me and Lawrence that she would rather take iron pills than eat spinach any day, and hey.. I don’t blame her). One of my high school friends also has it too (Same thing), cause she had to go to the hospital for it.

So yea.. last month, I learned that even my friends and coworkers (and their families) all have some type of anemia. That’s scary to hear, and I’m really sorry for those who have it (ANY type of anemia), but the best thing to do is to find out what type of anemia you (Or someone you know) has and get treated for it asap. You never know.. it might, or more than likely, will save your life, and make you learn to take better care of your body and yourself.. especially if you have a more serious form of anemia.

Jeez… I have said the medial word ‘anemia’ too much now. I think it’s time to go to bed.. and continue to recover as the month goes by.



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