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Royal Rumble 2015 With Friends

Finally.. I got the pics up for when I went to The Squared Circle with my friends last month!!

008We were watching old PPVs of Royal Rumble from the 90’s and 00’s.


006*From left to right: Josh, Guerry, and Steven* I caught em off guard, lol

009It’s good to hang out with this guy, as always. In fact, we actually hung out today.. we basically filled out job applications, checked out some stores, and walked around. I’ll have the pictures tomorrow.

010Their fries are really good.

011The menu.. part of it.

028Me and the gang 😀

015*This is your brain on drugs.* Yea… he’s nuts.

014Serious look

016OMG, the pizza was SOOO good!!! Everyone who checks out The Squared Circle, try their pizza and fries. They are sooo good!!


018Twinkie milkshake

019My buddy Steve with Lawrence’s belt

023024Celebrities come to The Squared Circle. Heck, the owner, Lisa Marie (A.K.A. Lita from the WWF/WWE… I believe?) even goes there from time to time.

025Lawrence and I saw the Silva vs Diaz fight.. man that was awesome!

022Of course, things wouldn’t be perfect without a group photo!!

026Driving home, seeing the Chicago Skyline in awe

027Isn’t the Chicago Skyline beautiful at night? I think so. Anyway, The Squared Circle is actually located on the north side of Chicago. If anyone visits the north side, I highly suggest you check it out. Also, the north side is actually safer than the south or west side, even at night, and where The Squared Circle is located at, it’s totally safe.

I def would go there again! It was so much fun!

Again, sorry I couldn’t post the pictures sooner.. been busy with work and job hunting and family issues. Now that this post is finally done, I can concentrate on the Lincoln Mall photos (Which will be on my photography blog by the end of this week) and my fashion and beauty blog. Night night!



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