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The Truth Behind My Childhood Fear



The three classic OHKO (If you can’t see the screen shot, OHKO stands for One-hit KO, or One-hit knockout) moves as you see in this screen shot… the main Pokémon moves that haunted my childhood fear all the way up to now: Guillotine, Fissure, and Horn Drill. There’s another OHKO move that’s out in the Pokémon games, and that’s Sheer Cold. Of course, that wasn’t introduced until Gen 3. Anyway, the reason why I am mentioning this topic (And by the way, I haven’t forgotten The Squared Circle pictures. I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer, mainly due to excessive online job hunting has made my head hurt a lot as of recently.), is cause I want to talk about something that has been haunting me ever since I was a kid, and I  want to tell the truth about how and why it continues to haunt me to this day (In the end, it will make a lot of sense). That is the OHKO, or instant death moves from Pokémon.


It basically all started when I was round 8-9 years old. I was playing Pokémon Stadium at night (That’s when the fear came to life), mainly cause I wanted to beat the game, just like all the other kids like to do during that time). I was facing a trainer in the game, and I basically was facing a male Nidoran (I had a Graveler or a Golem at the start of the match, which seemed fair). I thought I was gonna win the match, since I had a rock/ground Pokémon with me, but I was about to be wrong. At that time, I went with my gut to go with a Pokémon who knew ground type moves, such as earthquake. Why didn’t I go with that move instead of Fissure was beyond me, but I decided to go with it. That move missed badly, and suddenly the opponent’s Nidoran used the move Horn Drill. It actually connected, and the next thing I knew, my screen begin to turn black with the the horn coming out of it.


As soon as it hit my Pokémon, the dreaded (and most scariest message that I ever came across from in my kid life) message appeared on my screen (as well as my Pokémon turning from its normal colors to red for a few seconds, then back to normal colors as it’s HP went down to 0):


It scared the crap outta me so much, that as soon as I saw that message, I immediately reset the game and started all over (In Generation II and beyond, they changed the message to “It’s a one-hit KO!” to make it less scary to the children, and to correct the Grammer error). In fact, it made me so scared, that every time I would see nothing, but the darkness, I would see the terror that was my childhood fear. Oh, I did win the match by using Fissure a second time, and it did connect.., but it did scare me.. to the point where tears came down my face.

Skip ahead to now. It’s been a long time since I told someone about my childhood fear.. heck, I don’t think that I ever made a blog post about it, if it is, then here you go: You now know my secret childhood fear! Anyway, since I’m much older now, it still kinda haunts me to this day, but I have overcome it.., by a lot. Anyway, as I write about it, tears are actually coming down my eyes, cause you know what the whole truth about this whole mess was? Do you know why I was so afraid of the OHKO moves? It’s cause they’re an instant death moves, and my number one fear is of course, death. To me, Pokémon are my friends, my pals, and seeing them faint because of a dangerous move.. to me, that made me cry a lot, cause if there’s one thing that I fear more than death, it’s seeing people that I know and/or love die in front of my eyes. Believe me, it almost happened to before.. one of my classmates almost choked to death back in high school, and that scared me on the inside. I couldn’t get over it for a few hours.. that’s how scared I was.

Anyway, it’s past 1:00 in the morning, and I am crying my eyes out over these OHKO fears. I mean, I should’ve gotten over em by now, but they continue to haunt me. At least the good news is that every time I see an OHKO move on a Pokémon hack (Whether it be Pokémon Blue Kaizo or Pokémon Intense Indigo, and by the way, I still play Pokémon to this day.. just not the newer ones. The final game that I play is Pokémon SoulSilver), I take it like a man and just let it be. If my Pokémon faints due to those cursed moves, then oh well.. I just revive em. *Shrugs and smiles with a tear coming down the cheek*

By the way, I got the pictures through screenshot on my tablet through bulbapedia. If you’re a Pokémon fan, I highly recommend you check out bulbapedia!



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