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Job Interview at the Danger Zone

Yesterday I was supposed to post my thoughts and reactions to going to The Squared Circle in Chicago, but… I unexpectedly got a phone call from the district manager from this currency exchange in Lansing, and guess what it was for? A job interview! Holy crap, a job interview… I gotta prepare myself! It was for Tuesday (Today), at 11:30 in the morning. So she gave me the address (South ***** ***, in Chicago), and at first I was totally prepared, cause I get to go to Chicago again, but then when I looked into the address, my worst fears have been realized: It’s located on the south side of Chicago. O_o

I really don’t like to travel there, cause of the dangers that occur there (West side is just as worse), but… I had to go there. Everyone wished me luck on my interview, but I was feeling very nervous about it.

So this morning, I went on to get information about the company, set the GPS, and I was on my way to the south side of Chicago: The danger zone. I won’t say much, except that the interview went really well. As far as being on the south side, I can say it’s not safe. It looks like any other city during the day, but don’t be fooled, and don’t let your guard down. It’s still a bad place to be at.

I was nervous on the inside, but I was prepared.. prepared, calmed, and cool. The interview went well thought, I gotta say. The district manager told me that she was gonna call me by no later than this week. I hope I get the job though.. I hope.

I’ll post pictures of The Squared Circle tomorrow. For now… I gotta rest and calm down, cause all of this excitement over getting a possible new job is getting me hyped up.



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