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January 2015: Month of the Closings

002Aww.. 😦 really?? Calumet City is gone downhill.

030Whoa! This mall looks like a ghost mall… it’s abandoned, almost!

I would’ve shown a third picture of Fuddruckers being closed down in Calumet City, but I didn’t get a picture of that just yet. Now, what do those two photos have in common? I would like to call it January 2015: Month of the Closings.

I’ve been wanting to get this post up on my personal blog for the longest. The second picture with the mall is a preview of my project that I did almost two months ago. I haven’t given a name for it yet, nor have I edited the photos, but this month I will have the pictures up on my photography blog. Once that’s up, I’ll post the link on this post. You’ll see!

Now, how come I decided to name this month the Month of the Closings? Well last week when I was at Target by my house, I notice something odd: It looked like the store was bout to shut down, or move to another location.. or better yet, the shoppers there did their job of emptying up the store to make it look like the store was shutting down. Well, it turns out that my worse fears have been realized: Target in Calumet City is shutting down for good.

I asked an associate who works there what was going on, and of course, she said it herself: “This Target is shutting down. …Some of (the employees who are working here) are either getting transferred to another store or are ending up getting laid off.” Thankfully, she is getting transferred to another store. I really feel sorry for those who are getting let go from that store. The reason for that is from the associate told me, is that the two nearby stores, one in Indiana and the other on in Homewood, are getting really full, so for those who are being transferred to the other stores, thank your lucky stars. To those who are getting laid off, I feel so sorry for you, all of you. The other reason is the Target data breach that happened over the holiday season last year. Apparently, that breach hit this store (By my house) very hard, so hard, that it’s being forced to shut down for good.

So basically the coupon that I got from shopping there last week is actually a coupon good for one of the two locations that is posted on that paper (See the first picture at the beginning of the post).

Now, the second picture is actually the remains of the.. I believe now closed down.. Lincoln Mall in Matteson. Like I said before, this picture was taken almost two months ago. Lawrence and I actually went to Matteson to see the mall one last time, before they shut down for good. This is just one of the many pics that I took on that day. You can see the rest of the pictures on my photography blog.. once I finish editing em and putting em on there, of course.

Now, the picture that I didn’t get, was actually a restaurant (Called Fuddruckers) that I went to when I was a kid.., but in different locations, including the one that shut down on the same week (Or last week) that I found out that Target was closing down. I found out about it’s unfortunate closing last week. I wish I would’ve went there one last time, had I know that it was gonna close down early this month.

Sometime this year, I’m gonna do a special project of all of the stores that have shut down in the city that I’m living in, that are still standing. There are some buildings that were booming when I was a kid, but now stand empty and abandoned. I will let you guys know when that project will take place.



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