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Congratulations, You’ve Survived Medical Terminology!

Yesterday was my final day for Medical Terminology class. It was a fun class, but alas… the time has ended. The final exam was pretty much straightforward, and of course…, as always, I studied at the last minute. This time, I did studied about two days in advance. I studied my butt off during those final days. I even stayed up till 2 a.m. Thursday morning just to study.. and yes, that was when I came home from work early that morning  (12:30 a.m.). So when the finals came… of course there were some people already there, cause the teacher was generous enough to start the finals an hour early for those who needed that time. Me.. I decided to go in at 9, cause I needed to study one last time.

So as soon as I came in the school, I saw on the TV that the book buyback program was starting. That took me by surprise, cause I thought it was next week, but they decided to start it a day early.

So I came to the class, sorta prepared. I say sorta, cause I didn’t study as much as I should’ve. So basically the final exam was bout 100 questions, all from the tests that I basically took from the start of the school season, all the way until this week.


This was my grade before the final exam. It does read as 91.42.
So I basically have to wait til the teacher post the grade for the semester to see what my final grade is.

So basically I survived Medical Terminology, which was crazy.. of course, but it was indeed a challenge. Now the next class I gotta take is Human Anatomy and Physiology.. which is hard.. or so I’ve heard.

Well, either way it goes, I’ll be one step closer to nursing school, cause in order to get into the program, I need to get a B or higher in this class. I know I passed the final.., but what my final grade is.. it will be shown on here by next week.

In the meantime, I will apply for jobs and hope that I will get one soon. By 2016, I will get into nursing school.



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