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18 More Days

*Thursday, October 30, 2014

Text message from Mum: “They fired Jay”

Me: “How come?” (Calls Mum)

Mum: “Hello?”

Me: “Hey.”

Mum: “Hey.”

Me: “What happened?”

Mum: “Jay got fired.”

Me: “How did he get fired?”

Mum: “I’ll tell you about it later.”

Me: “Alright.” (Hangs up)*

*Sighs* Where do I begin? Well, how about suffering from my 4 year anniversary of my grandmother’s death (Father’s side) for about a week?? Or the fact that my favorite supervisor got fired two days ago?! I’ve been stressing out a whole lot since the week of the anniversary of my grandma’s deaths, and my bipolar depression (Yes I am bipolar. I do admit that.) came back this Thursday after I found out that my favorite supervisor got fired. I can’t say much as to how he got fired, cause it’s personal, but all I can say is that my job is cruel. My job is VERY cruel.

Wednesday night, I told my Mum about my schedule for next week, and she asked me was I working this Saturday, and I told her that I was, but I was working in the morning. She got really pissed off, cause she wanted me to get that day off, cause my family was suppose to take her to a restaurant for her birthday, but since I took that work shift that Saturday (Which is today), she sat at home.

That what really ticked me off, cause she didn’t tell me about it until AFTER I took that shift. She usually tells me stuff about a few days to a week in advance, but this time…, she didn’t tell me until after I told her that I had to work that night. So my Wednesday night was kinda ruined.. after an almost 8 1/2 hr shift at work.

Thursday night after I found out that my favorite supervisor got fired, I was at the mall with my Mum (Ate like, two pretzels, a lemonade, and when I got home with my new boots, drank some Powerade), I went to sleep, and at 2 something Friday morning, I woke up to a very upset stomach.. which turned into puke and diarrhea (I know, TMI), and a restless morning.. which made it kinda worse, cause I had to work that morning at 10 in the morning. I somehow managed to survived it (My stomach held on at the job, thankfully), but things got a bit worse after work.

As soon as I got out, I called my Mum and told her about the Halloween party that I’m going to, and again she gets annoyed, cause I didn’t remind her earlier, even though I told her the day before. That gave me another bad headache, which actually went away while I went to the Halloween party with Lawrence, my buddy Scotty, and some of their friends.

pizap.com14148866554781Lawrence was dressed as JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield from the WWE), and I was dressed as a nerdy maid for the Halloween Party. Yes, I had pigtails. Here’s another look at my costume: 010Oh yea. Maids rock.

Anyway, after the party was over, Lawrence and I went back to his house, talked to his Mum, brother, and sisters, and we basically left to get something to eat, and went back to the house, where we watched Big Bang Theory, drank hot coco, and basically took a nap to relieve that stress headache away. Yea it was relaxing indeed.

Today I went to work, got home, ate pizza, and now I’m resting. Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow. Now I can go rest and work on homework.

Now since I have a bad headache (Been having a headache since yesterday), I’m gonna rest and take some Advil. I’ll post the pictures of the Halloween party on my photography blog tomorrow.. or whenever I can next week. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I should. Work has got me stressed so much, that it has taken a strain to my body. Yea, I need to get my car asap, so I can get out of this job.

P.S., as far as me and Lawrence’s 10 year anniversary went, we actually had to work that day, but we did spend some time beforehand. Also, it is November, which means my birthday’s coming.. 18 more days left til I turn 1/4 of a century years old. Jeez time flies so fast…



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