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10 Year Anniversary In Two Weeks

Well, great news (And I meant to tell you guys this other day when I last posted on here): Lawrence is back home (Like a week ago), and we’re still seeing each other a lot more often, as much as we can. We’re actually doing some job applications (Well, he is, and I’ve been helping him with his cover letter), and so far.. no luck, but we’re pushing it.

So what had happened on that night was that his cousin and aunt picked him up, and he stayed at their house. I can’t really say much, cause most of the stuff is between him and I, but I will say this: He did go back home, and I’m pretty sure that his Mum and sisters were happy to see him. So it’s actually been a while since I last talked bout it, and I was actually happy to see him back.

So we actually talked more about moving out into an apartment. I’m actually done with the apartment research. Now all that’s left is to save enough money (About 6-8 months worth of monthly rent), for me to get rid of debt, find a full time job (For Lawrence, he’s just looking for a part time job), a car, get the credit score up, and go apartment hunting for the perfect apartment. I can’t wait for the day to go apartment hunting! I also can’t wait til our 10 year anniversary (October 22)! I’m actually looking forward for it.. next to my birthday, which is next month. Here are a few photos that I made to celebrate it (I’m making a collage):

pizap.com14124383199451Heh, that’s me when I was visiting downtown Chicago last Friday.. for an unexpected photography project.. the last one for the year. That’s Lawrence in his Ryu cosplay (If you guys know the Street Fighter game, then you know who Ryu is) at ACEN this year. Here’s another one that I just made today:

004This is one of my favorites. There are lots more, but this is just two pics that will be on the collage that I’m making in two weeks.

Anyway, I’m gonna do homework and study for the upcoming chapters. School is going okay thus far, but it seems like it’s gonna get better.. especially since the last week, with everyone getting mad at the teacher, cause she’s not doing a good job teaching. Well, it’s gonna change now. I’m gonna see how things will work out. I really hope I pass.. and I really hope I can get into the next class next semester.


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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