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S and L’s Last Day Together

I’m so crying my eyes out right now. I really can’t believe that tomorrow will possibly be the last day that I’ll be able to see Lawrence… possibly for the next few months or years. Here’s what happened (..and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mind me spilling out this event):

4:50-something in the morning, September 24th, 2014. I wake up from a text that was actually from 12 something this morning. I woke up from a deep sleep to see that I forgot to turn off my phone off, and I saw that I got a message from Lawrence. He told me that he got kicked out of his home, because of his stepdad. The details are long, so I’m not gonna go into it. He told me that he was thinking of committing suicide, but he didn’t do so. So he decided to go to one of his friend’s house to sleep over. I thought he was killed or actually did commit suicide, so when I read that message, I got really worried. I couldn’t sleep, cause I was praying for his safe return, and I was very worried.

At about 7 something this morning, I got a text from him, telling me that he was up, and staying with his friend’s. Tears fell from my eyes, as I texted him where was he at. God is indeed good.. he answered my prayers. So, I decided to meet up with him today, and he was feeling mad still. I understood though, cause in the end, it’s his stepdad’s fault, not his. So we actually hung out, laugh, and whatnot.

So today, Lawrence told me that he was thinking of moving to Las Vegas with his grandma for a while, but he doesn’t want to leave me. I told him whatever he wants to do, he should do it. In the end, he decided to stay with his aunt and cousin in Chicago for now (Move from place to place, til he finally makes a decision). Now, I know what you all are thinking: “You have a car! Why don’t you go see him in Chicago?!”

1. My Mum and I share a car, so I can’t really see him that much. due to the condition of the car.
2. I work 3-5 days a week now and I have school, so that could work, but not really.
3. If he decides to move to Las Vegas, then I won’t see him at all, cause he’ll be states away from me.
4. Depending on where he’s staying at (for now), I won’t be able to go to Chicago, due to traffic, and if he’s staying on the South or West Side, I’m gonna try to stay away from those places, but I will go there, just to see him.

Either way it goes, tomorrow might be the last time I see him, until I get an apartment. I’m seriously gonna miss him. He’s gonna miss me, I know that…, but until tomorrow, best friend… well, soon-to-be-boyfriend once again… eh. I’ll post some pics of the new, renovated Starbucks tomorrow.. or Friday. I’m gonna lay down and text him, see how he’s doing.



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