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No Longer ‘I’, Now ‘We’ and ‘Us’

This is a short post, cause the next post (Which will be later on either today or tomorrow after I come home from school), will be a much longer one, and it’ll continue from where I left off on here.

So.. Sorry for not updating on here as much.., I’ve been studying and working my butt off, and I didn’t have time to put the pics that I have on my phone onto my computer. School is going great and work is getting tougher. I have been seeing Lawrence a lot, and lately, there’s been a lot more talk about a few major things: A bit of our relationship, and mainly our apartment and now… Wedding songs.

You saw that right. It’s no longer ‘I’, it’s now ‘us’ and ‘we’. I believe I posted a similar post like this before, but this time, it’s becoming more of that talk about us. Not sure if this is becoming the new, more mature us, or is it because it’s becoming apparent between us that we’re gonna be dating again, this time.. For good. We might become one a bit sooner than expected.., but I’m trying to wait until we move in together to date him. Right now, I’m still not ready to date.. I will be ready when I move out and when I feel like I’m ready to date. I have yet to overcome my past (Even though I’m halfway through to doing so), and that’s preventing me from dating.

I’m gonna end the blogging here, cause I’m getting sleepy, but I’ll continue on either later today or tomorrow.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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