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Are We Secretly Dating?

This is the second part to my last post: No Longer ‘I’, Now ‘We’ and ‘Us’.

Late last night/early this morning, I wrote a post about how Lawrence and I are talking more about ‘our’, ‘we’, and ‘us’, and not just ‘I’. As I drove deeper into it, I keep guessing that we’re ‘dating’, and don’t even know it (Well, one of us may not know it), and it might be true. The other part being that he is truly the one for me. That part is really true, nonetheless, but I’m not really ready to date just yet. I got some obstacles to go through with my past. Who knows.

Some signs that I’m seeing that is kinda guessing that we are ‘dating’ so to speak is the part that the major things (Such as a new place, marriage, ect.) is no longer ‘I’. It’s now ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’. Does that mean that we’re maturing and now we’re focusing on each other instead of ourselves now? I believe so.

Another sign is that people are asking me are we dating again, or are do we have a thing for each other? That part we’re not saying just yet, but the chances of us dating once again (And staying together for good) is high.. very high to say the least.

So the answer to the question of are we secretly dating is maybe, maybe not, but we haven’t really talked about dating again. Mainly, we’re talking about getting our own place together (Which is confirmed that we will have our own place within a year or two in either the north side of Chicago, or at Hinsdale), wedding songs, and stuff for our apartment. I know one thing though: Once we do get our apartment, or probably next year, we’re gonna start dating once again. It might be sooner than that though, who knows.



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