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I Saved My Best Friend’s Life

Yesterday morning, I was on my way to pick up Lawrence from the school (We were planning to hang out today before I went to work), when suddenly I got a text from him asking me how soon was I at to the school, cause he wasn’t feeling good. So I picked him up, and he told me that he was feeling queasy. I thought he was nervous about something, so we decided to go back to my house so he can lay down. Halfway through the trip back to my house, he started to get really chilly. Then he told me to turn off the radio (I had a Kid Rock CD playing by that time), cause he was starting to become sensitive to sounds.

So finally we came back to the house, and I told him to just rest on my bed. He actually did that, but then a few mins later, he started to throw up. I kinda thought that he had a bad stomachache and whatnot, so I continued studying for my quizzes. A few seconds later, I heard him screaming in pain. I kinda figured something was wrong with him, so I went upstairs to check up on him. He started to have a fever, and he was suddenly going in and out of consciousness. At that time, I knew something was wrong with him. I looked online to see his symptoms, and what I found made me ended up taking him to the hospital: Shock.

He also told me that his lips were turning purple, so without warning, I decided to take him to the hospital. When we got there, his condition was starting to get worse. We waited for a while to get him to see the nurse, but he came alright… he got him to take some medicine and water to help cool him down. I searched the web again to see what other diseases was he suffering from, and sure enough, the answer was there all this time: Flu. I really feel guilty of this, cause a week ago, I was suffering from the flu as well, so he must’ve caught it from me. I prayed (Along with my Facebook friends, who I posted to keep Lawrence in their prayers, cause of his condition), and somehow, the prayers worked. When the doctors took us to a room, he started to feel a little bit better. While we were waiting for the doctor to arrive to check on him, we decided to talk and laugh at things. That made me feel better, but deep down inside, I was still worried bout him.

So an hour later, the doctor and nurse were checking on him and the results came back that he has the flu and he also had a panic attack as well. So it was indeed a good thing that I took him to the hospital, cause if I didn’t, then he would’ve possibly die. So after that was through, the doctor released him, and we went back to my house for him to rest, and for me to get ready for work. So the rest of the night was kinda smooth, although I was feeling sick, cause work was going by slow, and I was still worried bout Lawrence, even though he should be alright now.

Today, he’s still recovering from the flu, and he’s doing alright. As for me, I’m recovering as well, but I still have minor symptoms (Upset stomach, runny nose, and cough), but they should go away with time. I’m really relieved that I took him to the hospital yesterday, but for now, until he gets 100% better, I’ll still be worried (Even though I shouldn’t, I still am).



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