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The Electronic Curse


Sorry I haven’t posted anything within the past week. Two weeks ago, my old headphones shorted out on one side while I was at the store with my Mum. That made me really mad, however the worse was yet to come. That one night where I was watching TV, and I was charging my computer, as always. Well suddenly, I noticed something: My charger wasn’t working! I was really upset that my charger wasn’t working, then I figured out why it wasn’t working: The fusebox inside my charger blew out!

Ladies and gentlemen, the electronic curse is upon me once again.

The weird thing was, my charger was plugged in, and it kept my computer going, but it wasn’t charging. So it seemed like as long as my charger was plugged into my computer, I would be able to use it. It won’t last for long. Last week, I ordered another charger (It should be coming this week), and now all I have to do is wait. The last time I used my computer was about.. sometime last week. It was at 1% when I last used it. That’s the main reason why I wasn’t able to make any post last week, due to my charger blowing out. Thankfully for me though, I always have plan b… and c.. and d. Plan B was my old HP netbook that I had about… oh say, bout 5-7+ years (It’s still in good condition.. although the mousepad is a bit banged up due to it freezing at times, and I had to bang on it to get it to work normally, but I do have another mouse that I regularly use). I was hoping that the netbook’s charger worked (I would’ve been so pissed off if it didn’t), and that I could use it for now until I get a new charger for my Toshiba laptop, and yay, it works! So now, I can use my old (and more slower) netbook for now. All is good… for now.

Update (8/19/14): When my brother Chris came over yesterday (Yea, I have a new brother), I was gonna show him my Pokemon games that I have on my laptop. I was kinda curious as to if my charger (Still busted, wouldn’t charge) will still let my laptop work, and guess what? It did! My laptop will still work, ONLY if I plug my charger onto it and the plug. I still have my HP netbook just in case the Toshiba charger malfunctions completely. Only thing left to do now is wait for my new charger to come, and I can charge my laptop again and take it with me without carrying the busted charger everywhere I go!



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