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Day Whatever: Chicago Photography

Yesterday I went to downtown Chicago (Yes by myself. I was doing a mini Chicago project, which turned out quite nice, to be exact). I saw a homeless person while I was sitting in Starbucks, and before I left to go to Millennium Park, I decided to give her (Him?) a dollar, and a cup of water. Then, this guy (He calls himself a star, cause he owns a food restaurant and whatnot) starts to talk to me and whatnot, and gave me his number. Of course, I deleted it, cause I didn’t wanna be bothered by him, nor do I want anyone’s number (Unless it’s someone I know). So I decided to go ahead and go to Millennium Park, and take pics from there.

009 I saw this while I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday.

010There was a Family Fun Festival at Millennium Park yesterday as well.

013Oh look, there’s me with my tripod!

014They did say that it was gonna rain yesterday, so I decided to grab my jacket with me just in case. It was thundering a bit, but it didn’t rain or anything like that.

017019022I had a fun time there.

Next, I went to this place called The Lurie Garden, and it was indeed beautiful there. I saw a pond while I was checking out the place, and guess what? You can actually dip your feet in the pond (You can’t stand in it though. Found that out the hard way).

027029031032036The water was cold, but it was nice once I got used to it. Everyone (Including myself) was laughing once they dipped their feet in the water too.


Next, I somehow was walking through this bridge, not knowing that I was walking onto The Nichols Bridgeway the whole time… yea. 039 041043044

Next, I stumbled onto the Crown Fountain. It was a fun experience.



While I was waiting for the train to come, I decided to look around some more. My final stop was the Veterans Memorial Center. I decided to take a rest to reflect upon my life thus far.


069070*That’s totally different*071*Pigeons not included* 072

So yea.., that was my day yesterday. I’ve been working my butt off as of recently, and haven’t really got a chance to post anything on here. Next post I’ll talk bout my electronic curse (Yes, it did happen to me last night and today as well), which will be… either tomorrow or Friday.


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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