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Day 17: S and L’s Five Year Plan

Yesterday I hung out with Lawrence, and it was fun, as always. We rarely get into arguments or anything like that, but when we do, I always like to talk it over instead of fighting.. cause you know, fighting is pointless.

So basically, we watched some UFC DVDs from 2010-2011, and I was gonna watch him play some UFC games, but there was one problem: He forgot his controller. So we basically just talked, cooked, listen to music, and watch some DVDs. It was a good time, as always. As I was cleaning the kitchen, something just popped into my mind: “What is Lawrence gonna do about moving out”? Basically I asked him if he was gonna move his stuff out when his family members are out of the house, and he basically told me that he was gonna tell them straight up. Yea, this conversation was quite interesting, but long.. I didn’t mind though. I like topics like that.

As we talked more into moving out, he also mentioned that he wanted to move to Las Vegas.. or near Las Vegas. Now, I’m really not the one who wants to move out of state (I always wanted to stay in Illinois, but now.. everyone’s trying to move out of there, mainly Chicago), but it seems like that’s the best option for him and I, so far. Oh yea, that’s after I get my Associate’s Degree in Nursing, by the way. We’ve been talking about this for quite some time now, and it’s becoming very apparent that we do want to start our lives over, for the better, with each other. He also talked about our maximum monthly rent budget that we don’t wanna go to over, and that’s $800 a month.

With all of that said, I thought of a 5 year plan between us, that I hope will go according to plan:

Year 1 (Starting in 2015): Find jobs and get a car (If we haven’t already), start apartment hunting

Year 2: Lawrence gets his Associate’s degree in education, and I possibly start nursing school. Move into apartment (If we haven’t already in 2015)

Years 3 and 4: Complete Nursing school, and get my Associate’s degree, start finding jobs and do apartment hunting in Las Vegas

Year 5: Once job in Las Vegas is secured, then move there and start life anew

I’m actually gonna talk to him about this plan that I just came up with, and see if he actually agrees to it. This is the very short five year plan that I came up with, not the long one. Anything could happen in those five years, so that’s why I kept it short.. and put things that I know (..and hopefully) will happen in those years. I know in my heart that we will get this accomplished, and that we will become the unstoppable couple (..and more than likely husband and wife) that we were destined to be.



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