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A Trip to Chicago

Yesterday was soo fun!! I went to downtown Chicago with Lawrence and friends, met two new friends, and saw an old friend of mine!

003The Sears Tower

004006Found this at Starbucks yesterday in Chicago. They actually put your name on your drink.. although it helps when it gets crowded, but still.. it is that necessary?

007Yes, that is Batman, the Hulk, and Spiderman.

008009010011Some shots I took. I just love downtown Chicago.

012From left to right: Chris, Victor, Asia, Lawrence (Back), Becca, and Son Goshuaku (Josh)

013Me and the gang.. I call em the anime gang, cause we all love anime.. There are 2 guys along with me that loves wresting as well (My brothers). We’re actually part of a club called the Anime Academy of Art.

014If you guys like comedy, check out Epic Rap Battles of History. The battles are SO funny.

015The exchange rates I found at a bank (I think PNC Bank?). I thought it was awesome to see!

016This place ALWAYS gets crowded. There’s also a Broadway theatre as well, and that place gets crowded as well.. A LOT.

017Me, Lawrence, Son, Asia, and Chris.. I should took another one, cause my face got cut off, but we were catching the train… it’s fine though.

018Goodbye Chicago… I’ll see you soon!

019020Extra photos… we all were resting on the train, laughing our butts off and causing a ruckus on the train. Oooooops… XD

I can’t wait to go to Chicago again soon, but this time, we’re going to the beach!! Open-mouthed smile



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