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Day Two of Heartbreak

Yes, I said day two… Friday, Ari and the others talked to Erik and I about our relationship, and they told us that it’ll be best if we start over as friends. I gave it much time, and yesterday, I told Erik the truth.. That we should start over as friends. So yes, our rushed relationship is now over. Yes, I rushed into the relationship way too early, and I now realize that I made a costly mistake. I did had a good man, but I was too impatient, and seeking lots of attention (Even though my ex did give me lots of em, but I wanted more).

This is what I get for being so spoiled.. Because I expected men to spoil me just as much as my family… Big mistake. Being spoiled leads to disaster.. In life and relationships.

Anyway, I talked to my ex, and he asked me was I ready to be single for a while. I  my mind, I wasn’t ready, but in my heart, I wasn’t ready as well, but I have to.. To become independent, to repair my life, and to learn from my mistakes. So this is actually day two of me being single.

Inside, I’m still feeling heartbroken, but outside, I’m just serious. Idk when I’m gonna tell everyone that I’m single, but I know this: I’m not gonna date or flirt with anyone, cause my heart is set for one person, and that is Lawrence.

Being single sucks, but I guess it’s better than getting into a rushed relationship.



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