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Romance Fills My Mind…

“To my future soulmate, the soon-to-be love of my life, my nerdy, alethic, mixed king…

Ever since we started hanging out together again a few months ago, I knew that something would once again spark the romance between each other. Ever since that first kiss that we had in so long, something tells me that you are the one. I shouldn’t have let you go. I know I messed up a whole lot back then, but this time, I’m gonna make things right between us again. I can assure you that. Believe me.

Minutes turned into days, weeks, then months, and before long, that romance became stronger. As we hung out more, I knew that spark that we had when we first became a couple, would come about… only this time, stronger than before.

Now, I find myself listening to romantic songs on my iPod whenever I think of you, even jazz songs that sounds like a mix between a song that you would listen to when you’re staring at the city lights at night, and something that you and I would slowly dance to, while we kiss. That romantic kiss would slowly turn into us making love, with nothing to hear, but more romantic music, such as I Adore Mi Amor, Between the Sheets, and even Lady Lay Your Body… and us talking dirty to each other. That would be my idea of a perfect, romantic evening with you, mi amor.

Yesterday into last night was perfect… if only we didn’t have to depart… then we would’ve been sleeping (Not sleeping as in having sex though, sleeping as in falling asleep) in each other’s arms all the way into the morning. Not to worry though.. we’ll soon be doing that once we move in with each other. I really wish that time would’ve slow down, so that we had even more time to spend with each other.

Once we become a couple once again (and this time, for good. There’s gonna be no turning back this time), that romance will soon spark a lot stronger, much more harder. I promise, and I vow that nothing will tear this relationship apart. We will stick together, even in the end of time.

Once we move in with each other, we’ll never have to depart and say goodbye to each other.. except when we go to work and whatnot.

I want to stay with you so much… I want to be with you, always… I really want you, very badly.

This is just a love letter to you, mi amor… te amo, bebe. I love you, baby… now, always, and forever.

Love always, your nerdy, mixed queen with the glasses”



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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