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Month of May is OVER

Hey everyone… sorry for not blogging on here as of lately.. been going through a WHOLE LOT. I guess it’s safe to say this, but I now hate holidays.. and until I move out, it’s gonna stay that way. Basically, this year’s Memorial Day is the worst ever… so basically Erik and I were talking and whatnot, and then 2 hours later (We basically went to the mall, and things went way wrong from here), he dropped me home (Actually I didn’t go home. I went to the park for a few hours and ran all the way home in the rain.. yes I got soaking wet too). At first he told me that his Mum texted him, saying that their sink isn’t working, and that he needed to come home, but afterwards, he told me that he needed to think over our relationship. So yea, he basically LIED to me!

Now, of course in my last relationship, I lied to my ex lots of times…, so yea this is actually karma’s way of saying: “Payback’s a b**ch”. So yea, I basically deserved being lied to. Now, I know what you all are gonna say: “You don’t deserve being lied to like that. You should break up with him for lying to you”. Well, we’re still trying to work things out. Meanwhile, my Mum is now telling the rest of the family that Erik and I have broken up.. which is not true at all. Even if we did break up, I wouldn’t even tell anyone, not even my Mum. So just to let everyone know: We’re trying to make things work right now. As far as him lying to me like that on Memorial Day, I’m still considering breaking up with him, cause of that, but I want to work things out. If not… then I’ll just move on with my life. It’s really gonna hurt me, but I’ll somehow get over it.

Anyway, I’m really glad May is over with. I hope June will turn out better than last month. In other news, things are suddenly turning better for me. Last Wednesday, Lawrence and I went job hunting (It was beyond fun, lol) and hung out. Last Friday, I went job hunting as well, but by myself.. it was okay, but I did get a few resumes and applications done, thank goodness. Now all that’s left to do is to wait. I hope to God that He bless Lawrence and I with a job or two… cause there’s so much stuff that we wanna do, such as move out of our parents’ house and whatnot. Tomorrow, we’re suppose to be doing more job hunting, but not only that, we’re gonna be doing some shopping as well.

…I get the feeling that me and him are not only gonna get back together soon, but are actually gonna thrive and really get married. How? Well, with the situation that I’m in right now, I really need someone to hang out with (Since Erik is often busy with work and school, and doesn’t really have the money to do stuff with me, cause of hours being cut and now since his Mum will be out of a job for the summer, he’s gonna help her out now, which means that we’ll only be hanging out for a month now, until otherwise) to help relieve the stress that I’ve been suffering for a while now, and to really get a good laugh out of for the day. Since Lawrence and I have been talking more bout how we need to heal our relationship and get rid of our past mistakes, it’s time to start doing that. God has seen my troubles, and He thinks that it’s time for me to move on with my life and start soul searching. So.. yea, we might get back together soon.. or no later than early 2015.

Next week I’m gonna register for fall semester. I’m hoping that they still have the class that I want, at the right time (Morning/afternoon). Wish me luck on that one. I now have the money to pay for the class.. let’s just hope that I finally get in.

Oh yea, remember what I said bout me showing you guys my new glasses? Well, here’s the picture: 001They’re purple. Really awesome. Well, here’s to the start of June… hopefully things turn my way (..and my best friend as well) soon.



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