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Update on My ‘Condition’

Hey viewers and readers… I just wanna thank you all who liked and commented on my recent post about my depression and thoughts of suicide post.. it really means a lot to me, knowing that there are at least a few people who understands what I’m going through (If that even made sense at all), and friends (And the people who commented and liked that post)actually convinced me not to think of, or even commit suicide. To that (And tears are coming down my eyes as I write this.. happy tears), I say thank you.

Now on an update on my ‘condition’. I was still a bit depressed the last time I checked my notifications on WordPress, and that was one part of the reason why I didn’t give an update on my ‘condition’. The other reason, is cause I was working and I was drained at that time as well. My depression is starting to subside, however… I’m still stressing out, but the good news is that I’m not stressing out a whole lot like I used to. Just cause my stress and depression is starting to subside, doesn’t mean that I will be free from it completely.. anytime soon. People who used to be depressed, are more than likely to have a depression episode later on in life. If that’s the case, then get help right away. Thanks to my friends (and the viewers and readers who check my blog out), I’m starting to find a way to get rid of my stress and depression.

One way of getting rid of my stress and depression is by hanging out with one of my high school best friend, Lawrence. We’ve been hanging out more often, and are starting to plan more dates as well. This July, we’re suppose to be going to see a UFC PPV (10 fights altogether!) at Buffalo Wild Wings, so that should be fun. As far as Erik and I, we’re still together. I saw him last Friday, and we just hung out and watched TV. A lot has been going on with us, but I don’t wanna talk about it.

Last Thursday, Lawrence and I hung out, and we went to a few places, such as a pawn shop (It was quite interesting, cause they sold nearly everything there, like used and broken-down-look-a-like A/Cs, musical instruments, games, shoes, rings, and whatnot), and the mall. We also went to the store as well, and boy was that a lot of fun! I almost kicked him (For fun, of course) for saying the phrase ‘or nah’ and for accusing me of almost running him over with the cart, saying that I was ‘trying to do it for The Rock’ (For those who know The Rock, and a bit of today’s slang and whatnot, you’ll understand what he meant by that). Yea, we had fun that day.

Friday, he and a few of our brothers (Josh and Matt, and a bunch of our friends from school) went to ACEN for the entire weekend (ACEN is an Anime convention). I couldn’t go this year, cause I didn’t had enough money to pay for my passes, plus I had to work that weekend too. So I ended up spending time with Erik (He couldn’t go as well, cause of money issues). After he left, this is where my health started to go down. Since it was chilly outside, I was wearing my long-sleeve gown. So when I ironed my work clothes, I started to get very hot. I opened the door to let some cool air in, but that didn’t work. I would’ve gotten dizzy, if it wasn’t for me switching pajamas, and drinking water as well. After I got done with that and ironing, I decided to go to bed (I almost felt like I was gonna pass out as well).

Saturday I had to work, and as soon as I got off from work (I got off at 1 in the afternoon, thank goodness), I went to JCPenny’s and finally got my new glasses! The good news was short lived though, cause as soon as I got home and ate lunch, my stomach started to hurt VERY BADLY. Since Friday, I been eating too much sweets and sugary drinks, and I paid the price for it. I almost threw up due to the major stomachache, but luckily I didn’t. After that ordeal was over, I felt so drained, that I decided to fall asleep early that night.

This morning, I woke up and I felt even MORE DRAINED. It felt like two Metroids came and sucked the energy out of me though those two days (One day for one Metroid). Thankfully for me, I went to Starbucks and got me a hot chocolate. That helped with me being less drained. Now, I’m feeling a bit better, only cause I found out that Mother Nature’s ‘gift’ came.. and that was the cause of me being so fatigued these past two days.

I hope this week will improve, make me less stressed and take away my depression, bit by bit.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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