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Weekend Disaster

Last weekend was a complete disaster. Saturday my favorite glasses broke, and now I’m stuck with these other glasses:

417641_399084843472669_2017964578_n I used to like em, but I hate em now. I’m so used to my other glasses: 002, that I rarely wear my other ones anymore! Having my favorite glasses broke, and wearing tape over em (The right side of my glasses (Arm) broke) made me so embarrassed, that I ended up getting a huge headache. So I ended up cooking dinner with a pounding headache, taking advil, and taking a 2 hour nap to get rid of that headache. It sucked, cause I was gonna go to Buffalo Wild Wings with Lawrence to see this UFC PPV (Which we didn’t go, cause my Mum doesn’t want me to go out at night unless I’m with Erik, and I had a pounding headache from being so embarrassed about wearing tape on my glasses), but I couldn’t, cause of that darn headache. Thankfully for me, my hs bff (High school bff) was so sweet, he wanted me to rest up and watch the UFC PPV with me via computer and phone.

Thankfully for me again, I woke up at round 11:30-ish and caught his texts, so I ended up seeing the PPV… let’s just say that my first prediction with Jones vs Teixeira was right all this time, and we ended up ranting about it for a bit.., but we had a great convo, nonetheless, like always. Not to worry though: This July, we’re gonna see the other UFC PPV. This is gonna be awesome!

So yesterday I was talking to Lawrence, and we were talking about moving out of our parents’ house. Well guess what? That’s our goal for next year: Moving out of our parents house. Believe me, we spent like an hour talking about how much we want to move out, get jobs (We’re actually gonna do some job hunting sometime this summer), and save up for an apartment. We need our freedom, like seriously. He’s tired of cleaning up after his siblings and parents, getting blamed on, and babysitting his baby sisters all day. I’m tired of not doing things my own way without getting nagged on, not being able to hang out with my friends (Because my Mum doesn’t know them, and thus she really can’t trust me hanging out with them), and doing things that she’s too lazy to do (Like last night, she banged on my wall, just to have me to come close her closet door. She was a few inches away from the door…).

Like seriously, this is getting out of hand! Things couldn’t get any worse from here.., but it may get worse very soon. I can strongly feel it. I’m trying to stay positive here, but I’m not sure if I can continue to do so. Just for my friends, family, my hs bff, and my prince Erik, I’m gonna try to stay positive for them. I’m saving up for a car in the next month or two at this point, but once I get my car, I can finally start job hunting, and once I get a full time job, I can save up for school, ACEN (Anime convention), and finally for an apartment. Wish me luck.. I’m almost at my goal of going back to school for this fall, so that’s my starting point of success.

P.S., please pray for the people who were affected by the tornados down South.



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