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Easter Sunday

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday with my prince and my future family-in-law and friends. I went to church and took part of a communion with the rest of the members of the church.. and it was the very first time that I had to drink a tiny shot of alcohol (By the way, only the adults had to drink it, not the kids) as part of a tradition.. I’m not gonna drink that for as long as I live.. unless I have to take part of a communion in a church somewhere. Believe me, the alcohol that I had tasted like apple juice, but then I tasted the aftertaste.. it was a burning sensation that went down my throat. This proves my point that I do not drink, and never will be. Overall, I had a great time at church.

Then we went back to my sister-in-law’s house, and to my surprise, my future niece-in-law La’Mia, was gonna have a early birthday party today! It was so fun, everyone that I knew and met from the church came. The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt as well. It was too fun!

016Me, our (Erik and I) godson Josh, and my future niece-in-law Izzy.. who photobombed my photo, lol!


020He looks so adorable in his suit and sunglasses!

022Me on my way to church.

021My future niece and nephew-in-law La’Mia (The birthday girl) and little Marvin

026Me and Josh.. he was teething on little Marvin’s toothbrush, lol. I thought it was adorable.

025My prince Erik playing with our godson. I’m telling you guys, our godson is growing up.. he’s growing, he has two baby teeth that have already grown, he’s talking a lot more, he’s now crawling and standing up! I have two videos of him, so when I post em up to YouTube, I’ll post em up on here.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter Sunday, and I hope y’all are grateful and blessed that Jesus Christ has risen! I sure am!



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