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One Surprise, Blessing, and Luck After Another

Last week was so weird, but lucky at the same time.. not to mention sad. Monday was just another day. Tuesday was very sad: The wrestler Ultimate Warrior passed away that night. One of my high school best friends texted me about it, and that just made me sad.. and surprised. The Ultimate Warrior was doing well when he was on Raw Monday Night, but some say he was clenching his chest during the Hall of Fame that Friday night. Wednesday morning, I found out that he died of heart failure.

Wednesday I had to work, and it was a good work day. Thursday was weird, but very awesome. Originally, I was suppose to do training, and do fitting rooms. However, I was not prepared for what happened that night. As soon as I got through with my training, my supervisor asked me how comfortable I was doing customer service for that night. I told her that I more than comfortable to do customer service that night. I was ready! So where did I end up at for the night? Customer service, of course! My two supervisors ended up helping one of my coworkers on the floor, and in the end, everyone helped out, while I did customer service for the night. It was the 2nd time that I ended up counting down the registers. I messed up on one of the registers by under counting it, but my supervisor helped me out at the end. The other register I counted down, I had no trouble with it at all. Also, one of the customers told my supervisor that I have an amazing personality. That, and the total surprise and God’s blessing that happened to me made my night.

Friday I was off, but my Mum had inspection that afternoon, so I spent the morning cleaning my room. Of course, she passed. Later that evening, I went to the laundromat and washed the clothes. Oh, and did I mention that I found 5 pennies that evening (2 in the washer, 1 in the dryer, and 2 by my Mum’s car). Of course, I had to do everything before 11 that night, and thankfully for me, everything was done 20 mins before 11. As I was going to the job to pick up my Mum, I took a shortcut. I saw a police car right when I was about to speed to my job (Thankfully I was about a minute to my job). I wasn’t gonna get caught by the police, so I turned into a restaurant to fool the policeman. Talk about luck!!

When my Mum and I got home, I ran upstairs to get into my pajamas, and soon enough, she came upstairs. She went into her room and asked me what were her covers doing on her recliner, and then she realized that I went to the laundromat by myself. That’s when she started to cry. She told me that it was sweet of me to wash the clothes.

Yesterday was a real drag. I got a call from my boss, asking me if I want to come into work. Of course I didn’t wanna do it, cause it was such a beautiful day outside, but something in my mind told me to go into work. So.. I did, but I worked at the same time that my Mum had to work at well: A 6 freakin hour day, ugh. Well, I did had a decent day yesterday, but it was good, cause I had fun with the coworkers.

So last week was a huge surprise, blessing, and luck. This week should be a decent week. If there’s anything weird, good, or bad that came during this week, then I’ll post it on here.


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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