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Am I Gonna Be Next?

Well, as if my life is already bad enough (Not having a car, getting low hours at work, trying to juggle my finances, ect.), it actually got worse. I just found out from my Mum this morning that my aunt has cancer again.., but this time, in the uterus. Well, I really hope that she survives this round of cancer again.. I’m putting my faith on God once again.

It really sucks when one finds out that one’s family member (Or oneself) has cancer. My half-sister lost her sister and her aunt.. I think, to cancer. I lost my grandfather and my former supervisor to cancer as well. On the other hand, my grandma survived cancer, and my aunt survived breast cancer, but now a few form of cancer is coming up. I wonder if I’m gonna be next… am I gonna be the next person in my family to have cancer? It seems like cancer runs in my family.., and so far, my Mum’s the only person in my family (Mum’s side) that doesn’t have cancer. I hope I’m the second person that don’t have cancer.. or breast cancer, to be exact.

My aunt and grandmother are both breast cancer survivors, so if I ever do get breast cancer, I hope I survive it.

My aunt’s surgery is in a few weeks, so my family and I are gonna see her by then. For now, I’m just gonna take things day by day, and hopefully things will turn better soon.. for once.



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4 thoughts on “Am I Gonna Be Next?

  1. What an awful situation. I’m really sorry because it sucks. I’ve had a lot of cancer in my family so I get it. You can go do genetic testing (mine was free) and it helps to know if you are predisposed or not…

    1. Thanks.. I hope things go well for my aunt soon.

      Really? Hmm… I’m gonna have to check out the genetic testing. Thanks!


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