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21 Day Money Challenge

Well, since April is around the corner (…and no surprise either), it’s time I do something different. Thus, my biggest challenge for me is about to begin right now: The 21 Day Money Challenge.

What is the 21 Day Money Challenge, you ask? Well, have you ever heard people talking bout how they’re gonna do a 21 day challenge on something? Well, it’s exactly like that. What I’m really gonna do is this: For 21 days straight, I’m NOT gonna spend money on my wants, but on my needs. There’s a difference on that, people: Spending money on your NEEDS is stuff that you NEED to survive.. you know, the basics, water, food, ect. Spending money on your WANTS is nothing more than just.. stuff that you really want, like a mug, a latte, or a 7 day trip for two to Aruba. Also, to make this challenge a bit more hard on myself (Cause I really need to challenge myself, so I won’t feel nervous when I start getting challenges from supervisors and whatnot), I’m gonna try to save between $400-$800 for school this Fall, with my expenses that I already have to get done. Not to worry though.. Trying to put $100-$200 away will end once I get a second job.. a full time job, to be exact.

Whatever money I have left by July, I’ll add a bit more (No more than $100) for tuition. As far as books are concerned, I’ll pay for that out of my own pocket. I’ll get the books once it’s confirmed that I’m taking a class in college, which won’t be until sometime in August.

To help with this plan, I already set up a budget plan for each month (..and let’s hope I don’t become lazy and won’t look at, or even type in my budget book). I have already become accustomed to staying and eating at home, so once I have my own apartment, if I am short on money for the week, then I won’t become bored trying to stay at home, trying to find something to eat for that week.

So, here’s to me surviving (Or at least, TRYING to survive) the 21 day challenge.. and to get back to school! Cheers!



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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