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This is NOT Spring

*Photos taken two days ago*

Okay, so today is the 6th day of Spring, which is still very early. Lemme ask an almost perfectly good question: If it is Spring…,

009Then why are so many people, including me, have to still wear our winter coats?

010Why was the temp 29 degrees on Monday, and the wind chill being in the teens (When I took this photo at 11 something in the morning. Keep in mind I live in Illinois, so this was the temp when I took this photo)…

011which lead me to turn the heat on in the car.

013Yesterday morning, I looked outside my window, and what did I see? Snow! Why did it snow that Monday night, and finally…014Most importantly, why did it snow later on that morning?!

This is NOT Spring. Spring should be seeing the leaves beginning to grow on the trees, temps around in 50’s, flowers starting to slowly bloom, spring showers, and people wearing spring jackets on, not seeing snow on the ground and people having winter coats, boots, hats, and scarfs on!

Well, I got some good news: The temps are suppose to be in the 50’s in the next few to several days, so it should feel like Spring here in Illinois. Hopefully nobody here in the Midwest and the East should see anymore snow.. or have to be bundled up, due to winter-like temps/wind chills.


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