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I Am Beautifully Mixed

People who are mixed are beautiful. In fact most, if not, all people are beautiful.. without all the added makeup and whatnot.. this is just a thought. All people are mixed with something… whether they know it or not. I’m one of them. I’m mixed with at least something.


I am mixed with Black, (On both sides), White, American Indian (On my Mum’s side), and Chinese (On my Father’s side). I come from a Northern AND Southern family (So far, from what I learned from family members (And on, parts of my family came from Oklahoma and Alabama, and the majority of my family lived in Illinois (Chicago, as a matter of fact)), and until I know where my entire family came from, the search goes on. So far, I know that I am half White and American Indian, but what about Asian?

…Am I really half or even part Chinese?

When I was a kid, parts of my family used to called me China Doll, because of my Chinese-like eyes. As I got older (..and even today), my friends used to tell me that I have exotic eyes… kinda like Asian eyes. I never realize it until I found out that I have a half-sister on my father’s side, who also has Chinese eyes. Could it be, I am actually Asian? To answer that question, yes I am.. My father was actually half Chinese as well (So much for having my family on both sides telling me that I look like my father) and half Black, so yep I do have a bit of Asian blood in me. So as of now, I am actually part Chinese.

About 5% of the entire population (Or more) actually have Asian ancestors in their entire family. I guess I have a bit of Asian ancestry in my family tree. So yea, I’m actually am glad to be mixed with a small nationality: Black, White, American Indian, and Chinese. I am a northern and a southern.

527141_659445987436552_849023681_nI am beautifully mixed.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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