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Proper Grammar 101

*This proper grammar lesson applies to the English language, but other languages may vary.*

Two days ago, I was on Facebook.., you know, just to look at my news feed, just out of boredom. Suddenly, I read one of my friend’s statuses about this slang, ‘THOT’. Now, I have heard of this word over and over again, and I never even bother to figure out what the heck did it mean… nor would I ever, cause I don’t follow today’s slang. Anyway, looking through the comments, I soon realize that the slang ‘THOT’ isn’t even a whole word…, it’s suppose to be an abbreviated word! Ohh boy, my initial thoughts were this: “I’m so glad that I don’t follow today’s slang”. You guys won’t believe what the slang ‘THOT’ is abbreviated for: “That hoe over there”. I kid you not, that’s what it stands for. Now I clearly understand why I don’t follow today’s slang: Because it’s full of crap!

You know what really irks me about that though? It’s not even abbreviated! If a person wants to follow a word, or perhaps create a new slang word that’s gonna be abbreviated, can he/she at least put some freakin periods after the letters that’s gonna be abbreviated?! I mean seriously, if the slang word ‘THOT’ is abbreviated, should it be ‘T.H.O.T’, not ‘THOT’? Now people will be writing, texting, or typing that word to other people, thinking that it’s just one word, when in reality, it’s actually abbreviated!

Now, the slang word ‘THOT’, or ‘T.H.O.T’ in proper grammar, might actually be one word, or it may be abbreviated, but the person who actually commented on that status actually said that it’s abbreviated, so who knows. I thought it was just one word, but it might be abbreviated, it might not. I’m gonna assume that it’s suppose to be abbreviated, okay?

Speaking of which, this world needs to learn proper grammar, because today’s English is seriously going down the drain. Pretty soon, by 2020 or by 2030 (If we’re alive by that time), the English language may be, or will be dead.. slang will be the new English, for all I know. I say it’s time to educate people on proper grammar now, before it’s too late…, like seriously. I’m slowly becoming a grammar Nazi, just because of what’s happening with today’s English language. I know I’m not perfect when it comes to the ‘rules of the English language’, I mess up on grammar as well at times, but hey… I’m slowly improving on it.

So here are the basic grammar rules for all of those who needs a lesson on grammar:

998006_10153005694070403_863222918_n*TAKEN FROM FACEBOOK*

There are lots more, but this is just a mere example. So, what’s the lesson here? That it’s not that freakin hard to learn and master basic grammar, isn’t it? Not at all. Maybe next time I’ll teach you all about fragment, run-on sentences, and whatnot.



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